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will not honor original contract

Mar 02, 2016 by todd
Zip Code: 11787 

I purchased a lifetime subscription back in 2006. This included the ability to listen on the computer. All of a sudden they claim that's no longer included. LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION SIRIUS!!! The one star is for the Indian Give, not the content.

Song interference

Feb 17, 2016 by Robert Klages
Zip Code: 48371 

Hey Phlash…You talk over the beginning of records all the time. When I was in college a long time ago, there was a DJ on WMAK Nashville named Johnny Walker who prided himself in "not talking while the music is playing". You need to consider doing some of that. Just a thought. Bob

Good service but they wont let you go

Feb 01, 2016 by Bill Albert
Zip Code: 18301 

The radio service was fine for what it was. Specific channels that I had pre-programed were avaialble anywhere at any time. Everything was OK, not great (I reserve that for Apple products and services) until it was time to cancel the subscription. I was getting rid of the car and would no longer have a need for the Sirius radio.

Sirius makes you call in to cancel service. You CANNOT cancel using a web-page. First you get a robot. From the robot you are transferred to 'listener care'. A Q&A ensues that would rival the best efforts of Joe Stalin's boys. OK...that is a little bit of an exaggeration. After a seemingly interminable hold I was transferred to another human who had me repeat all of the information I had provided to the first call handler. That is a bit more than a little irritating. After another seemingly interminable hold I was disconnected.
I called the Sirius customer service line back, went through the robot filter again and repeated, now for the third time, name, rank, serial number, billing address, service associated telephone number, likely PowerBall winning combination, number of '7's in the number seven and why is Sesame Street so named. Finally I am able to report that I am no longer a Sirius XM customer 🙂
Apple Radio: where art thou?

Reception unbearable, again

Jan 19, 2016 by Eric Kamperman
Zip Code: 75150 

Sirius radio came pre-installed on my 2016 Mustang. The reception quality is so bad that I cannot listen to it for more than a few minutes because it cuts out for no apparent reason. It cuts out under most bridges as well. I am still in the free trial period, but I listen to my local FM stations anyway due to this ongoing, annoying problem. I correctly used the word ongoing, because this is an exact repeat of this reception issue that I encountered on my new 2010 Fusion. Six years ago, I reported the problem and took the car back to the dealer for inspection, which proved fruitless. Strange enough, when you consider that I was a very early subscriber to the old XM radio back in 2001 and continuing for 6 years with no reception problems whatsoever. Since the acquisition of XM by SIRIUS, I have bought these two new vehicles with the included trial periods, as I have previously mentioned. How can this product still be on the market, and who in the world would actually pay for such an inconsistent signal. I am baffled beyond belief.


Jan 14, 2016 by Peter O'Rorke
Zip Code: 61310 

Any channel is just another playlist repeat every couple of hours. Why pay for it when you can listen to a couple of commercials. Just more programming. They constantly call and send letters, make it stop!!

Not much better than fm radio

Jan 12, 2016 by gerhardt gassner
Zip Code: L9h4n9 

I had to upgrade my car radio kenwood dnx 692 at that time I couldn't use my old sirius adapter, what I soon noticed was poor signal quality which siriusxm knows about and they don't know if this issue will ever be remedied. Next I lost most of the stations that I had bought in the first place, there remedy is to pay extra to get the service which I have already paid for. Biggest complaint is they are trying to deceive new costumers into buying there outdated product, finally the reliability of a signal is not much better than fm radio which is free

Rude personnel, high priced

Jan 08, 2016 by Carla DeVaney
Zip Code: 87114 

The price has just gotten out of control. I called and spoke to the 1st customer care person and told her to cancel service on the renewal date. She had to go thru her written script before she transferred me to the rudest man with an accent unrecognizable and very hard to understand. I gave him the date for renewal from the Sirius paperwork and told him to cancel it on that date.. Then the promotional offers started after the 3rd one and over 12 minutes on the phone I got exasperated, in which I was told drama wasn't necessary. I hung up on that rude person. I am sure I will have to start all over again but DAMN!

No invoice...

Dec 01, 2015 by C P
Zip Code: T5C2P1 

I was really upset to find a large charge on my credit card bill. We had been on a 3 year plan and I guess it ran out. Instead of sending me an invoice like a NORMAL company, they took my credit card and charged me for another 3 year plan. I was pretty irate when I called.


Dec 01, 2015 by Patrick Regan
Zip Code: 13669 

I have had a nightmare experience with Sirius xm, I suggest people read and believe the reviews. When trying to resolve an issue I was hung up on three times, after being on the phone each time for over 30 minutes. The next day I finally got to speak with a young lady in Canada, rather than the Philippines, she was polite and seemed to understand my dilemma, after 10 minutes she transferred me to the cancellation dept., you guessed it, Juan from the Dominican republic. If these people have a credit card number BEWARE they are going to use it to rip you off. If they have a credit card number, cancel it and get a new one.

poor management

Nov 19, 2015 by s. kerry
Zip Code: 49660 

If you are thinking of subscribing I would say-don`t give them your c.card #. I quit today because I can`t tolerate so much buck-passing on the telephone when there is trouble. If you must, pay them with paper, NOT your c.card.

1.4 5.0 256 256 Don't do it... unless you never want to cancel. Promotion expires, they charge too much, so then you are stuck with connecting with Sirius to change service, or even cancel, and th Sirius XM satellite radio