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Last updated Wednesday May 22nd, 2024

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With out fox I will cancel !!!

Dec 25, 2014 by

You have 1 week to resolve fox network

satellite tv

Dec 22, 2014 by shirley Jackson

Did not set up the service for what I had ordered. Charged for service but not able to use blockbuster because didn't have the box to use it....Instead of giving me the boxthey wanted another contract signed. They drop channels that I signed up for in past. When we turned on the TV and found FOX NEWS was canceled. ..that did it...Bye Bye dish


Dec 03, 2014 by Connie Nelson

We have only been with Dish for 4 months and they have dropped Turner Broadcast stations and now they're reporting a blackout of CBS tomorrow. We're considering paying the cancellation fee and finding other TV options. So if you don't care about the programing you are paying for Dish is OK, but if don't like paying for programing you no longer get think twice.

Directv much better service, really

Nov 29, 2014 by Diane

Dish was the only satellite tv available when we needed more tv than the cable offered at 30 channels back in the 90's. It was fine for a few years, then the pricing kept going up and up and up, then customer service went down, down, down. Please compare what Dish and Directv have to offer and read, read, read the reviews. Directv certainly have its issues, but Dish is so much worse.

Oct 26, 2014 by David jackson

Will probably change companies since Dish no longer has TCM network
Totally disappointed.

my thought on Dish

Oct 21, 2014 by cheryl

the channels are ok although they do have a few that could be changed. I think there are to many paid info channels. I would like to see more free movie channels on there. I am on disability and i think they could lower the prices some. when I first got Dish I paid 66.00 a month for a year and then it went up. if they can charge that for a year then why cant they give it to me for life at that price ? I am raising 2 grand children and its hard enough trying to survive. whatever happened to free tv as I remember we had growing up ? their customer service department is awesome though. I have never been mistreated or disrespected by anyone there so i do commend the employees. i just wish they would lower the cost for disabled ones such as myself.

Apr 17, 2014 by liz

Had lines hanging out of my windows for 2 yrs. If I had a fire, I would have killed myself in those lines and was told not to open my window either by technician. Horrible!!

Reasonably good

Apr 10, 2014 by Mark

After a long winter and much snow we only experienced 2 brief outages. The picture quality is great we'll see how the summer storms fare. I like the programming and cost savings over cable.
However it's not ideal for someone who cares less about saving $ and having an occasional disruption.

bad company

Oct 05, 2013 by Pamela

Pam Carlson

Joseph Clayton,

I am sending you an email to let you know of my highly dissatisfied service I have received. In late June a sales rep ( Josh Barta) from dish came to my home and offered me a great deal on the dish service to change over from Direct TV. I had agreed and to my disbelief everything changed after 3 months. I lost all my movie channels and to get them I was to be charged a ridiculous price. More then what I was paying for Direct TV. My cost I was quoted could not be given to me because he apparently was wrong on that offer, just a lot of run around and a lot of rudeness from your employees and I was not even offered a comparable deal. I have to admit that they all do read from the same script so all are saying the exact same thing no matter how unhappy I am. To be charged $485 to cancel my contract that I did not get is unbelievable. I offered to go down to one receiver and go to a regular receiver and not the DVR to get my price way down and I have to pay $95 to have them rewire my home for this. We all know they do not have to do that, the cable that I had for Direct TV was used so I don't understand that at all. Must be to make money. Dish Network should be only $19.99 if I go with the welcome package ( wondering if it should be called the dissatisfied package but I have a contract) so I still would be cheaper going that way then getting the package from Dish Network. If you could assist me I would be very grateful. I did go read reviews and wished I would have pulled that up before switching. I found no good review. Did some social networking also and found nothing positive. Maybe you could help and turn this around.

Pamela Carlson

7185 Brian Drive

Centerville, MN 55038


Saved marriage

Jul 04, 2013 by PaulM

DISH saved my marriage. My wife and I had been having trouble earlier this year because my work was really stressing me out and I was grumpy every time I got home. Our internet is slow DSL and Netflix really does not work well on it so I would try to watch something nice with my wife and it would crap out.

I suggested we get DISH or DIRECTV to help us relax when I get home from work without any kinks in it. She balked at the price but I went ahead and got DISH because it really was cheaper.

Ever since then we've had it nice. I am more relaxed and my wife is happier because she can watch her shows while I am gone. Even our sex life is better because we watch the adult shows too and it helps spice things up.

DISH has made our lives better and happier and I thank them for it. Five stars.

1.2 5.0 262 262 My 2nd TV loses the "guide" option about 7 p.m.---every night. I have to unplug and reset that box. Then my main TV shuts off very single night in the wee hours. I use it as a s DISH Network Satellite TV