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Hughes net

Nov 04, 2014 by Trav
Zip Code: 28723 

Vacationed a week in North Carolina with Hughes net broad band. Horrible. On a speed test the needle barely moved. I plugged in my Verizon hot spot and got 6+ download and 2.5 upload. Save your money.

Simply the Worst All Around

Nov 02, 2014 by John
Zip Code: 30120 

I was recommended this service by Direct TV, they must have some sort of partnership together. My house sits too far from a regular cable provider box so I had to go satellite. After the first month my service came down to a very slow crawl. When I called and spoke with someone who was extremely hard to understand, they mentioned I could purchase some "tokens" that would speed up my service until the next billing cycle. Obviously having this mentioned during my initial sign-up has made me beyond angry. This is the WORST company and I truly do not understand how the BBB let's them stay in business. Considering all of the negative reviews I have now read, hopefully it won't be long until something is done. I am staying until my cancelation policy (that they never told me about) is over and then I am going to suck it up and pay for a line to be built. Anything will be better than dealing with this company of total scammers. I don't know how they sleep at night! I put one star above because you have to click one but if I could give a 0, I would have.

Terrible service all the way around!

Oct 24, 2014 by Terri
Zip Code: 80112 

There service is terrible all the way around. The internet speed is extremely slow. Our satellite was facing down after the wind blew a little. I asked them to fix it and they wanted me to call some other company to do as they didn't provide that service. The other company, who originally installed it wanted an additional $100 to fix their bad installation. When I tried to cancel, they hung up on me and I had to call again.

Tricked and Angry

Oct 03, 2014 by Jen Williams
Zip Code: 37857 

I had the original service for the same price. I was constantly having problems with accessing sites. My downloads were not working due to the speeds going fast/slow/fast/slow therefore making the downloads incomplete. I contacted the company via the chat (they do not allow you to contact them through their email or mail. I was told different stories and did multiple tests, multiple times. I was lied to and never resolved anything. I called them and they said they would switch to Gen4. I had the same problems with Gen4 as with the regular. On top of all the problems they removed my free zone consistently. So now have all the same problems with less usage, no free zone, more sites not accessible. I was tricked and still have service that sucks. The old Hughes net was bad, the Gen4 is horrible. I am looking into dropping them. I give Hughes Net and the Hughes net Gen4 a negative rating.Years ago they were stable.....they now are all screwed up. The new satellite, the new equipment, and the new plans are horrible. I am a home-school mom who needs a stable internet service..... this is not it.


Oct 02, 2014 by Charles
Zip Code: 73135 

When I had called to set up service, I was told that I was going to get 20 GB per month anytime data and unlimited data during the peak hours (12AM-6AM) all for a low low price of $55 per month due to a promotion for the first 3 months (5 stars), which was right up my alley because after work then school, there would only be a few hours till peak time. As you can guess, this was a lie to suck me in. What they didn't tell me is that I have to rent their equipment for an additional $10 per month or purchase it for $400 (special promotion),which they had failed to mention until the installation date. So I decided to rent the equipment. (4 stars)

The 23rd of September, I had called them because the service was nonexistent. They informed me that I had gone over the 10 GB allowance and the peak hour allowance was completely used up. This blew my mind because I had signed up for 20 GB anytime / unlimited peak hours. She apologized and explained to me that i was given the wrong information and there was no unlimited data and the price difference was $20 per month to go from the 10 GB plan to the 20 GB with 20 GB peak hours. I just had to wait an hour for the remaining 10 GB to show up (3 stars). Then she informed me of a status bar that I can download to keep an eye on the data usage, which i downloaded as soon as the extra 10 GB were available. During this call I had all premium services removed. She also told me to call back on November 28 to request an additional $10 off for the next 3 months after my promotion ends due to my troubles. During this call I was also informed that the peak hours were from 2AM - 8AM.

Last night I had seen the status bar was already half way down so I opened it and sure enough, I had already used 4.8 GB of my 10 GB allowance when I should have 20 GB allowance. So once again I called them to ask what was going on with it. "John" from India, explained that once again I was misinformed and that all she did was apply an extra 10 GB of credits to my usage for the rest of September. I was not upgraded to 20/20. He told me that 20/20 was $120 per month plus equipment fees. (0 stars)

Bottom line, they will tell you what they want you to hear to get you to sign up. They lie, add in hidden fees, and are horribly overpriced. In my location, satellite internet is the only option and I do not have a choice because of school.

Rotten Service

Oct 02, 2014 by William whitworth
Zip Code: 23027 

This is absolutely the worst internet service ever. Dial-up service would be much faster. Although it lets me connect to my company VPN, I'm unable to open any spreadsheets or do any work.
BBB needs to investigate this company.

Bill Pay

Sep 28, 2014 by JGCar
Zip Code: 74884 

Had this service 10 yrs. Lost my ATM card so cancelled it. Forgot this card used for auto pay. Got a email notice the payment failed. Every time I tried to login it wouldn't let me. I don't like to call because I end up in another country talking to someone who doesn't understand me very well. I got on line with chat she was able to pull up the account and told me the reason was my account was in cancelled status. After 10yrs. and only 3 days I can't even login to make the payment. She said I would have to call to talk to representative. After the chat and after telling them they can kiss *** went back to make payment without login (for the 50th time) it let me in and made the payment but I still can't get in to change the payment option. Isn't that a doozie!!!! Wesite is terrible!!!

dont do it

Sep 27, 2014 by aaron
Zip Code: 14141 

Huge rip off. Where i live there is no choice in Internet Service Providers, so i have kept it only to be able to access internet. Service is off and on, when it does work extremely slow. contacted tech support multiple times and the best they had was unplug the modem and plug it back in, couldn't explain why service was so slow (dial up speeds), wouldn't reimburse for crappy service. overall horrible company and i do not recommend anyone using it.

Hughes Net Satellie

Sep 27, 2014 by Jack
Zip Code: 47042 

It's unanimous from reading all comments, That this company should be investigated by government agencies. The service is horrible but I would advise people to inspect the installation of your satellite dish and cable routing. We have professionally installed house gutters and gutter screens worth over 1000 dollars. When Hughes net installed the satellite, they took a short cut by routing the cable laying the cable in the gutter. They could only do this by ripping the gutter screens out from under the roof. They left the screen laying in the gutter. They made no effort to fix or replace the screens. We recently noticed weeds growing out of the gutter and that is when we discovered what was done. I called the company and they initially told me that I had to report it within the first 30 days. In other words not only do you pay for the service and installation but you have to acquire the knowledge to inspect the installation. This companies execs should serve time in jail. Stay away from this company.

Horrible Internet Service

Sep 24, 2014 by Ramiro
Zip Code: 78596 

Got this service and then I realized I made a huge mistake, do not get this service if you have kids who download alot of streaming videos, your band width is used up in about one day, I tried it for less then thirty days then cancelled and sent equipment back before I was charged again without being asked permission to charge my card

1.1 5.0 417 417 Spare yourself a lot of grief...wrap your internet cable around your foot, put on the pie-tin hat and stand on the roof with a coat hanger in each hand... you'll get faster interne Hughesnet Gen4 Satellite Internet