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NOTE: this page is for classic HughesNet satellite internet. If you are using the new HughesNet Gen4, please visit our Gen4 review page.

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Pushing out the 3Gen service

Jan 17, 2015 by Don Preston
Zip Code: 39111 

Most interested. I can’t get over these posts by people who give accounts of their contacts with customer service. Once they have the 2 year agreement, you’re dirt. And that’s both Hughes and Exede. Just to give you some idea about my hesitations: concerning my system with Hughes, I called 2 weeks ago about our system turning off requiring me to restart (and the purpose of the call was that turning it off and then on no longer worked all the time) and they told me that testing by them ( which they can do whenever they want) turned up problems, and that they would schedule a visit by the technician on a specific day (my choice) in the morning. No call/no show so I contacted them again. Now you’re speaking with very nice young ladies in the Philippines who seem to understand English very well, but don’t. Especially if it doesn’t show up on their screen as something appropriate to say. Meaningful-Intelligent conversations are out of the question. Didn’t lead anywhere so I went to the web page, found my account, found a record of the planned visit by the technician that didn’t happen. It gave 2 telephone numbers of 2 different sources in the US. The first was Hughes fulfillment in Maryland. The second turned out to be the company in Mississippi that they use to send technicians. Ah Ha. Finally getting somewhere I thought. Called a guy in Hughes Fulfillment named Joe. Joe understood my problem and knew Lenny the owner of the company who services the Hughes accounts in Mississippi and he was a good guy. Joe said that he could make another appointment (didn’t sound like that was routine for him. The people in Manila made the first appointment, not someone in the US, but he would do it because this was important) and he gave me the actual technicians name and personal telephone number to call. Wow! I am home free. He also mentioned that I needed to be very pro-active when I called the technician. You know, explain the real need for service. Well, long story longer, called the technician’s number (on the day the service technician was supposed to come) and got “leave your name and number”, and then called the Lenny number and got “leave your name and number”. Later in the day I got through to the Lenny number and a guy named John answered. After a series of “let me get a hold of the technician…. he should be calling you when he leaves his last service call”, I was eventually told that my system was checked and there was nothing wrong with it…..we’re not coming.

I couldn’t believe it. Know what my first question was to Exede when I followed up with my next phone call? Hey, a group of about 25 here in Mississippi aren’t happy with a company who is ruining Hughes technical support efforts by just not coming out to help because they don’t think there is anything wrong. Before we move over to you guys and because they led us to believe that they handle all of the satellite internet companies in Mississippi, we don’t want to take a chance that we meet up with them again when they come out to install your system, so here’s their name… do you do business with them? ( the answer was NO.) I’m going to post this on the internet at Satellite Complaints and Reviews with all of the real names and telephone numbers of the players and see what happens.

By the way, John at the Wonderful World of Hughes technical support 3rd party company… told me the real deal with Hughes. We are presently under the Recovery Act with pricing and have been so since we signed up years ago. About $43 a month with tax. My system is called a Gen 3. It is being replaced with Gen 4. Higher speeds, higher limits on data, higher prices to customers, no Recovery Act price protection. Hughes is trying to force out all of the Gen3 customers and it’s working. Technical support doesn’t like to service Gen 3 customers anymore. They (and John also) try like very hard to get you to upgrade. If you don’t, forget it. All makes sense doesn’t it? The American way of doing business with a great business model…they’ve got so much business they don’t know what to do with it. As long as they take care of most of the customers and keep them happy, it’s working. As I remember, hasn’t Hughes almost gone bankrupt several times during their life-cycle over the years and had more than one owner?

HORRIBLE Experience

Jan 02, 2015 by Lynsey
Zip Code: 78130 

We ordered their services Nov 2014. When the tech showed up to our house he made a mess with everything. Luckily my husband worked to a cable company and was able to do the installion correctly. After having the service for a week, the internet stopped working. When we called they said that they cut us off after we use so much data. Which we do not use alot anyway and were never explained the limitation in the first place.

When we called to cancel they wanted to charge us a $300 fee because our "30day free trial" was was day 30 by the way.

