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Last updated Thursday June 21st, 2018

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ViaSat Exede broadband internet Exede is a satellite internet service provided by parent company ViaSat. The service was launched in 2012 when the ViaSat-1 satellite was put into service. Before Exede, ViaSat offered WildBlue on an older Telesat Anik F2 satellite. In general Exede's real world performance is over 10x faster than WildBlue's. The new ViaSat-2 satellite is scheduled to be put into service later this year (2016). SKU UPC Model


Aug 04, 2014 by Joyce
Zip Code: 49111 

It seems we use our data too quickly considering we keep the internet unplugged during the day and when we are not home. We use it normally other times and we tend to do heavy use during the free usage period. I monitor the usage meter often until this weekend.

When I tried to sign in to Exede on 8/3/14 at 12:48 a.m. I got the following message:
Login Error
Your login attempt using single sign-on with an identity provider certificate has failed. Please contact your salesforce.com administrator for more information.

I have contacted the company by email to resolve this current problem. Other problem is the internet is slow - all of the time. I am happy to report that I do have other options in providers and will look into other companies. If I pay the remaining of the two year commitment it might be worth it.

I will join a class action against Exede if only for the reason that companies have to treat customers better than they do.

For those of you who live in rural areas where Exede is your only provider contact your local government and demand they allow more companies to have access.

Exceeding data package limit...ALL the time!

Aug 01, 2014 by Karalynn
Zip Code: 62466 

Originally signed up for the 10gb service...immediately knew that was not big enough. Went to the 15gb package...again...not big enough, so bit the bullet and went with the big package of 25gb. We do not view videos, movies, down load music...nothing other than surf mainly FaceBoook and Pinterest. Still, we max out about half way through the month. We have no tablets, kindles, or any other device other than laptops. There is NO WAY we use that much data. My husband and I both work full time and are only on the internet for about 2 hours in the evenings. However, when contacting the company to verify our usage, they tell me I have been using a huge amount of data between 6pm and midnight. Maybe at 6pm, but definitely not until midnight...we are in bed by 9pm! All laptops are turned off. Nothing else we have goes through the modem they supplied. Our local representative has tried to help us, but Corporate is even no help to her! We are being scammed big time. However, we live way out in a rural area with absolutely no other option available to us...and they know it! I would LOVE it if a class action suit was files against them...count me in!!!

Limited Internet is bad!

Jul 26, 2014 by Beverly Moore
Zip Code: 36526 

We ordered our service on July 9, 2014 and our installation was on July 12, 2014. Today is July 25,2014 and for the last three days they have limited our internet to where we cannot view videos or cannot play games on facebook or any where else. When our service tech came out they showed up that we had a limited internet service of 5GB for the month which was the wrong order. My husband called them back and told them we ordered unlimited on the 12th during the installation. They said ok you will have unlimited internet so the price went up to $75 a month. But they plan they put us on was the Evolution plan which gives you unlimited website viewing but still limits you to 5GB of doing anything else. Because our neighborhood is new I have no choice but to use this because nothing else is offered out here. So when they cut us off from everything we do three days ago my husband called excede back and they said it was not their problem because we ordered through direct tv and they do not offer an unlimited plan and there is no 30 day opt out program if you are unhappy. I have never had limited internet service and for the life of my I have no idea why they do this. Oh wait I forgot if I want to sit up from 3am to 8am I can have free time. Stay away from satellite internet it is a joke and a rip off especially this company!


Jul 25, 2014 by April
Zip Code: 73501 

This is by far the worst internet service I have ever used. I would not suggest that anyone use this company. If you prefer dial up speed and only able to use your internet 50% of the time then this may be what you are looking for. To make matters even better when I tried to call in to troubleshoot my problems I wasn't able to due to the fact that I had my account number and not the last 4 digits of my billing card number. I will be contacting the corporations commission to report this company in my state to report this company and suggest others do this as well if you have has this same experience.

You better hope nothing breaks

Jul 23, 2014 by Jeff
Zip Code: 39654 

You will get charged even if their equipment breaks. You will get charged if the wind blows your dish out of alignment. You will have to deal with an unfriendly service rep. You will be charged. speeds aren't really that fast either. I would rather not have internet then deal with exede

Jul 22, 2014 by rolland taylor
Zip Code: 53565 

Switched to exede because of direct satellite feed promised fast internet.
initially service was slower than previous provider and then after very limited use and within 10 days of installation service slowed without any notification of overuse which I doubt occurred. I called and tec. support stated that I was over my initial plan and attempted to sell me increased usage.
I checked with others in the area and they had similar complaints.
They are scammers and practice bait and switch tactics. Use anything else and be sure to read about cancellation practices or you will be taken advantage of. Pathetic industry.

