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Last updated Saturday November 25th, 2017

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ViaSat Exede broadband internet Exede is a satellite internet service provided by parent company ViaSat. The service was launched in 2012 when the ViaSat-1 satellite was put into service. Before Exede, ViaSat offered WildBlue on an older Telesat Anik F2 satellite. In general Exede's real world performance is over 10x faster than WildBlue's. The new ViaSat-2 satellite is scheduled to be put into service later this year (2016). SKU UPC Model

I am very happy with Exede

Jan 29, 2014 by v

I am very happy with my service. My installer was professional, polite and very patient. He fully explained everything to me without talking down to me. I don't stream movies, nor do I play games so I don't have a slowdown issue. I do stream TV shows and You Tube videos. I do some Facebook, but not a whole lot, mainly because it is a pain in the neck to me. I do use it for emailing, bill paying, shopping, and sometimes I just "surf the web". I signed up for the 10 mbps package. At the end of each service period I usually a have about 8 to 9 units left. I used to have dial up, so this is MUCH faster. Other than the initial set up, I have not had to interact with customer service so I cannot address that issue. My only complaint is that I lose service during storms; however, my satellite TV goes out before the internet does, so for a while at least, I can keep tabs on the storm's progress. Of course, when the storm gets too close, I shut down my computer & listen to my radio.

excede internet

Jan 10, 2014 by Sean

Don't waste your money. Buy stock in this company though, but not long term. You will use your 15 GB in a week, buy 5 GM more for a fee and be out in 3 days. We are not downloading massive amounts of data or even watching netflix. We have to pay $360 to get out of this contract, yep I signed the dotted line. This is a scam and they will make money in the short term until people are aware of their business practices. We live in a rural area and there are few options but I am cancelling tomorrow. Go figure, we can put a man on the moon but lag behind other developed countries in broadband internet access.

Dec 27, 2013 by sandy barrett

My complaint isn't with the performance of the net as much as with the Saginaw, MI branch that called me about buying into their scam! They were nice enough until after the installatin. Robert Cronk, the salesman, called me on Mon. the 16th, He said if there were any questions to call him personally and he would take care of it. On Tues the net was installed--the "agreement" said we would get 20 GB but only received 10, it would only slow to 5 mb but not slow down or stop--which it did! When my son tried to call on Thurs evening, Mr. Cronk was out to lunch from 4-6 pm---he doesn't go to work until 1 pm and leaves at 9 pm. My older son called on Fri, got hung up on by everyone he talked to: Karen, Robert, and Marcia, was told I was a liar, my younger son was a liar, and my younger son was stupid, He then looked up their site and someone in Les Vages CORPORATION TOLD HIM SINCE I WAS LIED TO I COULD CANCEL AT ANYTIME AND WOULD NOT HAVE TO PAY THE CANCELLATION FEES. A lady by the name of Liz called me and told me she was from corporate and had the aauthority to waive these fees and would call me today--the 26th to see if i wanted to keep excede or opt out--she never called--i called the Colorado corporate office later this evening and was told they didn't have a "Liz" in corporate. When this was installed, i was told i had to get online for the contract, read and print it off--10 pages, but was not given a chance to read it before hand if i had, i would never have let them install it. the man who installed it said we would get the 5 mb and it wouldn't slow down also.
when i called the corporate office tonight i told them i might keep it because it is faster than our other service as long as i NEVER had to deal with the Saginaw b ranch again. the lady told me tonight she could not find anyplace that i was told i wouldn't be charged the cancellation fees but was given $25 off monthly fee for 4 months for being lied to and all the troube we were caused.
My purpose here is to warn others not to get taken in by these liars or others like them! i wish we had gotten on this site to investigate them before getting their service.

Dec 16, 2013 by Arieta Buredua

I was with excede for 6months. I have no complaint about the product but by far the worst customer service ever.I wanted to move my service with me to NY from NJ and was given wrong information which made me go with a different provider.The wrong information is now going to cost me few hundred dollars.I disconnected on the 4th of december and was told i have 20 days to return equipment.It is now the 16th and still no box to return equipment and when I called them they said don't worry you have time.ANd if equipment dont make it in time that would be another $300.00.Absolutely the worst.

they suck

Dec 10, 2013 by Joseph braccino

I signed up thrpugh directtv told it was great internet slower then a turtle that was 90 years old. I had it for only 2 hours begore it did nothing, I called them they said we cant get out of and fee will be 400 dirct tv said you dhould be able to cancel 6 hours with in, not, so we are very unhappy.


