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Jan 02, 2020 by Phillip Demmel
How Long Have You
used This Service?: Over 5 years • 
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: No • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: 10 • 
Zip Code: 70546 

No stars. Trying to cancel the service is the most painful thing ever. On hold over an hour and then told them 4 times I wanted cancel but the kept asking me why.

Acquiring signal while on the road

Dec 27, 2019 by Rebeka Muhz
How Long Have You
used This Service?: 10 years plus • 
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: No • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: Lifetime membership • 
Zip Code: 45701 • 
Purchased As Part Of A
service Bundle?: No 

For several years this was the most awesome radio subscription ever while traveling. But the past few years the acquiring service message has more than doubled. Acquiring service is when it goes blank like it’s searching for signal. Doesn’t just happen out in the country but in the middle of the city. Annoying when you’re listening to radio classics and a story. Or the news.
After reading all the bad reviews of customers calling and not getting anywhere I dread calling and waiting on the phone for hours

Awful customer service

Dec 20, 2019 by Lois Pereira
How Long Have You
used This Service?: 7 years • 
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: No • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: $86 • 
Zip Code: 77018 

I love the service when I am in the truck. Today I went online where I saw an offer of $6 to add it so I can listen online and the app. The rep Dwight (not his real name) said I had to upgrade to the full package. Wow, why put it on the bill and then when you call to add it you get bait and switch.

Questionable Billing Practices

Dec 20, 2019 by Angie
How Long Have You
used This Service?: Several years • 
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: NO • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: 1000 • 
Zip Code: 28643 

In my 50 plus years of living, have I EVER dealt with a company that has such shady billing practices. It is a crying shame you can not have the ease of using a Debit/Credit or mailing these people a check, you can't do that because if they EVER get one of your account numbers they will charge you forever at any rate they choose. If your account term ends, they don't disconnect you, they let you go over with ridiculous rates, then start sending nasty letters. I really like the service, but I will NEVER EVER give them one more dime of my money or waste my time in negotiations, especially when you can't get a reprentative that actually can speak ENGLISH

Could not even get readio working

Dec 17, 2019 by Scott Offermann
How Long Have You
used This Service?: Never activated • 
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: No • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: 22.00 • 
Zip Code: 85208 

After purchasing a new vehicle I decided to try Sirius. when I contacted Customer support and asked about multiple radios I was told "you can have up to 10 radios on an account." After trying to set up the first radio, I was told that the radio needed to be factory reset and I had to take it to a dealer. Trying to set up a second radio I was informed that I had to have a service contract for each radio. at 66.00 per month to listen to music you can get for free is ridicules. After a very brief consideration I canceled the entire subscription. For less cost I can have a WiFi hub that streams music, video and web content. Since Sirius does not broadcast local radio I see no difference.
I found the tactics very pushy and deceitful in order to get you to sign up. I would not recommend this service and will have dealer remove radio from future car purchase.
Cant give a zero rating.

Do not do business with this company

Dec 16, 2019 by David Youmans
How Long Have You
used This Service?: 2 years • 
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: NO • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: 24.95 • 
Zip Code: 32220 

I suspended my service in Oct 18 until spring with six months paid and told them I would turn it back on in the spring since I don't use my Harley in the winter. In the spring they charged my card 36.00 when I already had six months paid. I had to call them three times to get them to delete my card information and close my account. They were supposed to refund me around 64 bucks, they never did and that was Mar 19, in Dec 19 I get a bill for 64 bucks and on the bill it also said 24.95 for service for Nov after my account had been closed for 8 months. I called them again and they took the 64.00 off and today they sent me another bill for 19.95. I am tired of these idiots. I am not paying and if they put it on my credit report I am going to sue them.

They ripped me off

Dec 15, 2019 by Ray uba
How Long Have You
used This Service?: 10yrs • 
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: Hell no • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: 39.00 • 
Zip Code: 08311 • 
Twitter Username (optional): Ray Cuba • 
Purchased As Part Of A
service Bundle?: Yes 

I've been a faithful customer for over 10 years with 3 radios XN radio's I'm in my Cadillac and found out I do not have the weather forecast on my screen and you longer I called them and told me it was in in my plan I argued with them and said they never downgrade it me and told me that it was extra I always had to weather on my screen in my 2017 Cadillac XTS now they want to charge me $24 for the year I refused it argument and trying to speak to a manager and all she kept say it is I'm sorry sir some foreigner from another country I couldn't even understand... Why don't they just keep jobs here in America some one day we could understand when they talk...

Terrible Company

Dec 12, 2019 by JBenton
How Long Have You
used This Service?: 15 years • 
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: Not at all!! Not anymore • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: $22 • 
Zip Code: 19702 • 
Purchased As Part Of A
service Bundle?: No 

I'm not sure what has happened to Sirius; new management maybe? They used to be a good company, but now nothing but bait and switch. I canceled my subscription 01/19 for financial reasons. In October 2019, they sent a promotional postcard stating that if I came back, they would renew for $5.99/mo. I asked if that included Howard Stern.They said yes. I confirmed twice because I thought that price was too cheap. He assured me that $5.99 included Stern. When they reactivated; no Stern. They said that would be extra money. Frustrated, I canceled again on the spot.

The next thing - In an attempt to "win" me back, they sent another postcard saying I could have FREE Sirius for two weeks. I decided to give them one more try. When I called to activate my free trial (should note that the postcard said nothing was needed - that activation was automatic) they said that the signal was down but they would set up my free trial later that day. The two week trial came and went - no music. NOTHING! Sirius is nothing but a scam these days. Such a shame because I used to like them a lot. They used to be a great company.


Dec 11, 2019 by Patrick Shelton
How Long Have You
used This Service?: 15+ years • 
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: No • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: 25.00 • 
Zip Code: 97914 

Unfortunately over the years the music channels have become more talk than music. I find myself no longer listening to the rock channels because of this. I really want someone to play a wide variety of music and not a radio personality. Please just shut up.

Dec 10, 2019 by Dean Woodruff
How Long Have You
used This Service?: Theee years • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: $19.00 • 
Zip Code: 30180 

I have had three accounts for some time now. I requested that one be cancelled due to poor reception in one of my vehicles. They did not cancel as requested and have been relentlessly hounding me a balance due that would not be due if they had cancelled my service when requested. Each time they call, I tell them that I had requested that this particular service be cancelled. I love the service but not how the company operates. I am seriously considering cancelling my other two accounts. I wonder how long they will continue to extort money from those two accounts after I have cancelled tham also ?

1.3 5.0 433 433 Noticed my favorite channel changed into something else. Could not find my channel. (The love channel). Called customer service. Automated system did not recognize any comman Sirius XM satellite radio