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Last updated Monday November 18th, 2019

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Dish Network

Jun 25, 2015 by Dianne Nelson
Zip Code: 39345 

I have been with Dish Network for years. I wanted to save money and was offered internet as a package deal. It started out a fair price for my TV service and internet and in beginning I was happy. Then I started receiving messages that I was using up my DATA. There is no way that was happening. I tried calling and discussing this and as always it was my fault and my bill continued to get higher. As of today, my internet is SO SLOW I cannot search for anything and I have plenty of data left and guess what, they can't explain what the problem is !!!!! This has now been going on for the 6th month in a row and I am sick of it. I would never recommend EXCEDE to anyone !!

misleading to get us to use there internet

Jun 20, 2015 by P. Wineinger
Zip Code: 65737 

we were not told by anyone about any internet limit. We were not told we can not watch video's or play games on the internet. We can not do any of the above!! when we started using the service the internet sucked right off, when I called to get help then and only then did they tell us about the limit. I called again today and the guy on the phone said if I cancel the internet he is going to charge us over $400.00 for early termination. Have this service for less then 30 days!!! going to talk to BBB, very poor service.

Dish Network

Jun 17, 2015 by norman Davis
Zip Code: 75491 

Before ordering TV or Internet service one should look at the reviews on the Internet. One site I looked at today only gave 37% satisfaction for Dish Network. A few months back I should of taken my own advise. I decided to go with Dish Network to lower my Monthly cost. I talked to Dish Network and was told about the good Internet Service & TV service. I decided to change from my cable service after twenty years. It didn’t take long to discover their Internet can be cheaper but you get very little service. To receive the same amount of service through Dish compared to Cable would have cost me $100 more a month. The TV service is great until you get it turned on. I called Dish at least once a week for three months with no satisfaction. Needless to say I had to pay their penalty but I am now wiser & back on the Cable.

Jun 14, 2015 by Sharon Klonoski
Zip Code: 28435 

After all the years of being a loyal customer and paying my bill as soon as it came I had to move and still used them at my new place.I started having trouble with my bill getting to me they couldn't get my new a dress right and got a message of termination on my TV screen. Took care of that and my next bill came and was for 2 months I called to tell them I had mailed my payment address on bill was still wrong git it 5 days before they interrupted my service. Now they expect an 82 year old man to dismantle their equipment and mail it back to them. They stink and am never going back to them. They are a joke for sure!!!!!!


Jun 10, 2015 by Forest Gilland
Zip Code: 95842 

The guy came to my door make me a deal to switch from the DirecTV to dish network and promised me the MLB extra innings that $18 then it would be $30now after installation it\'s $48.75 and the HD channels keep kicking off so I\'m going to have it removed and try to recover my money and the customer service is Terrible and I would not recommend this to anybody

Jun 06, 2015 by CHARLES SMITH
Zip Code: 36110 

They get you to pay and next day tech comes out and says too many trees.....waiting a week for refund still waiting


May 27, 2015 by Heather
Zip Code: 97504 

Dish is a JOKE! I've called numerous times! Problem is never solved and only creates another headache two weeks later. I've had this horrible service for three months and my bill has never been the same. My internet connection speed was wrong upon installation. To fix the situation I must pay $40 more a month!!! Every word out of their mouths is a lie! I recommend recording your conversations with them, or having an email confirmation sent to you regarding your final "deal" at the end of every phone conversation! Because their notes will never match what they've told you. If you choose Dish, be ready to waste your time, and I mean HOURS, on the phone with these people! Good luck!!! Ohh, and you have to pick a star rating. I would not give them one star if I didn't have to!!!

Restocking fee???

May 14, 2015 by c
Zip Code: 37355 

Cancelled dish network, no longer watch tv often, been customer for 10+ years. Very disappointed they charge a restocking fee for their equipment they want back! I think that is absolutely ridiculous! Lease their equipment for years, decide to turn off, THEY want it back, so why should I have to Pay a restocking fee?

May 13, 2015 by Tom Sisson
Zip Code: 77663 

Couldn't get HD on over half the channels. Customer service kept telling me to go buy my own cable.They said jumper from box to TV was bad. Wouldn't do it. Not my place. Finally got mad enough and demanded service tech. They tried to charge me. Wasn't happening. He found bad box. New ? but bad. Now I get HD but all premium channels are missing. Finally found HBO and wouldn't let me watch. When I complain, they email me a copy of the contract I was stupid enough to sign. But I'm only a disabled vet so who cares?


Apr 09, 2015 by GARY
Zip Code: 21771 

Cost is better than the other services but you get what you pay for. In general, all the satellite services are the same. I have had Comcast, Direct TV, Dish, and now I am with FIOS. Of all the services, Dish was by far the most inflexible. We bought a home in a development that does not allow dishes. We had to cancel our service and under no circumstances would Dish allow us out of the contract. We had to pay 220.00 to cancel our service. So we paid the cancellation fee due something we could not control. Obviously all about the money with DISH. My advise, pay more and ask questions about how cooperative they will be under circumstances you cannot control.

1.2 5.0 257 257 My DVR crash last month (July 2019). This wasn't a first time it crash. So, I call them about the issue with the box for not receiving signal. I have try all possible troubleshooti DISH Network Satellite TV