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Last updated Friday February 23rd, 2018

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ViaSat Exede broadband internet Exede is a satellite internet service provided by parent company ViaSat. The service was launched in 2012 when the ViaSat-1 satellite was put into service. Before Exede, ViaSat offered WildBlue on an older Telesat Anik F2 satellite. In general Exede's real world performance is over 10x faster than WildBlue's. The new ViaSat-2 satellite is scheduled to be put into service later this year (2016). SKU UPC Model


Jun 20, 2014 by christina santiago

Got exede about 7 mnths ago, was very slow thought it was my house was too big and couldnt get wireless throughout,so i purchased an extender...internet seemed to work ok after that. My internet has not worked for 2 weeks now, called them they said it's my usage, my husband is in Iraq and we skype every day....I NEED MY INTERNET...so upgraded cost of $10.00 more, but i have to wait until my next billing cycle which is still another week away. First off as an introductory we were to receive unlimited, then received a letter just before my problems saying that introductory was coming to an end but i still had until Aug....obviously not!!!! This is horrible and feel they could have done an immediate upgrade and billed as usual or add to bill....for a family whose lifeline is skype right now.I dont care if we have a contract im about to cancel it...i need to be able to talk to my husband more than honor their crappy service and contract!!!!

Just Awful!

Jun 19, 2014 by Dave

We moved and cannot get DSL where we live so we settled on Exede. The only thing this company exedes at is horrible. We blew through the 10 gigs in 2 days. We can buy 25 gigs, but at the rate used we'll get 5 days on that. My son programs and plays on-line games. Clearly this service is insufficient for our needs and I tried to cancel at day 11, but their inflexible "policy" mandates we pay a $300 termination fee. I'm willing to pay to have the technician remove the equipment, but I can't see paying this company that kind of money to quit. I just may pay the fee, however, and write it up to a bad mistake. Companies can change policies and this needs to be changed NOW.


Jun 18, 2014 by Dale AAron

So far In 1 month We have used 107% of my allotted data of 15GB. I was on Wildblue.net for a long time and had same issues. I was paying 93.00 a month for 17GB and now I am paying 99.00 for less data. We that live in rural areas are discriminated against and CAN NOT STREAM MOVIES, OF ANY CAN. Anything to do with downloads SUCKS. Why can Excede have a 12am to 5am window of no data charge and then restrict you on data usage. Sounds like we are getting screwed. I think I'll have a smoke.

Charged me full termination for 16 hours of service

Jun 18, 2014 by Colleen Jamison

Ordered Exede due living in rural area and was told by sales rep that 10gigs of data will be plenty for my family of six (multiple laptops, tablets & smart phones) who game, work online, video stream & download. Tech was suppose to be at house between 8-12, didn't show up until 4pm. 2 hour install and about 15 minutes after tech left I was emailed a 10 page contract with an electronic signature that I was not aware of or agreed to. By 8pm, I receive an email stating I was at 70% of my data allowance for the month. Yes, two hours later my family met the monthly data allowance! The next morning (within 16 hours of service) I called Excede to cancel the service and was told I have to pay early termination fee of $382.82!! I am now disputing this charge based on WI's 3 day right to terminate contract laws. Excede is a scam~do not order!

Not dependable service

Jun 15, 2014 by Randel Todd

Service started with a 5 hour installation. Technician had to try 3 modems before he got one that worked. At least that's what he said. Should have known better. From day one we've had problems getting to out e-mails. Tells us "Website not found". Tried calling service 6-8 times about the problem. They said everything they see up to the modem is working fine. We even replaced our router. Still the same problem and still service says it's on our end. We travel a lot and have not had problems with getting to our e-mail account. We can even go to our neighbor next door and get to our e-mail. They still tell us it's our problem. They said if I cancelled our service we would have to pay $15.00 for our unused months (10 months x $15.00 = $150.00). Frustrating!!!
Each time they ask me if I want their satellite phone service. I think NOT.
I plan on dumping them next May. Tell then we'll struggle along.

Stay Away!

Jun 09, 2014 by R Cevallos

Horrible. We've had them since March. Locked in for two years, which we were very hesitant about, and the service is out every day. Several times a day! We had to pay more and upgrade our data plan just to have internet. I have to work and go to school from home and I am UNABLE to because the internet is always down or slow. This is the absolute worst. We are stuck with crap for just under $80 a month. The leased modem went down Tuesday night. I call Wednesday and they confirm the modem had been down for over 18 hours (their words), get an appt for Friday from 8-12, and they cancel at 11:19am. Reschedule for Monday between 12-4, they call to confirm on Sunday (really?), this morning, around 8ish, I get a voicemail that I need to reschedule for a time that is convenient for me... That would have been Wednesday of last week when I called to report the problem. I'm not paying a full month's service when I don't get a full month of service. It. Goes. Out. Every. Day. Several. Times. A. Day.

2 1/2 years of hell

Jun 04, 2014 by .

Dont buy 60$ for 10 gigs of fast spped which is fast but not super fast and online gamings doesnt work, cancellation fees are overpriced 20 dollars oer each month left on contract plus consumer service is lame they make excuses for every damm thing.


Jun 03, 2014 by john

I ordered exede internet and was told the tech wud be out by noon he didn't show up till after 7pm and then he didn't have the right equipment so no internet.

Bad as hell

Jun 01, 2014 by Hector arevalo

We have been using this internet for two years the first year was awesome but from this year 2014 it had stop or slows down YouTube would not work we changed router and it work for a while but now is slow again...we all hate this internet and company.

Exede Internet Sucks

May 31, 2014 by Carlos

I never heard of this service before untill i got cable service they recommended me excede. I wssent surf i wanted bit i gave it a try. I havent had the internet for a month it has been half a month and my 10GB they gave me has reached the limit. This is terrible because im paying $50 for this p...o..s... NOT WORTHY. Km thinking of getting rif of their TERRIBLE, and HORRIBLE SERVICE.. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS. SO DONT BOTHER CALLING FOR THEIR SERVICE THAT DONT WORK AT ALL. ITS A RIP OFF!!!!

1.3 5.0 1191 1191 I got the service installed 2 weeks ago and the service has yet to work. I called for a service appointment they said they didn't have one until monday they never showed up they sa Exede broadband internet