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Anything else must be better

Jun 16, 2015 by J
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 10 years + • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: No • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): 120/month • 
Zip Code: 78606 

Slow and inconsistent service.
Recently raised data caps, but still too low to allow even downloading a movie.
System cannot be used for VIOP or internet video streams.
The worst part is the customer service, or lack thereof. I called this morning re: slow speeds, and sat on hold for 1.5 hours. They acknowledged there was a problem (their mistake) and said they would fix it in 10-60 minutes. Two hours later I called back b/c the problem was not fixed, and have now spent no less than 2 hours on hold, supposedly \"Caller number one\" in line from the moment I was connected. There are three possibilities: (1) this is a lie; (2) the support techs are unable to solve a problem in less than 2 hours; or (3) no one is answering the phone. Whatever the answer may be it is a reason to avoid the company.
The only word for Starband\'s attitude towards its customers is contemptuous. It must know this, because its website does not even give you a contact email.
If you have any other option (including two tin cans and a string) take it.

Increasingly worse over the years

Jul 20, 2014 by Northwest
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 4+ Years • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: Never • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): $99.00 per month • 
Zip Code: 97502 

When first installed, the installer said the dish was warped, and had to install a new dish after complaining the first week or so. After downloading a large iso file during the so-called unlimited time period, the speed was trottled down, and never returned after the trottle down period until I called to ask what was going on after the end of the trottled down week (the trottle down period is so slow, it makes use almost impossible - it is your punishment for exceeding the bandwidth). The speed will not return to normal automatically. You must call technical support, and they will return your normal speed after telling you that they do not know why it didn't return automatically. We ended up getting the highest upgrade in speed after they changed the unlimited time period without notifying us. They probably notified us through their message service, but we already had email addresses, and chose not to use the starband email address. The equipment has never been upgraded since 4/9/10 when first installed. Technical support 'thought' a problem with our equipment was a part they sent to me and I had to install myself, but made no difference. They will not send anyone out to check your system. The past year has been the worse. I am now seeking another satellite service, and we live in the country where cable and wireless broadband is not available. Each time I upgraded, I was forced into another 2-year contract period, otherwise, I would have discontinued service a few years ago. Please, please, do not get this internet service. I would not wish this upon my greatest enemies!

OK speeds, Reliable

Jul 05, 2013 by Bennet
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 2012 • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: Yes with reservations 

Used Starband since 2012 and it has been a reliable service. It is not as fast as I would like but it does work for basic web surfing and similar items. The price is reasonable for what they are doing [sending and receiving signals into space with expensive satellites].

If someone has different options available to them then explore them. If satellite is the only option then Starband has been reliable.

slow slow slow

May 07, 2013 by Priscilla Duke
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 2010 • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: No 

Title says it all. Service has always been slow slow slow. Installation has been solid though and they were good when they did it. It is just really slow compared to internet in cities and places. So if I find a good alternative I will probably switch sometime.

2.0 4.0 4 4 Slow and inconsistent service.Recently raised data caps, but still too low to allow even downloading a movie.System cannot be used for VIOP or internet video streams.The worst p Starband Satellite Internet