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Last updated Saturday September 23rd, 2017

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Mar 25, 2017 by Zoey
Zip Code: 71603 

The worst equipment and service ever !!!! I have only been a customer for two months with Dish. This company is the bottom of the barrel ! I would be better off with an antenna on the side of my house! Smh

Mar 24, 2017 by blanca Morales
Zip Code: 77044 

horrible customer service. want to charge for everything even when it's their own mistakes. had a defective receiver only about 2 months into the service and they wanted to charge me for sending a tech to check it out. The receiver was replaced, i received one over the mail, but never was instructed to ship the other back, months later they charge me $247 and when i called they said oh let me send you the box to return the parts. really i had to call to ask for a box but you decided to charge me prior to it, doesn't make sense. never using them again after contract is over.

DO NOT subscribe to Dish

Mar 21, 2017 by HiTim!
Zip Code: 80401 and 82009 

Can you give negative stars? Bate and switch, never back products, faulty hardware or operator error is never a reason to placate a customer. Once you've paid, they never want to hear from you. Worst customer service ever. Ever. If it weren't so frustrating, it'd be hilarious!

Do not ever trust customer service

Mar 20, 2017 by Charles
Zip Code: 78362 

Never believe a word this company says. If you ever have to deal with customer service, record everything! Called to have my mother's service put on hold in December since they recommended that over disconnecting and she was in the process of relocating. At the same time was advised to set up a service order to reconnect services but since we didnt know the exact address and even the date she would move, the rep said we can update it later and she would create a temporary 1(ficticious). Cost of account hold is $5 per month. Mother ends up in hospital for a couple of months so i update service order date each month. Called today(March 20) to set up the final date and find out they have been charging her full price every month and there is a huge balance due. Worked it out with one rep who said she went back and saw in Dec to cancel services but said there wasn't anything about a pause or hold but believed that was the intent so she waived charges and would only charge the $5/month hold fee. They also were sending my mother's bills to the ficticious address they created! So i had to call back with a new address to send bill. When i called back, of course there was no record of what the previous rep did and the new rep said they would not waive the charges because they said i never called to have that done even though they could see that i called in Dec to disconnect but changed to relocate services at a later date and a history of 4 months of no services and a work order still current to reconnect services. Next up was their supervisor who tried to say the same thing, that he couldn't waive charges and not wanting to deal with me because of my overwhelming evidence they were defrauding me, he recommended i just go ahead and cancel services while i would of course have to deal with collection agencies because like hell i would pay. Next up his supervisor. Well I didnt get to speak with his supervisor since he was miraculously given the authority to waive charges. Other than needing a lawyer/prosecutor level of logic, articulation, and attitude, they were extremelely helpful as in the end they waived charges and set up the new time and date of reconnect..So we'll see!! I will lose it if they outright lied and BS'd me again.

DISH Network - Forced to pay for service never received

Mar 19, 2017 by Tom
Zip Code: 97703 

March 19, 2017
Upon an inquiry I made today with DISH NETWORK regarding the increase in my bill I learned that I have been paying for local channels I never asked to receive and have never received. I also learned that they were supposedly part of my package. During this call I had them walk me through trying to find the local channels and that process confirmed that I'm not receiving any local channels over the DISH Network. I never ordered local channels from them as I receive them on an over the air(OTA) antenna in HD quality. The person at the Office of the President only went as far as saying they will offer me a 10 dollar credit for something I was paying for over 4 years ...that is totally wrong!!! They claim it would take a technician to come out to house to enable the additional satellite that I have never received. So since they knew that this can be a problem how is it they can just add programming and add a charge for it when I can’t even receive it? By the way, I do receive and always have received all of the ‘other’ programming that I agreed to pay for. My biggest problems are; 1)they have included and charged me for local channel programming that I never receive, nor have I ever requested from DISH, 2)why would I even consider paying for local channel programming when I get it for free OTA(isn't the reason the government mandated digital OTA in the first place is to allow people free access to local channels?), 3) Most importantly, they have included this in my programming, more recently increased the cost for my programming by breaking out local channels as a separate $10 charge but yet won't allow me to keep my programming and drop the local channels that I get for free OTA. How is it they are allowed to charge for something I don’t want, don’t need and already get free OTA? They have been charging for local channel programming that they never delivered and only because of my inquiry today they tell me that I may need a technician to come to the house to align the satellite. I find that strange that they knew a technician would be needed since they said this is not something a consumer can do(although I have installed many of these type of dish antennas in my past and more than capable but they won't tell me how to do this...something is up and I believe there's much more to this story). They know what equipment people are using and at the time they started forcing local channels on their customers they should have also at contacted them that they would need a technician involved since that is what they just told me is needed. Instead it was more convenient for them to charge and collect for something they knew may not been provided.