Dec 04, 2013 by Erin

I have had problems each and every month with this service! At the beginning of each month, we can watch 3 Netflix episodes, but then reach our max data usage.... our internet is slow the remainder of the month. It is awful! When I originally signed up through DirecTv, they stated it would be fine for streaming videos, but not good for online gaming. Well we only get to stream 3-4 videos a month. It is ridiculous and their customer service department is doing nothing to improve the buyer's perception. I am extremely disappointed and would love to cancel my contract with them, but am locked in.

Beware of Exede internet

Nov 22, 2013 by Crystal

I am not one to write bad reviews over small things or even a one time issue. Here is our LIST of issues

1: It was installed on October 11th 2013. The billing cycle they run off of is the 12th through the 12th. My pro rated for amount for one day of service was $4.75. By the 20th of October we had no internet service. They said our bill was past due. No where in anything or at any time did anyone tell me we had to pay our bill on the 12th of October, the day after it was installed. So i waited on a Bill.. and well one never came, so needless to say we were late on out first bill.. Which i assumed i was to pay around the the 1st of the month. Well that is not the case. It is a PRE PAID service. Which was never explained to us by Direct Tv or Exede until I called and tried to figure out the problem.

2. So we paid our bill. When I paid the bill they told me it could take up to 24 hours for our service to be restored. This is when i found out it was pre paid service and how the billing cycle works. Not only did i find this out.. I found out you have to pay by automatic payment. New news to me. So we get this all straightened out. Come 72 hours later we still had the "slow" internet service cause we had reached our monthly allotment of internet usage. So I called back. I paid my Bill on November 8th. This is the 12th of November that I call. Well something went wrong in the system, they could not figure out why we did not have service. They pushed thru an extra charge of 1 GB to see if it would make our service work at the speeds we were told we would have. Well that did not work so they sent a dispute to higher ups. Well after 5 days I have called them back and finally got all of this resolved. We finally have internet that works properly and I am happy.

3. So keep in mind all of the above was resolved on the 14th of November. We are now at the 22nd of November and I get an email stating our account is past due. When the lady I spoke with on the 14th I asked her, to double check when our next bill is due. ( the system they bill off of is confusing as all get out to me). She stated the 12th of December so I was happy fine, i know when my bill is due and when to expect the money to come out of my account. I just get off the phone with customer service which the first lady hung up on me from putting me on hold ( so they say) this mysteriously happened after I asked to speak with someone higher up than her. Now Exede is now telling me I needed to make a payment on the 12th of November. HUMMMM hello I spoke with reps. multiple times since then and no one told me I needed to pay a bill. So now we are with out internet service once again... I would like to know why it took 10 days to let me know that my payment did not go through, It would have been nice to have known this before its shut off. When i asked why I did not get previous notice, she stated " we dont attempt to contact you until your service is shut off". Well that's great customer service.

4. Okay internet speeds... lets start there. Dont plan on watching videos such as you tube. They take for ever to load. With having a "limited" Gb per month i stay up until Midnight to do all my downloads unless its 100% necessary, to do it during the day. Well their whole " unlimited fast speeds of a night time" thats a joke. I updated to Windows 8.1 on my laptop and well the down load took 6 hours, where at my grandmas it took 3. So explain to me how that is Fast internet of a night time. During almost any download I have done, I have had to do it two or three times, thanks to our internet cutting out and loosing signal from the satellite. Pages take more time that usual to load. It is all around not a good deal.

5. When we signed up with exede we were told by the customer service rep that the 10 gb would be enough internet for our family. Well that was a total lie!!!

6. All in all I am very un happy with them. I have yet to find a good quality about them. They say they monitor calls for customer service and training. Well I think they need to look at those calls and see whats happening. I have had 2 rude ladies when I was not even being rude at all. Yes I have been after todays findings. I would really use caution in getting internet with them. We live in a rural area thats how we got stuck with them being our only option.

The only reason I came across this page was to see if anyone else was having similar problems, before i went off the deep end and cancelled my service. I have read so many reviews and I believe I am not the only one who is un happy. So i figured i would give my 2 cents for anyone who is looking at their service.


