NOTE: this page is for the original WildBlue service. If you are using the new Exede service, please visit ourĀ Exede review page.

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Exede/Wildblue is the worst company ever!

Mar 30, 2017 by Donna
Zip Code: 79322 

We had Exede at our old home with no problems. We transferred service with them to our address in another town & it's a nightmare! Our autopay account has been continually bombarded with fraudulent charges. Everything from having two accounts to unreturned equipment. We tried "uncustomer service" who swore they had our account corrected (approximately 10 times). Then they try sticking the same things back through our autopay over & over. We started sending emails so we would have records of Exede's illegal activities/charges as proof in case we had a file a complaint. Exede docs disappeared from our computers. We appear to have been "blocked" from filing online complaint forms. Luckily, we had made hard copies of most the paperwork & husband filled out complaints via his work computer. Keep FAR away from this company's illegal, immoral & frustrating way of doing business. If you are currently experiencing problems, record customer service calls & make hard copies of all contact. File a complaint with the FTC, ATTORNEY GENERAL.


Jan 30, 2017 by Carmen
Zip Code: 95528 

I have read 3 pages of reviews for this company& have learned a lot. My experience is the same as all the other reviews. First couple of months okay, then your amount disappears, which is suspicious & should be investigated. So my internet does not work part of the time, it goes out all together & when I can get connect it is slower than the dial up my in-laws have where they live. It won't even load a page, and when I am an online college student, this is bad. I still have 1 year & 4 months on my contract & I am taking the advice of another reviewer. I will unplug my modem when I am not using my laptop & we will see if it is being stolen out from under my nose. Since every page here is a bad review, I suggest you RUN AS FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY, unless you have no choice. They need to be investigated for illegal practices. Hope this helps anyone that is considering this provider.


Jan 25, 2017 by John scialdo
Zip Code: 23921 

My home was broken into last week, the police asked about service people at my house, the only one was the exede wild blue technician. While I do not believe it was him that broke in, the police suggested I contact the company and inquire about their security/background checks.
I stated Idid not want to file a complaint, simply had some questions. They could not answer about security and then I got a call from the same installation tech at 630am stating he received a work order that said I thought he broke into my house.
When I called to complain this time, they were unable to explain or justify why they would tell a possible suspect that.
Stay away from exede. Shady business.

lost me as a customer

Aug 16, 2016 by Rebecca Furr
Zip Code: 26411 

They took my $49.95 to "reconnect" my service then told me they couldn't reconnect me unless I signed a 2 year contract with them and I already own my equipment! Now they refuse to refund my money! Used to be a good company, not any more. Avoid them.

pissed off customer

Jul 22, 2016 by Donald
Zip Code: 55760 

every month they have a problem taking my money for my bill takes three days but they finally take it this month they said they refunded it and they didn\'t the so they just took it or as i like to say stole it then i got to prove it so i sent the bank statement that said they took it thats not enough now they want my full bank statement they never refunded it and I\'m pissed i had wild blue 15 years ago dial up was faster this is the worst company i have ever deal with ever i cant wait till my contract is over every month its something else
if your like me and don\'t like to deal with incompetent $%#&!* don\'t do business with them i can\'t send this without a rating i hate to give them a 1 but i guess i have to but they really are -10

Do not do it!

Feb 21, 2016 by Jer
Zip Code: 62918 

I wish I could give negative stars... it is the worst! I just got off the phone with them again trying to cancel. I cancelled 20 days ago and was charged today for this month. So, cancelled again today. They do not prorate your bill! The internet was so slow, constant buffering, data caps were unrealistic and service wasn't consistant, signal loss.

what are they thinking

Dec 07, 2015 by Larry
Zip Code: 97055 

Signed as they were the first in my rural area to get higher speed internet. has worked reasonable good but only one other choice Hughs. Called today to let then know I was moving, need the service through the end of the month, but would not need service at new home. they stop service and send a box to return modem power cord and a part off the dish. My dish is mounted in a tree and would require a tall (very tall ) ladder to get the part. The big problem ... I am 73 yo. what the hell are they thinking. Stupid. So who pays the bill if I fall. They put it up there so they should get it down. Sorry I signed up for this!

Wildblue is a terrible company!

Mar 04, 2015 by blake
Zip Code: 77705 

After a few months of my bill being the same it just increased and if I want to cancel the contract they will hit me with $250 fee and I will have to personally remove the dish they decided to bolt into the roof of my house. The service sometimes slows down. Customer service did not want to help but I think it is more of terrible policies setup by a terrible company rather than the people answering phones.

worse service ever

Feb 17, 2015 by Dalynn M Grant
Zip Code: 49727 

This is the worse service provider ever unfortunately, at the time it was the only service provider out here. I pay 140.00 for 25gb talk about rip off. I lose service at least every 30-40 minutes for at least a minute or 2. It's slow even though they claim fast internet. Cost to much to change provider at the moment but when it become available through my direct tv out here these guys are not getting my 140.00 a month for horrible service. I can't believe that there is not a lawsuit out there if there is I will be one tht list for sure.

Wildblue Sucks!

Feb 06, 2015 by Ken Rodgers
Zip Code: 48442 

My service sucks big time. Currently, I have speeds slower than dial-up. I have been calling "Customer Service" (what a joke) for the past 12 days and I keep getting the same sad story, "We are working to resolve the problem". I will resolve the problem on my own. Goodbye Wildblue!

1.2 3.0 19 19 We had Exede at our old home with no problems. We transferred service with them to our address in another town & it's a nightmare! Our autopay account has been continually bombar WildBlue Satellite Internet