The worst service ever!

Mar 14, 2017 by Margaret
Zip Code: 95006 

The worst service you can get! When they are too cheat to settle a dispute in order to keep the customers happy I'm sure if we had to pay five dollars more to get the channels we want,it wouldn't be a problem! The fact that when I want to talk to come to customer service and everyone's in the Philippines not even understanding half the things that I'm saying really is upsetting! Worst service ever!

Mar 10, 2017 by Ann lovett
Zip Code: 39437 

I will never use dish again. Early termination....And they went up on my bill for no reason....I will never suggest them....And I called their response. Well if you restart your service we will waive the termination. Yes right. ...Don't use them and their customer service is horrible

Contract - they will never admit to breaking it

Mar 06, 2017 by Peter Rogers
Zip Code: 78253 

We had dish for about 9 months. For reasons unknown, it would constantly quit working - not due to sattelite reception, as if the account was suspended. We'd call in and they'd say - oh there was an update that must not have been pushed out to your box. Go to your box, reset it, we'll push the data to your box. Ok, good to go. But over and over and over! Rates are not locked in so don't fall for that. Between signing up, our rates went from about 40-50 and we ended up paying about 90-100 and we didn't add any boxes or services or packages. So, we decide to sell our house and go full time RV, with no anticipation of buying a house anytime soon. So, the RV I purchased had a Wineguard mounted antenna. So I call Wineguard and they say - oh yes, that will work with Dish, you need a Dish receiver. Would you like to order one for $90.00? Yes! So I order it and it comes (all dishnetwork packaging - nothing to do with winegard. So I call dish and they activate the box and after about 6 hours on my own, I cannot get the dish along with the receiver to work. The dish is obviously searching for satellites and it even finds 2 (of three satellites) but nothing loads onto the receiver. I go over and over and over again on how to get them to work. I download manuals. I call winegard and they say it sounds like my dish is working. I call dish and they DO NOT HAVE ANY FIELD SUPPORT FOR "OUTDOOR" (RV) SYSTEMS! You cannot have a tech come to your house (or RV) and assist with the setup. So, they say "We have a special customer support office in ___ State, would you like me to transfer?" YES! After two and a half hours with a pretty nice dude - extremely patient and trying more than I could and even getting further in the process for them to work than I could, he couldn't get them to work. And he had no explanation why. I specifically set up my Winegard with Dish because I didn't want to "break my contract" and I was told that if I continued my service on my RV, that I would not be charged a termination for my house contract! Great! So when I call dish and explain to them what is going on. She (supervisor) Linsey employee ID UOT (I ask as in Out of Luck spelled wrong) said I could transfer the account to another home (I explained I didn't plan on getting a home - hence full time RV'ing) or I could transfer the account to someone else (I told her I would never do that to anyone I knew), she said "well, you can terminate your home account but based upon having 15 months left, you would pay $300.00 and it will come immediately off your card". No. I was very polite but she was getting very condescending. I tried to explain the basics of a contract. 1 party is a giver and the other party is a receiver. Each party has an obligation, yes? She says yes, I understand that sir but I've given you all the options". She confirmed that if I kept the account on my RV that I would not have to pay a cancellation fee on my home and I could finish the 24 months with the service on my RV. They tried to blame the dish and I should contact the manufacturer. I advised that I called the manufacturer and they - as well as their special Outdoor Dish support people said it appeared it was functioning properly and both said they had no idea why it was not working. So I say - since you cannot provide me the service I require in order to continue my service, it is you the giver that is breaking the contract? I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said her supervisor was Michael and Michael doesn't take inbound calls and he works in operations. So I ask if Lindsey is the only supervisor working on the whole floor for all of Dish network and she says no, I have other peers but we don't laterally transfer calls. I ask if there is