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Last updated Saturday November 25th, 2017

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Totally disappointed I chose dish.

Apr 03, 2017 by Debbie Monroe
Zip Code: 35901 

I am in Alabama and dish is not working with Hearst Briadcasting to get NBC reinstated. They are being unreasonable in solving the money issue. I pay $10.00 a month of my $64 / month is to get local stations of which NBC is supposed to be included. I watched NBC the most so I am most upset! If I had known I would never have gone with dish. And unfortunately I'm stuck in a 2 year contract. Have 22 months to go. I will definitely ditch the dish after that for sure. Work it out dish or you'll loose many more potential customers! I'd give a zero star but it's not an option.

Apr 02, 2017 by Randy
Zip Code: 65202 

Dish customer for over 17 years. Tolerated every little cost increase for this and that without complaining. Latest $10 increase to keep local channels was the end. Wife called to cancel. After she was on the phone for 10 minutes listening to customer service rep (joke) ask a hundred questions that were not his business, I took the phone. After another couple of minutes I was literally yelling CANCEL at the top of my lungs as this rep kept talking about my "options" and how he could save me so much money. Why didn't they make these offers before I called to cancel? I finally yelled long enough to get a supervisor on the phone. She agreed to cancel my service without all the extra crap - thank you! (or so I thought). I have been paying a DVR fee for 9 or 10 years on one receiver and a rental fee on another for 5 years. Now I have to pay a restocking fee of $12 per receiver to send them back. One final screw from Dish. Thank you very much. All of these satellite providers will stick it to you every chance they get - it's just business. Well, it's my money and they'll not get any more from me.

Apr 02, 2017 by Julie Harlin
Zip Code: 77808 

If I could give no stars, I would. I have been a dish customer for 12 years. My DVR had a hard drive failure. I called to replace it but could only get an appointment scheduled on a Sunday afternoon. The tech came, change the box, and was supposed to change the dish to a newer version. He said his work order was not to remount the dish and it wouldn't fit in the old location. He left and now I have complete signal loss. When I called dish back, they said it would be $100 to relocate the new dish. When I explained I wasn't paying a dime, they found a way to not charge me. So I gave up a weekend to do this on a Sunday afternoon, have no TV, and it will be 5 days before my schedule will allow them to come. Thanks so much for crediting me for the 5 days without service. That is awful big of you. Calling Direct now to look at options.

Mar 30, 2017 by E. V Briones
Zip Code: 28104 

Every time I call I get different information given to me. There needs to be training to get everyone on same page. A guy representative told me shipping back is $12 so I paid and now 2 female reps stated that is only charged if I don't mail the device from outside and shipping is free that once equipment is received, I'm going to get a check for the credit. On Another occasion a rep told me that my problem at the time was the tv controller so I need to purchase one so you can mail it out. But that was not the problem and I ended paying for something I didn't need. Since I was going to be charged to have a technician come out so instead I bought your tv control. My son actually got it to work for free. Another occasion the technicians kept putting wires on the bottom outside, my dog kept reaching them, so another one came out to install wires on top out of reach like it should of been done from the start. Was charging me for wire but instead charged me a $29.99 tv surge. It's a lot of discrepancies through out. I was stuck on a contract that got extended for adding another receiver for 3 tv. Never doing business again with dish.

Mar 25, 2017 by Zoey
Zip Code: 71603 

The worst equipment and service ever !!!! I have only been a customer for two months with Dish. This company is the bottom of the barrel ! I would be better off with an antenna on the side of my house! Smh

Mar 24, 2017 by blanca Morales
Zip Code: 77044 

horrible customer service. want to charge for everything even when it's their own mistakes. had a defective receiver only about 2 months into the service and they wanted to charge me for sending a tech to check it out. The receiver was replaced, i received one over the mail, but never was instructed to ship the other back, months later they charge me $247 and when i called they said oh let me send you the box to return the parts. really i had to call to ask for a box but you decided to charge me prior to it, doesn't make sense. never using them again after contract is over.

DO NOT subscribe to Dish

Mar 21, 2017 by HiTim!
Zip Code: 80401 and 82009 

Can you give negative stars? Bate and switch, never back products, faulty hardware or operator error is never a reason to placate a customer. Once you've paid, they never want to hear from you. Worst customer service ever. Ever. If it weren't so frustrating, it'd be hilarious!

