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Last updated Thursday June 21st, 2018

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ViaSat Exede broadband internet Exede is a satellite internet service provided by parent company ViaSat. The service was launched in 2012 when the ViaSat-1 satellite was put into service. Before Exede, ViaSat offered WildBlue on an older Telesat Anik F2 satellite. In general Exede's real world performance is over 10x faster than WildBlue's. The new ViaSat-2 satellite is scheduled to be put into service later this year (2016). SKU UPC Model

Never Again !

Jul 15, 2014 by Mrs Dwight Stutz
Zip Code: 36567 

do I have to give them 1 star ? I would prefer none ! Husband got this without reading reviews or even talking it over with me.. They had to charge extra for a pole install because we have a metal roof.. Had it less them 10 days and we were already over our internet usuage limit .... their prices are outrageous if you need a larger usuage amount so we bit the bullet and paid to get out of the contract and get a more reasonable company . We had to sign a one yr contract and within less then 10 days knew this wasnt gonna work for us.. we are an elderly couple and do not download video's or play online games etc ..just the standard email and some facebook ..Wish someone would start a lawsuit against them ..If so please let me know and we will join !


Jul 14, 2014 by Kylie Hunter
Zip Code: 97415 

My husband and I moved into the country so this was the only service available to use. We were only going to be there for 1 year so we were only looking for a 1 year contract. We signed the contract with the believe that it was only going to be for a year. We had to move after 2 months of using their service which we hated because we could not watch our Netflix Hulu or my husband could not use any online apps on his Xbox without using all of our data within a few min! On Friday 11th 2014 I call to cancel our service. Was ready to pay then and there any fees they would charge because we wanted it gone. The guy I spoke with told me that he could not let me pay that day because he did not know the balance until Saturday. He told me to call back on Saturday and they would give me the balance for my books and then I would just wait to get the box in the mail to return our equipment and then we would just get a bill in the mail for what we owed. We confirmed our address with him and ended the call. Saturday Morning I called their office like he said and their were closed. Later that day my husband tried to use his debit card and it was rejected. I looked up our statement online and they had charged our account $435 !!!
So I had to wait till Monday and I called their office and talked to 2 people. Both refused to let me talk to a supervisor. Then they proceeded to tell me that they could not refund anything. Total Liars and Thieves!!! Terrible customer service. I would defiantly join any class action law suit against this fraudulent company!

A unified voice

Jul 14, 2014 by Curtiss Robinson
Zip Code: 72173 

Exede users please come together and we can become the voice that changes exede's policies. I am stuck in a 2 year contract. I really only have a hughesnet and exede option due to living in a rural area so I am really hoping to make a point that the exede corporate folks will hear.

All of the data plan stories are true. I have given up netflix, YouTube, and all forms of streaming just to keep my 10GB of data from evaporating in a few days. I still don't have enough data to last half of a month. I decided to unplug the router to ensure no data was being used unintentionally (patches and updates). I then changed all of my setting to ensure patches and updates were happening after midnight when data is free. Nothing helps. I have 12MB speed for 2-3 weeks at best and 1mb Speed when the data plan runs out.

Here is the plan. Post this link with these reviews on it to facebook, twitter, and every social media company you enjoy. This will do 2 things.

First it will warn others not to sign a 2 year contract without knowing what to expect. People cannot rely on the exede sales people to be honest. They will lie. once you sign the contract you soon find out how bad the service is.

Second it should spread if we all come together. If it spreads fast enough then the company has to hear about it. If they realize that their customers need a better plan then perhaps they will build one.

I want unlimited data first and foremost. Secondly I would like to have better quality of service but one thing at a time.

Share the link...inform the populace...take action!



Jul 12, 2014 by DeAnna
Zip Code: 70785 

AVOID THIS COMPANY AT ALL COST!!! We recently paid after our account was suspended. Then I went on to download one (1) tune totaling less than 7mb and took me ONE HOUR!?!?!?!? Called the next day, they won't reset the data for another 2 weeks.. WHAT?!?!?!?!?



Jul 11, 2014 by thomas keim

I tried to get this internet service and no one showed up or called to get it installed .then I had to call and renew the service and they wanted 60.00 to hook me up and wasn't positive when they could come and do it total ripoff company I don't need internet service that bad should be reported to the federal trade commission

Why are people so dumb?