More down than up lately

Jul 21, 2014 by Wayne
Zip Code: 93432 

I am able to get on the internet for about an hour or two each day. Even when it is up, I've exceeded data capacity after three days of a new billing cycle. A couple of upgrades and e-mails and I've exceeded capacity. I can see why they call it EXCEDE. They Excede in everything but service and product. So so disappointing!

... Exede really is that Aweful

Jul 17, 2014 by Jessica
Zip Code: 20772 

As many have said there are three main problems here. First, the customer service is terrible on many, many levels. Second, the service is NOT as advertised. Lastly, of course, the service does not allow users to participate in activities involving allot of data usage. Netflix, hulu, xbox, playstation, youtube, etc. use is NOT sustainable with this service.

We moved into our new home about 45 minutes outside of WASH D.C. (Apparently, since our driveway is soooo long we cannot get verizon. Loved them! True unlimited Data OMG, like water from the faucet!) Ok, moving on! We had our service installed for free at our residence, which is actually a horse barn, no problem! Service guy was polite, mostly professional in appearance, mannerisms, etc. No problem, right? Yay we have internet in our new place, never mind that we can't find the TP....

Soooo... we are snuggling in for a netflix Orange is the New Black marathon, not even having finished with our second episode, netflix stops working. Ok? Maybe the new system just needs to be reset to work the bugs out. Reset, still same problem. Check the Netflix account, in good standing, check! We call it a night and decide to try again in the am.

Am rolls around, still no web. At this point, I'm getting irritated because I also run a small business out of said horse farm, and need to answer emails and such for work. After an excessively long wait time I'm connected to a representative who laughs it off and says he'll reset it for me as a new customer courtesy and that if I want to do big data things like gaming and netflix I should do it during their non-peak usage hours (Like 11pm to 4am, or something retarded...) So I laughed along with him and went about my day, watched a couple youtube videos and answered my emails.

The OtNB Bug was still itching us, so we set an alarm and woke up at 1 am JUST to take advantage of the "witching hour" of free magical all you can eat internet. NETFLIX WOULDN'T EVEN WORK.... I had already used all the "reset" data I had been given by the gentleman on the phone earlier... Frustrated, we went back to bed and I resolved to cancel this awful service.

I won't even enumerate the multiple hang ups, rude customer service, excessive fees, attempts to bully me to pay those fees, upselling, etc. My best advice for those already stuck w this service is to cancel the card with which your account is associated. This may be less than honest, however, given the extremely poor business practices of Exede I'm all for going blow for blow.

There is one interesting observation I will make in closing. As I read through the other reviews in commiseration, I noticed another reviewer mentioned that since Exede did NOT want their dish back after service cancellation it could be repurposed as a bird bath. I was told THE SAME THING during my cancellation phone call. This is only entertaining to the extent that it illustrates how poor Exede's customer service is, truly. Telling someone to repurpose a dish for a bird bath is a funny, off the cuff comment... not part of your employee training program. Exede, stop telling your customer support to say this... Its Unprofessional.


Jul 16, 2014 by George Wilson
Zip Code: 35622 

Horrible. Since August 2013 our bandwidth is used by the middle of the month. Technical/Customer support are jerks. They blame everything on the customer and do not even attempt to try to reach customer satisfaction. They know with the 2 yr committment they have you hooked and can treat you just as crappy as they desire. Was told they count modem upgrades as usage. We had HughesNet before Excede and it was bad, but definitely 100x better then the crap we have now. We have less than 9 months left of contract and believe me on the date our contract is up. Excede is dropped! DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM! They are horrible!

Stole $330 from me

Jul 15, 2014 by lindsay johnson
Zip Code: 54701 

I lived in the country when I hooked up Internet through Exede. The first month we went through our data in the first 3 days. The next month I couldn't connect at all. Spent hours on the phone "troubleshooting" with no luck. Not once did they offer to send a technician out to the house. After months of no service the account was cancelled and I was charge $330 for early termination fee. Spent hours on the phone multiple times trying to get my money back. They told me I broke the contract so the fee was justified. I argued that the contract was initially broken by them by not providing service that I was paying for. They told me that although they were with me 100% and thought I should get my money back, that the charge had already gone through and there was absolutely no one in the entire company that could overturn it. So on top of paying $50 a month for nothing, they stole an additional $330. Worst company I've ever worked with. Would love to join a class action lawsuit.

1.3 5.0 1213 1213 I have called customer serve to ask why my internet service is so slow. They tell me to run a speedtest and then they say it is within the limit. NOT!!! I have a Verizon jet-pac Exede broadband internet