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Last updated Friday June 21st, 2024

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Credit Report hit from Dish

Sep 24, 2018 by Bob Gould
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I had Dish Network for 9 years, was never late on my bill, once. I moved in July of 2016 and put a hold on my service. I actually called to disconnect and they convinced me to keep my service and to put it on hold. Once I moved I found there were trees in my view for the satellites so I could not get service. My service was only on hold for 9 months so they started billing me for service I didn't receive. I called to disconnect and once again they put my service on hold. Now I have a bill for 239.17 for service I never received. I've called and called and I only get someone that barley speaks English and I was told they would credit my account and they put my service back on hold. I found the outstanding amount on my perfect credit score today. I called and they told me to pay the bill and that was the end of the conversation. I'm being charged for service I never received. F*ck Dish Network! After 35 years of perfect credit Dish has ruin my credit score for service not received.

Don't Get Dish

Aug 05, 2018 by Dan McClain
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Each and every time I called Dish I was not just put on hold but put on 'Ignore'. Each time my wait time was around 30 minutes. I was not given an option to leave my number for them to call me back. This company is in no way interested in customer service. They are interested in getting money from you and nothing else. Let's say you want to discuss a lower rate or change any programming. For whatever reason you want to change something from your original purchase, you will be required to agree to an additional two-year extension of the contract.

When you are put on hold you will hear this cheerful pre-recording of how they listen to their customers by giving the customer what the customer wants. This is not true at all. First of all, Dish has known for a long time that the wait time to talk with a real person results in ridiculous wait times yet, nothing has been done so far that has changed this situation. Dish claims they are working on it. But, how many years does it take to simply hire more people so you are not left on hold for half an hour?

There is no doubt in my mind that Dish employees would never put up with another company treating them the way they treat their customer base. Oh they can stand on what is 'legal' in customer agreements but, it is also immoral at the same time.

I have not nor will I switch to the other satellite company Direct TV. Read the reviews on that company and it's a mirror image of Dish Network.

My intention on my last phone call was to discuss programming but, while being on 'Ignore' for over 30 minutes I reached the breaking point and decided that I'd had enough of their nonsense and decided to cancel Dish on the spot.

Now Dish is going to charge me $238.00 for the months left on my 'contract' for early termination. It's ok. I am not going to pay it. I went with Spectrum cable and Spectrum has agreed to pay the Dish Network balance. And, with Spectrum I will not lose a satellite signal due to inclement weather interrupting the signal and I will get 100 mg of download speed.

It used to be a 'trueism' that it is always best and cheaper for a company to keep a customer than going out to find a new one. I guess I live in the past when that was true. It isn't true anymore, sad to say, especially with companies like Dish.
So, beware before you sign up with them. There is a lot less than meets the eye, at the same time there is more than you can't see down the road when you decide to sign up with them.

Dish has forever lost this customer.

Dish Is Horrible

Aug 04, 2018 by Tammy Reenstra
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I had Dish installed on Monday. Instead of one of the newer models, I was given the Hopper 2000.
From the night it was installed, the Hopper would reboot itself at random times. Then it would freeze up and I would get an error saying Hard Drive Unavailable, making it impossible for me to watch TV from any room in my home. I called Dish every single day to fix this issue and only after I was calling to cancel did they offer to send me a new Hopper. Want to cancel? Good Luck! All they do is harass you. So it's going to cost me $600 to get rid of Dish, and what did I get in return? A week without Television.
Only giving 1 star because I'm being forced to; they don't deserve any.


Jul 12, 2018 by Karina Cassar
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I switched to Dish Network the guy did all the papers and told me that I will be getting a Visa card in the amount of $100.00 dollars as a promo,I said ok. I got installed. And I paid my first bill. I called to see what happened and this people told me I not qualify for such Visa because I got switched by a third party retailor. So I get mad and I try to get out of the contract but dish Network told me that I was in a contract and if I do that I will end up paying early termination. So I stick with the contract. Now I have another problem my satellite have no signal at all no live TV and any of my TV's. I called support and they told me that they cannot fix the problem because need to be fix by a technician but I got to wait 11 days because they are too busy, how is that I asking me if I don't pay they shut off my service but what about the customer what we can do? Nothing. Ridiculous insane.


Jul 05, 2018 by Lisa
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No stars, I called signed up with the promo of $150 Visa card. Dish phone service rep said I would be getting Visa card and he signed me up and got installed. Started getting paper bills and dish signed me up for add on I did not order and when I called to get them off and requested a refund they refused to give my refund saying.. well you watched them. I called three times looking for my $150 Visa card and they said well it was turned into disputes and it was decided I did not qualify for Visa card because i did not go thru a third party retailor. I cancelled my service but come to find out it wasn't cancelled but I still have to pay for all ays I had it. I told them to shut it down June 8th. But they said it wasn't in notes to have it shut off. Than they said they can't turn it off until I pay early termination fee. I cussed around and said turn it into collections and shut it off. Mad customer!


Jun 30, 2018 by Bb
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Treat new customers great. Once your a customer its impossible to get any help or good customer service. My dish went out agent refused to send tech saying weather alert .no weather alert .called back agent says they have so many new customers signing up I cant get a tech to fix my dish for 3 days!!!!

May 25, 2018 by Duane Springston
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It To A Friend?: Never ever 

Just spent 2 hours talking to 14 different representatives trying to set up an additional account at a home we are moving to and trying to keep old account active at hoyse currently living in. Had 3 customer service reps promise to call me back and never did..had 2 just disconnect me and their transferred 9 times and each new person had no idea what was taking place. It was the worst customer service ever. I would give it zero stars if possible. Will call DIRECT TV in the morning and never have dish in my house again!!! Can't explain how terrible this experience was.

May 22, 2018 by robert
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The first time I called them I heard someone speaking Spanish so I asked English Please? He hung up on me! I thought WOW! This is a very bad sign and I should have cancelled the service right then! I don't speak Spanish! So don't take offense ! This company has very poor customer relations and they will only get into trouble with this attitude. I would not invest in their stock knowing what I know now. The initial fee was 61 dollars I thought but magically it grew to 130 dollars and I was getting behind so I gather. Hey! I got a phone! Call me!But they would rather wait until I got far enough behind and then they closed my account and charged my bank account 380 dollars as an "early termination charge!" Wow! They know my bank account number but not my telephone number! Sure sounds like they really want the customer loyalty award!

May 16, 2018 by c trncak

too many channels with nothing but advertising or selling something


May 04, 2018 by Jenna
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I had dish 6 years ago. I was so disappointed and cancelling was the longest and most frustrating situation. I thought it was taken care of but something showed up on my credit report as a bad mark- come to find out it was Dish who never applied my credit and charged a cancellation fee. They NEVER left a voicemail or sent a later in regards to this and I had NO CLUE until it showed up on my credit report six years later. Don’t waste your time callingcuatomer service because that doesn’t exist. Their system is “dish service” - screw over the customer as best you can. Horrible, just horrible.

1.2 5.0 262 262 My 2nd TV loses the "guide" option about 7 p.m.---every night. I have to unplug and reset that box. Then my main TV shuts off very single night in the wee hours. I use it as a s DISH Network Satellite TV