Do not ever trust customer service

Mar 20, 2017 by Charles
Zip Code: 78362 

Never believe a word this company says. If you ever have to deal with customer service, record everything! Called to have my mother's service put on hold in December since they recommended that over disconnecting and she was in the process of relocating. At the same time was advised to set up a service order to reconnect services but since we didnt know the exact address and even the date she would move, the rep said we can update it later and she would create a temporary 1(ficticious). Cost of account hold is $5 per month. Mother ends up in hospital for a couple of months so i update service order date each month. Called today(March 20) to set up the final date and find out they have been charging her full price every month and there is a huge balance due. Worked it out with one rep who said she went back and saw in Dec to cancel services but said there wasn't anything about a pause or hold but believed that was the intent so she waived charges and would only charge the $5/month hold fee. They also were sending my mother's bills to the ficticious address they created! So i had to call back with a new address to send bill. When i called back, of course there was no record of what the previous rep did and the new rep said they would not waive the charges because they said i never called to have that done even though they could see that i called in Dec to disconnect but changed to relocate services at a later date and a history of 4 months of no services and a work order still current to reconnect services. Next up was their supervisor who tried to say the same thing, that he couldn't waive charges and not wanting to deal with me because of my overwhelming evidence they were defrauding me, he recommended i just go ahead and cancel services while i would of course have to deal with collection agencies because like hell i would pay. Next up his supervisor. Well I didnt get to speak with his supervisor since he was miraculously given the authority to waive charges. Other than needing a lawyer/prosecutor level of logic, articulation, and attitude, they were extremelely helpful as in the end they waived charges and set up the new time and date of reconnect..So we'll see!! I will lose it if they outright lied and BS'd me again.

DISH Network - Forced to pay for service never received

Mar 19, 2017 by Tom
Zip Code: 97703 

March 19, 2017
Upon an inquiry I made today with DISH NETWORK regarding the increase in my bill I learned that I have been paying for local channels I never asked to receive and have never received. I also learned that they were supposedly part of my package. During this call I had them walk me through trying to find the local channels and that process confirmed that I'm not receiving any local channels over the DISH Network. I never ordered local channels from them as I receive them on an over the air(OTA) antenna in HD quality. The person at the Office of the President only went as far as saying they will offer me a 10 dollar credit for something I was paying for over 4 years ...that is totally wrong!!! They claim it would take a technician to come out to house to enable the additional satellite that I have never received. So since they knew that this can be a problem how is it they can just add programming and add a charge for it when I can’t even receive it? By the way, I do receive and always have received all of the ‘other’ programming that I agreed to pay for. My biggest problems are; 1)they have included and charged me for local channel programming that I never receive, nor have I ever requested from DISH, 2)why would I even consider paying for local channel programming when I get it for free OTA(isn't the reason the government mandated digital OTA in the first place is to allow people free access to local channels?), 3) Most importantly, they have included this in my programming, more recently increased the cost for my programming by breaking out local channels as a separate $10 charge but yet won't allow me to keep my programming and drop the local channels that I get for free OTA. How is it they are allowed to charge for something I don’t want, don’t need and already get free OTA? They have been charging for local channel programming that they never delivered and only because of my inquiry today they tell me that I may need a technician to come to the house to align the satellite. I find that strange that they knew a technician would be needed since they said this is not something a consumer can do(although I have installed many of these type of dish antennas in my past and more than capable but they won't tell me how to do this...something is up and I believe there's much more to this story). They know what equipment people are using and at the time they started forcing local channels on their customers they should have also at contacted them that they would need a technician involved since that is what they just told me is needed. Instead it was more convenient for them to charge and collect for something they knew may not been provided.

The worst service ever!

Mar 14, 2017 by Margaret
Zip Code: 95006 

The worst service you can get! When they are too cheat to settle a dispute in order to keep the customers happy I'm sure if we had to pay five dollars more to get the channels we want,it wouldn't be a problem! The fact that when I want to talk to come to customer service and everyone's in the Philippines not even understanding half the things that I'm saying really is upsetting! Worst service ever!