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Rude personnel, high priced

Jan 08, 2016 by Carla DeVaney
Zip Code: 87114 

The price has just gotten out of control. I called and spoke to the 1st customer care person and told her to cancel service on the renewal date. She had to go thru her written script before she transferred me to the rudest man with an accent unrecognizable and very hard to understand. I gave him the date for renewal from the Sirius paperwork and told him to cancel it on that date.. Then the promotional offers started after the 3rd one and over 12 minutes on the phone I got exasperated, in which I was told drama wasn't necessary. I hung up on that rude person. I am sure I will have to start all over again but DAMN!

No invoice...

Dec 01, 2015 by C P
Zip Code: T5C2P1 

I was really upset to find a large charge on my credit card bill. We had been on a 3 year plan and I guess it ran out. Instead of sending me an invoice like a NORMAL company, they took my credit card and charged me for another 3 year plan. I was pretty irate when I called.


Dec 01, 2015 by Patrick Regan
Zip Code: 13669 

I have had a nightmare experience with Sirius xm, I suggest people read and believe the reviews. When trying to resolve an issue I was hung up on three times, after being on the phone each time for over 30 minutes. The next day I finally got to speak with a young lady in Canada, rather than the Philippines, she was polite and seemed to understand my dilemma, after 10 minutes she transferred me to the cancellation dept., you guessed it, Juan from the Dominican republic. If these people have a credit card number BEWARE they are going to use it to rip you off. If they have a credit card number, cancel it and get a new one.

poor management

Nov 19, 2015 by s. kerry
Zip Code: 49660 

If you are thinking of subscribing I would say-don`t give them your c.card #. I quit today because I can`t tolerate so much buck-passing on the telephone when there is trouble. If you must, pay them with paper, NOT your c.card.

Junk mail must stop

Nov 19, 2015 by JayDon
Zip Code: 74020 

I canceled XM over a year ago and they STILL send me junk mail asking me to sign back up 🙁

There were reasons I canceled:
-too much song/playlist repition
-too much DJ talk
-too many commercials
-too pricey

I will NOT be rejoining and I hope they will finally stop sending me mail!!!


Nov 17, 2015 by Laura
Zip Code: 75071 

I am only giving it 1 star, because they will not let you leave it blank....

I have always loved the idea of siriusxm radio, until I found out how easy it was to get someone elses login information and credit card information.
Today I was going to sign up with them, but it said I had an existing account, so I sent for an password reset, no questions asked. It sent it to my email...
I go to login and the password was right but the login was wrong (I had thought maybe I made something up just so no one would guess it) so I sent for my username to be retreived... NO QUESTIONS ASKED...

I had logged into someone elses account ((completely different emails between me and said person, so how did this not send a red flag)) that they had paid for, it had all their information on it, Name, Address, Phone Number, CREDIT CARD INFORMATION....
Why do they noy have a security check before sending this stuff to random emails? I could have easily stole every bit of information, but instead I contacted her and the XM people to alert them, and all they wanted me to do was sign up for my own...
That is not the problem and it will NEVER be because I will NOT risk purchasing something from someone who doesn't protect its customers properly.

cannot cancel online or on phone

Nov 17, 2015 by cynthia katkish
Zip Code: 20004 

one cannot cancel online; when you call, you are transferred to a "specialist" in order to cancel; the "specialist" transfers you to the cancellation department, and then you get disconnected.

no customer service

Nov 16, 2015 by Rick Vercammen
Zip Code: 01864 

After a short free trial I subscribed and paid, customer service never activated my radio. It took several phone calls over a one month period to find out they activated the wrong radio so that's corrected but it still took another seven days before my radio starts working, I've had service two weeks and now being harressed by phone and email about the bill. Your customer service is horrible

bad customer service

Nov 13, 2015 by Harry Bears
Zip Code: 28741 

The customer service for this company should be dismantled and started all over. I have been a customer for ten plus years and needed help with a new extension antenna. All I received was a bunch of miserable customer service from people whom had no knowledge about their product. I was finally granted permission by a supervisor to speak with some in Technical support and they hung up when they realized I was a customer with questions. I called back again and went through the entire process to speak with technical support and was immediately hung up on again. not even a hello, just hung up.
I have never written a negative review about any company. it takes a lot to get me this upset... DISGRACEFUL

Bring Back Mike Church

Nov 12, 2015 by cj ewing
Zip Code: 41005 

Bring back the Mike Church Show!!!

1.4 5.0 360 360 Hair nation used be a Good channel until you let David Lee Roth take it over I am cancelling this crap subscription now Sirius XM satellite radio