Then they wanted us to take the satellite down ourselves, the took money out of our account twice without premission, they said that they will refund it on dec 18th, its jan 2nd and no monday.

When i called about my refund for the aount they took out of our accoutn without premission, they said that there was no notes in thier system stating that they owe us money.

This is a HORRIBLE company!!!! Customer service is HORRIBLE!!! The reps literally laughed at us and lied to us everytime we called.

Reminder, we only had their service for 30 days!!!!

DO NOT go with this company!

THEY manipulate usage

Dec 29, 2014 by s penberthy
Zip Code: 29112 

Every time we call, they have some excuse how internet usage could be disappearing. We turn everything off of wi-fi router and nobody is home, and it still disappears. Bumped up from 10 GB to 15 GB per month. Still disappears within first week or two of the month with us not watching any movies, no skype, no online games.

Money hungry

Dec 26, 2014 by karen martin
Zip Code: 77306 

So, HughesNet withdrew their payment today. Only it wasn't for the monthly amount we agreed on when I signed up with them, AGAIN. They keep telling me I have no data allowance left and I have to "restore tokens". Well, they took $240. And I just signed on this evening to check emails, and low and behold, they are saying I have no data left. WTF!!! Oh and before any1 says to change providers, they are the only ones who service our area.

The Worst!!!

Dec 23, 2014 by Rita Turner
Zip Code: 36080 

Been awful since first day. Might as well have dial-up. Had no other choices to this point but going to change to a different company. May not be any better but certainly can't be any worse. Called complaining last week and first thing they did was try to get me to upgrade to Gen4. Problem still not resolved. Sick of them so going to try elsewhere.

way way below the lowest

Dec 11, 2014 by kathy white
Zip Code: 63601 

after my credit card was compromised, i planned to auto pay hughesnet on my own, but they said i had to use a credit card, or there would be a $5 invoice fee. having no alternative at the time, i paid it for a year, then excede came along. went with them. payment had been taken out during the switch.i owed them $5 they owed me $71. called to make sure i had refund coming, said i should get it in 7-10 days. three weeks later, no refund. called again and was told 45 business days!!!! come on, they lie and have stupid policies that they have to lie more and cover up. this company is making too much money to treat people this way. shame on you, hughesnet.

What Service?

Dec 05, 2014 by Scicc
Zip Code: 12089 

How is it that they can continue to market internet service. Why are we required to give them any star for the rating field?

service data

Nov 12, 2014 by karen martin
Zip Code: 77306 

I am so mad! Now we are having to purchase / restore tokens for data. I purchased some a couple hours ago, said it was successful BUT it still has NOT shown up. This is so wrong on so many levels. We have been a loyal customer all this time, never had this happen until now. They get their money every month like clock work! SICK OF IT!!!!

BAD service/connections

Nov 08, 2014 by Guy Martin
Zip Code: 77306 

We pay for unlimited access monthly. Hughesnet gets their money EVERY month and just got it last week. Have not been able to get on hardly at all this week. Took an exam last week, got booted off 6 times. Made a 60 on exam due to time running out for class. TIRED OF THIS CRAP


Nov 03, 2014 by RRobertson
Zip Code: 63339 

Switched from Wildblue to Hughesnet in 2009. Was very satisfied at the beginning due to unsatisfactory service. Customer service is extremely poor, always get it is a problem with your equipment. When on the phone with tech support one time, was told to unplug tower and when told to replug we did not. Tech informed us everything was working, and there was not problem. When we told him we were still holding the plug, he had to change his story! Now 5 years in, they are telling us they no longer support Gen3 and we are going to be forced to pay $399 to upgrade where new customers can get the special deals and breaks. Nothing beats treating existing customers like crap! I personally think they are screwing with speeds to force you into upgrade. Looking for something else.... so done!

1.2 5.0 45 45 Claims that I run over my 30 mg Plan in just a few days, NO WAY, Just me and my wife and we only use the internet in the evenings for several hours, for facebook, and watch a few A Hughesnet Satellite Internet