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Awful Customer Service

Apr 06, 2016 by June Haskell
Zip Code: 84003 

I signed up at work to see if we would go with radio or video. I paid with my personal visa card on 12-27-15 and was told I could cancel any time. I canceled two days later. After a few short calls over the past few months to customer service after seeing charges on my bill, i hoped that was the end of it. It was annoying but $20 a month wasn\'t worth the the time out of my very busy days to verify that seriousXM would really cancel my payments as the said they would.
Almost six months later I am still being billed and have spent over an hour on the phone just today trying to get things settled. I received five different answers from five different reps. I was disconnected twice. I was told things were done - like requests submitted for a full refund only to be told by another rep that they saw no such request on my account - nor do they offer full refunds. The third young man I spoke with told me that the reason I was billed after canceling was (and I quote) \"because we still have your card on file so they just billed it anyway\". As if that wasn\'t horrifying enough, after all that they called me by the wrong name and said they had the wrong information. Complete train wreck - and all over less than 60 dollars.

Here\'s the thing....It\'s not about the money - it\'s about the customer service and a company that values it\'s customers enough to treat them with respect and give correct, timely information from trained competent representatives. My whole experience would have been a positive one (even if I didn\'t get a refund) if someone had taken the time to really listen and at least pretend to try and accommodate my needs and address my concerns. Shame on you SeriousXM. At the very least, act like you care enough to make an effort.

Apr 03, 2016 by Scott Bittner
Zip Code: 59758 

The service isn't worth what you pay for. Your better off with a Free Pandora Radio or iHeartRadio account. I continue to get billed for a past due account that was closed months ago. You can not close your account on line, they make you call customer service. I called customer service and explain to the service rep. that the vehicle in question was sold and to cancel the service. They sent me an invoice for $25 for the service that was used before they shut the signal off to that radio. That was 3 months ago and I continue to get past due notices for $179 for a service that was supposed to be cancel. Beware of this company. Read the many negative reviews and take them to heart. Then take your business to either Pandora or iHeartRadio.

Sirius Siriusly SUCKS

Apr 02, 2016 by Robbie
Zip Code: 89128 

I renewed my original trial but then bought new car with another trial, when I activated new trial I asked them to consolidate accounts and credit me with outstanding three months I had paid for. They didn't do anything and they had collections call me saying I owed them over $200 (credit card expired) I spent over 1 and a half hours on the phone to no avail, finally after two chats I was told they would waive the charges but could not credit it my account. I told them to keep their stupid service as it sucks, too many DJs interrupting the music. I will never use these incompetents ever again. I prefer my iPod in the car anyway.


Apr 01, 2016 by Kat
Zip Code: 76712 

The music channels are filled with chattering DJs who WILL NOT SHUT UP. It's gotten progressively worse since I got the car three years ago. It's so annoying, I'm constantly switching channels trying to find a station playing a song. There are better music services out there, many available through Amazon.

Patriot Ch 125 Programming Declining

Mar 24, 2016 by Nancy Kirsch
Zip Code: 14221 

We spend tons of $$ per month for Sirius XM for three vehicles plus the app. (Too much for channel 125 and a few music and sports stations.)I am writing to complain about the declining programming on the Patriot channel (125). The fact that you still carry the lunatic Glenn Beck and the ranting Mark Levin are giving me serious reason to discontinue your service. BREITBART is BY FAR your BEST programming on 125--or all of sirius for that matter. Thank goodness you dumped the unlistenable Mike Church . Beck and Levin should be the next to go as they are equally unlistenable. I despise having to pay for these ranters to whom I NEVER listen. If you did a survey regarding your political programming, you would find there are many listeners like me. Disgruntled.

sat radio sucks

Mar 23, 2016 by DJ remple
Zip Code: T0j2p0 

What crap, commercial free my ass! The stations like 90\'s on 9 and 6-7-8 etc have non stop commercial free commercials, those are commercials! You dj\'s and there little self promo crap really need to have there own station for people who give a dam and want to hear them babble about shit from 30 years ago. I was there to and don\'t need the recap, seriously if I paid one cent for this it would be a rip off for the hassle of having to search for a new station during every non commercial, commercial break. And all of the comments about people not being able to move the life time subscription off of there old car to the new one is true, I am the guy driving your old car 3 years later getting your subscription for free for some reason I can\'t figure out, and it\'s still not worth the price. %$#&ing you Sirius, Seriously

Terrible cust. service and billing

Mar 21, 2016 by Mike
Zip Code: 60449 

Watch your billing. They were charging me for a radio on a vehicle I had not owned in 3 years. I caught it so they refunded for that year but the other 2 years the basically said tough. I explained to them I had canceled it on that vehicle which they saw but my credit card was still attached to that old vehicle so they charged it. Bad on my part for not paying attention to my statements better but I thought their reasoning was criminal.
I'll never use XM radio and I warn people all the time.
I gave it one star because I had too. The deserve nothing.

