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DIRECTV Satellite TV DIRECTV is an American direct broadcast satellite service provider and broadcaster based in El Segundo, California. Its satellite service, launched on June 17, 1994, transmits digital satellite television and audio to households in the United States, Ibero-America, and the Anglophone Caribbean. Its primary competitors are Dish Network and cable television providers. At the end of 2012, DIRECTV had 35.56 million subscribers. -Wikipedia SKU UPC Model

Sep 22, 2014 by Veronica

Direct TV should sever all ties with Exede internet! The Internet service is horrible! I
canceled my Comcast service to get what seemed like a better deal but I am regretting it. The Internet is extremely slow and no one in the house can get their work done! My children cannot get their homework done and neither can my husband get his work done. It is very frustrating

Still love this service after 21 years!

Sep 17, 2014 by fizzbincat

We got Directv way back when they were first starting. We have had them at multiple locations and have never had any reason to be unhappy with them. In the early days it didn't take much weather to cut them out but that has improved dramatically over the years. The only complaint I have about them is if you do need to call about something their automated system drives me nuts, wish they had a way to bypass that and get to the rep faster as I have usually tried everything the computer is telling me to do before I call. 😛

Great for country

Jul 15, 2014 by Robert Hutcheson

Been with Direct since they were sold at Radio Shack. Installed my first dish myself. Had a box go out recently and the tech came out and updated my dish and lines for no charge. It really has to storm now for me to lose service and then it is very brief.

Apr 17, 2014 by liz

I will go to clear TV when done with Direct as many of my friends are doing. I am tired of violence and infomercials.

Apr 15, 2014 by Monzon

I really enjoyed having DirecTV. Thus far, I have been with them for more than 3 1/2 yrs and never had any problems. The only issue I ever had was when there is a power outage or a thunderstorm that's when the Satellite fails and oftentimes takes awhile for the TV signal to restart.

Like DirecTV

Oct 03, 2013 by maranda

I've had DirecTV for 2 years now and so far I've had no major problems regarding my service.

3 stars

Sep 24, 2013 by cynthia foster

Direct TV is very costly.Every time it rains we cross our fingers that the signal won't go out but that doesn't work. You lose that time when watching a movie,sports,and anything that was recording.I can't take it anymore so when this contract done so am I.One other thing we were only able to record 2 channels at a time and that includes viewing one of those channels and there's more.

Cuts out in the rain, bad install?

Sep 02, 2013 by Rainy in Seattle

So far I really like Directv *when it works* but I am having a rough time when it cuts out during rain. I wonder if I have a problem with my installation b/c my friends do not have this much issue?

Not good in bad weather

Aug 22, 2013 by David Katz

It's not good in bad weather - and it doesn't even have to be storming - just heavy clouds or rain. Sometimes the picture is "tiled" even when the weather is clear!

Loving it for football

Aug 05, 2013 by R. Rick

My wife got me DirecTV for my birthday. It was perfect timing for football season and now I can follow my team all the way-hopefully-to the SuperBowl. Go RAMS!

Installation was good and so far the picture has been picture perfect on our flatscreen TVs. She watches shows in her bedroom while I watch in the mancave. Perfection at its finest. Thank you DirecTV!

2.5 5.0 53 53 I have 3 TVs. YOU said I need upgrades but you want do it for 3 weeks. In the meantime all 3 of my TVs go off every 2 minutes Come fix them DIRECTV Satellite TV