Oct 27, 2013 by Debbie Remillard

Debbie Remillard

I Dumped Wild Blue Internet Broadband, now going under the name Excede. If you are in the Amador area or use the Wild Blue system...BEWARE. Paid 79.99 a month for 3 years, was a package through Direct TV. Direct TV no longer takes new orders and no longer partners with WILD BLUE. I was told for the last 6 months the receiver is almost obsolete and the satellite included. I paid for 25 mb of service per month, when my system starting running slow and then nights without service they informed me that I was over my usages, Which I never was the 2 and 1/2 years. But I was now informed that they do not reset the receiver every month. They have let it run for 3 years, with no reset. Thus finally reaching my 25 mb after 3 years. So I didn't get what was promised, paid a bundle of money to turn around and have them say OH WELL. Pissed beyond words, going to turn them into the FCC, along with ASK Kurtis. Anyone out their experiencing the same...message me. This is against the law what they did. I plan on making sure they make it good. If not I will slam this new company they go under...EXCEDE..BEWARE of this new company...I spent lots of money for nothing. They don't even want their old equipment back, satellite or receiver because they no longer support it...I just had Hughes Net installed, free installation 30 dollars less a month, and free internet from 2am-8am. WIFI, I have all my 2 computers , 2 I phones, I pad and 1 lap top..and talk about fast. I finished all 6 farms today in less than 35 minutes.

Turtle speed loading pages

Oct 24, 2013 by Susan

Deserve less than 1 star. I was told I will have a 12MB speed of downloading, I figured it will be more than double of my previous 5MB speed, so I get a faster service. Sure, the surprise came after the installation was completed. My pages takes forever to load compare to my previous supplier. On top of this I got an email "warning" that I used up 70% of my data allowance. In 2 weeks? Called and tried to have the speed issue resolved, but all I got from the repair technician that their speed is very good. They are misrepresenting the speed issue when they are trying to get you in. They are conveniently not talking about the ping speed (I just learned it now, that thsi is the speed of your pages loading). Their ping speed is around 1000, and it should be around 20-50. At the sign up I had to agree to an automatic payment deduction from my debit card and a 2 year contract. They don't want to let me out of the contract even though the system doesn't perform as I was promised at the time of signing up. They want me to pay $360 plus they will let me know how much for early cancelation fee. Their contract is really one sided, the customer has no say on anything, just pay even if they don't provide service. I canceled my debit card, and will go and sue them at small claims court. I wish I would of read the reviews before. Stay away, stay away, stay away from them if you have any other choice.

Snowball effect...

Oct 15, 2013 by Amber

Everybody loves snowballs, right? They're fun and you get to lob them at people. What's not so fun is when you roll them down a hill and they eventually become so large that you've created this boulder that could squish you, Indiana Jones style. Exede, for me, was the snowball. Fun and great at first, yet now that I've left that gracious 90 day period it's hit that downward slope and is growing into this massive boulder ready to squish me into a pancake if I don't run away fast enough.

Why? Well, things started out quite splendid with this service. The installers were a delight, they worked with me on the installation and the fees, we joked about living in the boonies, and I was thrilled to have these guys helping me out. My internet was fast and for the first two months I had zero issues. No down time and I was being careful enough with my 10 gigs a month that I wasn't over using my data limit. Also, no issues with my VPN login. Although, it did get pokey at times. I made sure to do a lot of my downloading and updating between 12-5 am, all was well. I was a happy camper.

Month 3 I noticed my service was getting spotty and at one point it went completely dead. Thankfully, I was in my 90 day window. A tech came out and had to replace the receiver on my satellite. He then informs me that had I not been in my 90 day window, this would have cost me out of pocket. Say what?

Month 4, my service gets spotty again. I sweat bullets because now I'm supposedly responsible for this equipment and any charges that come my way. There goes my nice little snowball down that hill...luckily I'm able to get the service back up and running with a tech call. After getting hung up on 4 times, of course.

Month 5 goes by without any problems. Month 6 and 7 is spotty again, but liveable. I made more tech calls, all resolved. Yet, I'm noticing that they make a habit of disconnecting calls and NOT calling their customer back. I have a limited phone plan and this really sucks for me, wasting minutes to call back repeatedly. Their customer service is hit or miss. You get super nice and bubbly personalities but other times you get hung up on before you even get to them.

Month 8 - My service is totally out again. Same problem as I was having the last time my receiver went dead. Fan-freaking-tastic. From the sounds of it, they want to send a tech out, which is going to cost me $95 up front. NOT including the cost of the repair to my dish. Can we say RIDICULOUS? At this point it would be cheaper for me to cancel my service and pay out of pocket to end my contract early. This is one problem that has grown far too big for me to even want to deal with. See what I mean? Snowball effect.

Sure, this service is great when it works. If you can manage your data usage then you'll be in good standing with this service. IF the equipment doesn't malfunction on you every few months, it's fantastic. Otherwise, you're signing yourself into a huge risk when you sign up for this service. I was lucky enough to not get pinged at the upstart with fees, but I have a bad feeling that this isn't going to end quite as well as it all started.

I just wish those of us that live in rural areas had better options that this sorry service.

1.3 5.0 1150 1150 Our experience is similar to the experiences already mentioned. Took a dozen calls to get our service repaired, and several months, where we were given several numbers of service Exede broadband internet