Not 'customer' and NOT 'service'

Mar 14, 2016 by Sam
Zip Code: 80937 

Do I like the radio? Yes. Do I like the customer service?? NO.

I added another vehicle to my plan in January. I paid for that and the regular bill (3 months at a time). I got a call on Mar. 3 saying that I needed to make a payment. Not thinking, I gave the rep my card number. Now, I get ANOTHER CALL on Mar. 13, saying that I need to pay!
When I called, I was told that I hadn't made a payment since the second vehicle in January - they said that I didn't even pay the standard bill!
I asked for a manager - who was about as helpful as the regular automatons. She didn't listen to anything I said, just kept repeating things as if from a script. I finally lost my temper and told her to email me my statement from Jan 1 to current date. I told her that I'd sort it out since she was incapable.

You're going to have to be your own accountant if you want to use their service. Their reps are absolutely brainless and have ZERO business skills.

SiriusXM cancellation issues

Mar 10, 2016 by Stacy
Zip Code: 85344 

I called at the beginning of February to cancel my service because I was tired of paying almost 20 dollars a month to listen to three satellite radio channels and felt like the genre choices were not sufficient to continue to pay as well. It was right after my February renewal. I called their "listner care" line and informed the rep I wanted to cancel my service, she asked why, I explained it to her. I spent 15 minutes continually interrupting her as she continued to say, we can offer you this special or that special. I finally had to get short and rude with her and demanded the cancellation. She finally conceded to do so. I heard her do some typing. Then she read off this notice to me and said my service would be cancelled at my next renewal date which was March 9th since I had already paid for February. I was fine with that. She gave me a supposed confirmation number.
I get up this morning and guess what - yep you guessed it - I had been charged for another monthly renewal. That goodness my bank likes me and knows good customer service because SiriusXM does not. I called SiriusXM and was put through to three different reps, each one trying to "sale" me continued service specials. Each time I am raising my voice higher and higher too the point I am boiling over and I am at work where all my co-workers could hear the conversation. Each time my request, well demand, to be refunded and the service cancelled as it was supposed to have been in February went ignored. I finally demanded a supervisor - he asked me how he could help me - I explained the whole situation for a fourth time and DEMANDED action. he asked me why i wanted to cancel, I finally said because it is my perogative and right to cancel the service. I was not in a contract with them. He then said okay. I will refund your money and cancel it immediately here is the confirmation number. Of course it probably helped that he heard me say I had disputed the charge with my bank and the payment would be returned by them because they know good customer service and how to build a loyal repeat customer base. NO future services from SiriusXM for me. No matter what! I can live without satellite radio. Pandora all the way!

Lifetime Membership isn't lifetime anymore

Mar 06, 2016 by Tom
Zip Code: 46303 

In January 2006 I purchased a “Lifetime” membership for Sirius Satellite Radio. Part of this agreement is I could transfer this to up to 3 times to different radios.

In February 2016 I purchased my newest car and wanted to transfer this membership which I was then told that this was my final transfer.

I asked how can you pay nearly $800 in 10 years for a lifetime membership that is going to end. Hardly a “lifetime” in my opinion.

But to make this situation unbearable is that certain channels are not on my radio that were on my last car. After calling a speaking to numerous account representatives, they all said that certain channels aren’t able to transfer because of the type of membership I had. This is totally unacceptable to me as I paid for the latest transfer ($81) and now I don’t get all of the channels.

I asked if I was paying for a full membership would the car radio receive all the channels and they stated that they would. But because of the “Lifetime” membership, all the channels weren’t able to be accessed.

I need for them to honor my lifetime membership by issuing me a subscription in order to listen to every channel that I have had in the past. Or I will respectfully request that my “Lifetime” membership be reimbursed so I can again order another membership in order for me to get all the Sirius channels.

1.3 5.0 428 428 Outsourced call to apparently India, could not hear the customer service rep because of loud wind sound and cutting out constantly. His English was less than good, and when I said Sirius XM satellite radio