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Sep 23, 2014 by ALLEN Hancock
Zip Code: 39429 

I called and get new service and the rep told me that my "total billing, including all fees and add ons" would be $54.95 per month. My first bill was for $ 85.95. I called and was told that "I misunderstood the rep". This is untrue because I specificically ask what my total billing would be including all add-ons. They offered to lower my bill by deleting the rental fee and the fee for repair service however if they deleted these fees I would be billed $1100.00 for the equipment!! What a RIP-OFF COMPANY!!! They total misrepresented themself to get me as a customer then they increase my billing by $30. per month and now I'm under contract and cannot change anything. I will report a negative rating every time I can as a consumer and I will report this to the better business bureau. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. I am an honest man and I like dealing with honest people and Hugnes Net is NOT AN HONEST COMPANY. As soon a my contract is over I will leave this company.

Completely regret having the service

Sep 23, 2014 by Kevin
Zip Code: 58974 

They lied to me from the beginning told me that I would have 10 gigs to use it anytime I thought I needed it I only had 5 during the day and 5 in the middle of the night when I was not awake every time I had a problem with their service they told me it was my fault it was my equipment what everybody should know about that company is that they lie most every problem that I had with them was them lying to me about their service lying to me about their products and then when I call them and wanted to cancel they wanted to argue with me on the phone and then they lied to me about their cancellation fee that it would be pro-rated I had the service for almost six months and all they took off their 400 cancellation fee was 30 I should have been more like a hundred this is hands down the worst company I have ever done business with

Hughesnet service

Sep 18, 2014 by Jerry Bohnett
Zip Code: 71486 

Started last thanksgivings weekend, 2013, started getting "can't display page". Called tech support and they kept telling its my equipment. Replace modem then connected directly to Hughes receiver and still had the same problem. In June 2014 I went up north for 3 months and used my computer with no problem. I still think it was a problem with Hughes net system. Since I got back it's been working, but a slower internet connection. Only one more month and my contract will be up and they will be gone.

Regret Every Day

Sep 16, 2014 by Carol King
Zip Code: 77414 

Although the service does not go down very often, it is slow. Despite specifying what I needed the service to do, they sucked me into a contract. The service is too slow to provide access and use to websites I need for work...the main reason I have internet at home. I am so disgusted with the service.

Horrible Service

Sep 16, 2014 by Anonymous
Zip Code: 50854 

This is the worst internet ive experienced. Fast? DSL is by far faster. You're better off saving your time and keeping DSL because, yes it may be satellite, it may have some fancy commercials that claim to enable you to "dominate your fantasy league", but in reality, It takes at least a miunte to load your homepage to even start to search something. Don' bother with this. Save time and money and be grateful your internet at least loads semi-fast.

Hughes downgrading

Sep 14, 2014 by Axle
Zip Code: 59829 

Hughes seems to be intentionally downgrading my service to force me to switch to Gen4. Download speeds are 1/6 of normal but tech support says that this is OK. It is NOT OK. Dial up would be faster. I'm switching back to Wildblue.


Sep 08, 2014 by Austin
Zip Code: 75765 

This is by far the worst internet I have ever used. If there is any other options in your area, use them instead. Customer service is the worst (even worse than comcast or time warner). I was promised speeds of 10 down and 2 up, and so far everyspeed test i have ran gives me a download speed of less than 2 and no upload speed. This is a problem for me because I need good upload speed for work and school. Also if you think you can game on it, wrong again, I was mislead yet again by their reps, who said you can game on it. All in all, never get hughesnet unless its your only choice.

Worst Service Ever

Sep 08, 2014 by Donna W
Zip Code: 18017 

I recently had Hughes Net installed. Another ugly satellite dish on my roof. The techs hooked up the cables to my old provider (RCN). When I had to disconnect the wires to return them to be reimbursed, now I have no service. After numerous attempts, I'm now being told I need a modem, router, etc. Why didn't they hook the internet service up properly in the first place. I now have my computer directly plugged into the box since Hughes Net now states they don't provide wireless service. The service is so slow I feel as though I went back 10 years and using a dial up service. Again, I called customer service that now states for additional money I can buy tokens or faster service for an additional $5 - $25 per month. This is the worse internet service ever.

I hate this company

Aug 31, 2014 by Jessica Smith
Zip Code: 76137 

I hate this company. This is the slowest internet ever! I cannot get the simplest things done quickly. I upgraded my service, which they promised would fix the problem, and it did nothing! Now, I am paying more for the same horrible service. If you read this and you are considering them DON'T DO IT!!! RUN!!! I RUN!!! I only selected one star because I had to. Zero stars. Five piles of crap!

poor sevice

Aug 28, 2014 by Genelyn Cihla
Zip Code: 30135 

paying too much for bad service!this is not what we expected for!

1.1 5.0 417 417 Spare yourself a lot of grief...wrap your internet cable around your foot, put on the pie-tin hat and stand on the roof with a coat hanger in each hand... you'll get faster interne Hughesnet Gen4 Satellite Internet