Jul 08, 2014 by Scott


This is the best internet I have had. I just got done downloading 25 gigabytes at 2.3mbit/s on the free time.

I download major game content and movies and big files during the free access. I play my video games on my iPhone 5s hotspot. I would have went with just using my cell phone for internet but it is limited just like satellite but no free access time. For the same price of the 10 GB satellite I could have got 14 more GB on my phone for a total of 18 but that game download would not even have completed!

My cell gets an average of 40mb/s and a ping of 35. Great for gaming!

I live in rural MO at zip 64863. The middle of nowhere in a town of less than a thousand. The nearest town over 30k is 40 miles away.

I ditched my crappy redneck DSL and I am impressed.

Thank you EXEDE!

I don't even have to pay the redneck SgoTelco $25 for phone access I don't use to have a 2.5 faster connection!!!

can be contacted at larueman10@gmail.com

Listen people! Do your research! A operator at Exede is not a computer tech. They do not know how much data you are going to use. All these reviews are from ignorant reviewers. They think they have to be hand fed off a plate.

They cannot even take 10 minutes to do some research!

Exede thinks we are crazy

Jun 28, 2014 by Brenda Buster

When I called they said the small package would do and I even told them I am on youtube a lot watching quilting and garden shows. Oh this will do all this and the first month I bought 3 more GBs and then the second month I upgraded to a higher package and still I have bought 3 more GBs and the one GB runs out in about 3o to 40 minutes. I have been so stressed out I have even cried over this and my nerves are shot. I had a repair guy out here today and it a new modem and it is still eating data. They lie so bad and I am going to leave them and I will not pay them to quit. There is no way I would tell anyone to get this. What a rip off. it is telling me I have to pick a star rating and I will pick one but I would pick 0 if I could.

Monthly Data Plan Is Insanely Low

Jun 28, 2014 by Nathaniel Norton

I personally believe that the creators of Exede really want to take advantage of people living in areas that can't get any internet service with other providers. I also believe that they hope to take advantage of people that doesn't even keep track of their bandwidth usage knowing if they go over, they will have to pay extra money for more data which is a rip-off since there monthly data plan usage is already too low. And on top of that, it's really idiotic of them to charge an expensive early termination fee!!

The 25gb maximum monthly data cap that they offer is laughable. Those that likes to stream videos and movies or play video games online on a regular basis will easily use between 75gb and 125gb of data usage per month. The 12mbps internet speed they offer is a fast, but, after reading the complaints from reviewers here regarding the slow speed that they're getting hints me that Exede's satellite signal isn't reliable if something is blocking the satellite signal like a tree, a building or if it's raining or snowing hard outside the same way as the Dish Network.

I currently only have 3mbps internet speed with AT&T, yet, I can still surf the web, do video streaming and downloads, and online gaming with no problems at all and my bill is $49 a month with a 150gb monthly data cap.

In my opinion, Exede is only focusing on those that live in rural areas that can't get internet service.

I'd be surprised if Exede is still in business 5 years from now!!!

Crooks & The fraud who set them up

Jun 26, 2014 by Tony

Had to cancel because the Dealer (Modern Day Tech in Crystal City in Texas) misrepresented the service. He told me I could move the dish myself (we live in an rv and move around the country). ViaSat doesn't allow that.

I used the service for all of 2.5 weeks before moving.

ViaSat just doesn't give a crap.

This is a horrible way of doing business, they have institutionalized lying and fraud.

Would love to take part in a class action on excessive cancellation fees.

Horrible. Should be class action suit

Jun 24, 2014 by Hilary maslon

Latest incident. As usual i run out of bandwidth within about 10 days. Having been gone for 6 months and having had people come and go i was never sure if we were doing something i could not see BS ! Nothing downloaded only basic internet use. I really needed to b able to post and browse as im selling my ranch
And all my stuff. Ordered 3 more gigs/ $30 more Completely used up in( days I now have to drive 40 min to town to conduct my business. I agree there should b a class action suit against this horrible co. Top of my hate list

1.3 5.0 1213 1213 I have called customer serve to ask why my internet service is so slow. They tell me to run a speedtest and then they say it is within the limit. NOT!!! I have a Verizon jet-pac Exede broadband internet