NOTE: this page is for the original WildBlue service. If you are using the new Exede service, please visit our Exede review page.

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Hate Wildblue

Jul 15, 2013 by Robert Seals

I hate this service. You’ll never get the upload or download speeds they advertise. You always go over your limit (but they won’t tell you what day caused you to go over your limit). Is it better than dial up….maybe a little. Can’t wait until I can get rid of it!

Unreliable connection

Jul 08, 2013 by BayBay

My wife and me were WildBlue customer for quite some time. Overall we liked the service pretty well but we had trouble with disconnects when it rains here (which is quite often.)

When we had the chance to upgrade to Exede we did and it has been a lot more reliable with regards to rain/thunderstorms etc.

Now I will go write a separate review for Exede.


1.2 3.0 22 22 I see I’m not the only one who was ripped off by them. No wonder their always changing their name. I switched to another satellite service with 1/15th the data allowance I had wi WildBlue Satellite Internet