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HughesNet is bad

Oct 26, 2023 by Doug
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Was with Hughesnet for a total of 5 years. First 2 years by contract. Last 3, month to month. When I cancelled the service to go to Starlink, they were unwilling to prorate the bill and just charge me the difference to the cancel date. This is a horrible company to deal with all the way around. Connection is very slow, data limits are very low for the cost. extra charges on the bill, and unreasonable to prorate the final bill.

Spare yourself

Apr 25, 2020 by Karl Farkas
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Spare yourself a lot of grief...wrap your internet cable around your foot, put on the pie-tin hat and stand on the roof with a coat hanger in each hand... you'll get faster internet than Hughesnet. Seven years of consistent, uncompromisingly terrible service from the only provider available here in Western Mass. A Hughesnet tech told me flat out the speed they guarantee is from your computer to the dish...not the internet. They throttle your speed to nothing if you exceed your limit, charge a fortune for additional bandwidth or "tokens" and still continue to throttle your speed. Service agents have always been very helpful. And useless. I'd bet good money the Hughesnet execs all use cable. Avoid. Avoid. Avoid

Only usable 3 days a month for $99.99

Mar 11, 2020 by Christine Untiedt
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I have the $99.99 Gen 5 30GB plan. We are throttled so tightly on our tv that the service is only usable for us for about 3 days per month. We are forced to use our cell phone hot spots for the rest of the month. I clearly explained our usage needs when I signed up, the salesman assured me this would be more than enough for our needs. I was LIED to! And I can't get out of this without a big fine. I am sick every month when they charge me.


Feb 18, 2020 by Steve Ross.
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I wish I could put a negative number. It uses data so fast it's stupid. Streamed two movies and checked Facebook and 30 gig gone in 2 days. The web site and the installer said you have 30 days to try. If you don't like it they will come and uninstall it. Not true!400.00 to cancel. Total rip off. I'm paying the 400 just to get rid of it.

hughes net is terrible

Feb 07, 2020 by David
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this service is terrible I just want out of the contract that I was suppose to sign I never got a copy of they are useless to anyone I ask to get out of this mess they told me I would get charge 400 dollars this service sucks I want out of contract I will be posting this everywhere


Jan 03, 2020 by Jean johnson
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I haven't even had this internet a full month and it sucks. We have been running 2mbs ever since we got it installed. We called the costumer service number and at first they said it was the weather in Utah disturbing our connection, so we waited three days and called back. We were still running at 2mbs and they said they would the get the advanced team to call us and try to figure out what's wrong but they never called. So we called back this past Monday and they said they would call us back in 48 hours but never did. So we called them back tonight and still get oh we will have them call you back in 24 hours. So ever since we have had this service we get the go around. No one knows why our internet is slow or anything. So I will never recommend anyone to go through hugesnet internet they absolutely suck!!!!!

Apr 25, 2019 by Kelly
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This company is a scam. Do not use them. Their internet is slow and lags. All I wanted to do is stream my firestick. I spent hours on the phone trying to get help. They said we needed to upgrade to a faster service. We ended up paying more and there was no improvement. We called back they said we were using too many megabites. We shut off all our devices still lagged. We canceled our service. Without my permission they took $400 out of my checking account making my account in the negative and I occurred over draft charges. I asked Hughes Net to put the money back they refused. I have comcast now and no issues.

Snake oil, lies, and disapointment

Feb 24, 2019 by tw
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Dear Hughesnet,
I have been your customer since 2012. Satellite was my only option at that time and you were allegedly the "best"... and slow internet was better than none at all.
I was an early adopter of Gen 5 immediately after the launch of EchoStar XIXI, and that was awesome...temporarily.
Initially, before everyone else jumped on, the speeds were fast and consistent. Unfortunately that is no longer the case. Now your speeds fluctuate wildly making streaming video annoying and nearly impossible. More troubling are the slow page load speeds for normal websites.

My current page load speed in seconds
ap news: firefox 9.91 chrome 16.4
BBC: firefox 21.5 chrome 21.0
CNN: firefox 12.8 chrome 24.7
myhughesnet: firefox 18.8 chrome 24.3
msn: firefox 11.6 chrome 33.1
It is 12:30 in the afternoon here with some sun and no precipitation, and Wichita is partially sunny. You cant blame this on the weather. 😉

I have wasted countless hours on the phone with your outsourced tech support who are coached to blame the problem on the weather (or anything except too many customers on line). I feel so sorry for them. Forced to interact with your angry and disappointed customers, they patiently put up with all the hostility that is meant to be directed at you. What a horrible way to earn a living. By the way... please give them all a raise. They deserve it.

I'm escalated to your upper tier tech support on a regular basis, but they can't seem to find or fix the problem either. (at least they don't try and blame the weather) I have had you out to my house on numerous occasions to troubleshoot, but you never find any problem here. Its not my dish's view of the sky, nor it's signal strength. It's not my cable connections, nor the any of my hardware.

Weird, right? < ---- heavy sarcasm

It's you... not me. I believe that you have, yet again, oversold your bandwidth. Too many people using your network all at once.
Or possibly you simply exaggerate the capabilities of your system to sell more subscriptions. Telling us "All Service Plans Include:25 Mbps download speeds, 3 Mbps upload speeds*" but then at the bottom the * reads "Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed." Wait. what?! Ohhhhhhhh I see now. I've been conned.

Whatever the REAL cause, your service has been and continues to be slow, erratic and undependable. I pay in excess of $1800 a year for service that is no better than dial-up.... and often much much worse.

Your deeply unhappy customer,
T Warne

$1000 per month?

Dec 11, 2018 by HoustonBeerMan
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Like to watch movies on Amazon Prime, Netflix, etc. Kids like on-line gaming? Too bad. For 70 bucks a month you get 20 gig, which lasts about five days. No such thing about unlimited unless you enjoyed the resolution on 1980 Atari. 25 mgps? No, when you factor in lag time. Slower than a modem. Have to buy 3 gig a couple if times a day for 9 but is a pop over and above the $70/mo charge. It's the last resort if you're desperate.

Be warned about this company

Sep 10, 2018 by Marcia
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I used HughesNet over three years, even paying a vacation fee while we built a home and wasn't using their internet so I could stay in my contract. Then when we started up, they changed me from Gen4 to Gen5 without explaining that I was signing up for a new contract. Service was suppose to be faster which it wasn't, pure gimmick. Upload especially was awful. Choose another internet provider where you'll be served better. I'm glad I'm out if their unethical company.

1.1 5.0 418 418 Was with Hughesnet for a total of 5 years. First 2 years by contract. Last 3, month to month. When I cancelled the service to go to Starlink, they were unwilling to prorate the Hughesnet Gen4 Satellite Internet