a customer complaint line she can refer me to and she says no but when you call in, if you opted to take the survey, you could talk to somebody. OOOH Lindsey, did I forget to tell you the beginning of the story? Let me detail! I call Dish and they say - it's going to be a 9 minute wait. would you like us to call you when it is your turn in line? We anticipate to call you in 9 minutes but it might be 1 to 2 minutes within that time. Is that oK? YES, it is! So in damn near 9 minutes, I get a call and guess what? It's not a RLP (Real Live Person!). The computer says, we are calling you back - we are expecting a 10 minute delay! Would you like us to call you back in 10 minutes, give or take 1 or two minutes? NO I WOULDN'T. That, Lindsey is how I ended up waiting on hold for you. And since I didn't technically CALL IN - you called me - I didn't have the opportunity to take a survey, did I Lindsey. Lindsey's condescending tone - trying her best to not bust out unprofessionally on me gets worse so I start using her california gravely "yeaaaa'hhh", "that's great..." and here is where I ended up. I terminated all but one box in my house. I terminated their protection plan. I terminated my RV box (they couldn't provide service for) and I lowered my channel package to the absolute minimum. What did I come out to? $37.00 So Yeaaahhhh, Lindsey, what do you think about that? My solution is to pay you 50% less than I did with this phone call. Yeaaahhh, Lindsey says - we don't get paid more (as an individual employee I assume she meant) when we charge you a termination fee or sell you more channels. I say "yeaaah, you do" because you get a paycheck and you have a job, yes? She has a hard time wrapping her head around that, just like she had a hard time wrapping her california growly yeaaahhh condescending head around that, just like that she could not wrap her head around them being the giver and not being able to give. See, what they count on is - you have 1, 2, or 3 or that's it - have a nice day - you signed a contract. They count on the fact that you (and me) don't have the means or resources to hire an attorney or take something to a consumer mediation board - for a measly $300.00 JUST TO MAKE A POINT. If I said yes and she pushed the button, my ACCOUNT, not my card would immediately be hit for $300.00. I said no. I could cancel my account or put a freeze on my account or pay a small fee to my bank to not allow any transactions process from this particular business but where would that leave me? They'd put it on my credit report and then I'd have to dispute that. Do I have time to do that? Do I want to do that? No. So here is the only power I have left fellow peers/readers/customers: I eat the termination fee when I sell the house and more importantly, I hope that at least ONE PERSON reading this will seriously contemplate NOT signing a Dish contract and ANY CONTRACT for ANY cable or TV or phone or any other provider. They forgot the one thing about customer service - serving the customer. WE ARE THERE TO SERVE THEM. Find a phone, internet, cable - any kind of service that is pay as you go, month to month or any service that has the ability to cancel at any time without penalty. If there is no one that will provide that for you, then you don't NEED it. Thank you for reading this far. They can break their side of the contract all they want. You have no recourse except to SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP!


Mar 04, 2017 by Kristen Haldy
Zip Code: 17401 

Would give it negative stars if allowed. Never ever waste your money on dish. They claim to give you credits but then apply charges elsewhere on your bill. They lose contracts with local channels (which costs you an additional $10/month) and refuse to work with you or provide a reasonable answer or solution to your issues. It's a scam and a crime. Never choose Dish.

Dish Sucks

Feb 23, 2017 by Karah
Zip Code: 40356 

Very rude customer service agents when I called to cancel. They made up lies about the company I planned on switching to. (Spectrum (10/10) The agent consistently talked over me and kept repeating that they weren't going to send a final bill and they were just going to charge the card on file $400, but could not tell me which card or when the charge was going to occur. DISH IS AWFUL. Don't fall for their scammy service. The take away channels and add on hidden fees.

1.2 5.0 228 228 I started having problems the day of installation. Constant buffering from day 1. I filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau. I also filed class action lawsuit with classactio DISH Network Satellite TV