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Last updated Tuesday October 26th, 2021

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ViaSat Exede broadband internet Exede is a satellite internet service provided by parent company ViaSat. The service was launched in 2012 when the ViaSat-1 satellite was put into service. Before Exede, ViaSat offered WildBlue on an older Telesat Anik F2 satellite. In general Exede's real world performance is over 10x faster than WildBlue's. The new ViaSat-2 satellite is scheduled to be put into service later this year (2016). SKU UPC Model

Snowball effect...

Oct 15, 2013 by Amber

Everybody loves snowballs, right? They're fun and you get to lob them at people. What's not so fun is when you roll them down a hill and they eventually become so large that you've created this boulder that could squish you, Indiana Jones style. Exede, for me, was the snowball. Fun and great at first, yet now that I've left that gracious 90 day period it's hit that downward slope and is growing into this massive boulder ready to squish me into a pancake if I don't run away fast enough.

Why? Well, things started out quite splendid with this service. The installers were a delight, they worked with me on the installation and the fees, we joked about living in the boonies, and I was thrilled to have these guys helping me out. My internet was fast and for the first two months I had zero issues. No down time and I was being careful enough with my 10 gigs a month that I wasn't over using my data limit. Also, no issues with my VPN login. Although, it did get pokey at times. I made sure to do a lot of my downloading and updating between 12-5 am, all was well. I was a happy camper.

Month 3 I noticed my service was getting spotty and at one point it went completely dead. Thankfully, I was in my 90 day window. A tech came out and had to replace the receiver on my satellite. He then informs me that had I not been in my 90 day window, this would have cost me out of pocket. Say what?

Month 4, my service gets spotty again. I sweat bullets because now I'm supposedly responsible for this equipment and any charges that come my way. There goes my nice little snowball down that hill...luckily I'm able to get the service back up and running with a tech call. After getting hung up on 4 times, of course.

Month 5 goes by without any problems. Month 6 and 7 is spotty again, but liveable. I made more tech calls, all resolved. Yet, I'm noticing that they make a habit of disconnecting calls and NOT calling their customer back. I have a limited phone plan and this really sucks for me, wasting minutes to call back repeatedly. Their customer service is hit or miss. You get super nice and bubbly personalities but other times you get hung up on before you even get to them.

Month 8 - My service is totally out again. Same problem as I was having the last time my receiver went dead. Fan-freaking-tastic. From the sounds of it, they want to send a tech out, which is going to cost me $95 up front. NOT including the cost of the repair to my dish. Can we say RIDICULOUS? At this point it would be cheaper for me to cancel my service and pay out of pocket to end my contract early. This is one problem that has grown far too big for me to even want to deal with. See what I mean? Snowball effect.

Sure, this service is great when it works. If you can manage your data usage then you'll be in good standing with this service. IF the equipment doesn't malfunction on you every few months, it's fantastic. Otherwise, you're signing yourself into a huge risk when you sign up for this service. I was lucky enough to not get pinged at the upstart with fees, but I have a bad feeling that this isn't going to end quite as well as it all started.

I just wish those of us that live in rural areas had better options that this sorry service.

satellite complaints

Oct 13, 2013 by Darren

I'm with all the other complaints out here, We started off with Wild blue then UPGRADED to Excede, which if i knew then what i know now, we would never of upgraded. Its gotta be the biggest joke out there, No support. Its always the customers fault and they cant do anything to help but SELL you more GB's at a whopping $9.99 per GB, Come on, lets get realistic here. Most of the time it takes two people working to make ends meet anymore, My wife and I have been homeschooling our kids for the passed 9 yrs,and should've stayed with dial up, plain and simple. I work two jobs and everything else which comes in and out of my place for weekend work just for gas money to get me thru the next two weeks. WHY CANT WE GET UNLIMITED INTERNET? Everybody has individual satellites installed with their individual beams, unlike over crowded phones lines. GET WITH THE PROGRAM AND GET US SOME HELP HERE.

This Service Sucks

Oct 02, 2013 by Don

Unless you have absolutely no other internet option, do not ever subscribe with these idiots. The service is spotty, slow, and grossly over priced. The data cap makes the ability to stream movies or game on-line impossible. They misrepresent their service and the ability to try it out before you are committed to a long term contract. DO NOT prepay for any services i.e. modem rental, if you do cancel early they nail you with a penalty for the remaining months and will not credit the prepaid fees against your termination fees. These guys are crooks!

EXCEDE Bundle with Direct TV

Oct 02, 2013 by Bennie DAGOSTINO

ONE STAR- Because it's the LOWEST Rating allowed.
Tempted to File suit against EXCEDE and adding Direct TV as a party. My complaints parallel most of those on this page concerning "Usage allowance" and "Up-selling attempts"
I consider this CONSUMER Extortion, as they attempt to Up sell the packages by slowing down, Unwarranted Solicitation, and constantly attempting to induce you to "Buy a larger package". ( Won't Happen)
DIRECT TV BUNDLE was a choice between Hughesnet and EXCEDE to obtain the "DEAL".

This reflects NEGATIVELY on Business practices of Direct TV as well as EXCEDE Internet and these practices are at least "Malicious".
I am NOT an attorney, but would be interested in filing CLASS ACTION suit under CONSUMER LAW. Obviously the numerous complaints reflect there are 30-50X More dissatisfied customers. I have also e-mailed Direct TV concerning the "BUNDLE" and awaiting their response as to a remedy.

DO NOT GO WITH EXEDE Internet service

Sep 25, 2013 by Patricia McLaughlin

We were having some issues with Internet America & after contacting Directv we were told that Exede would be exactly what we needed & they were actually bundled with them. We cancelled with them & signed up for Exede. WHAT A MISTAKE! We were not happy with the so called "free installation" that cost us $145 because the installer wouldn't install on an existing unused pole & had to sell us a different router because ours needed software updates. Calling their customer service was a waste of time & excuses were made. After we called to ask about canceling the service were told we would still have to pay for the full 2 yrs. We just can't afford that. THEN we find out after less than 2 weeks that we have already exeeded our usage & can purchase more if we want to be able to down load movies, etc. So no more Netflix.

We are so disappointed with Exede internet service & their lack of customer service. We will cancel but we are stuck with this for a while.

Terrible customer service

Sep 24, 2013 by Tony

Big mistake this company made. I am a manger with Best Buy and have told all the staff of my experience with this company and to not recommend and dissuade customers from signing up with this service.
From the start this was bad service. I was not told there was a monthly fee. I was told I qualified for a free install and was charged $49.95.
When the installer came out he said they could not install on any structure that did not have a foundation, I pointed out that my Manufactured home was on a foundation and he changed to no mobile home so I would have to mount a pole in the field. I asked why he could not mount on the pole barn as that had a foundation and he didn\'t have an answer.
I went with Hughes, they mounted the dish on the roof next to the Direct TV dish. They did install for free and although it took almost 5 minutes they read every line of the agreement and then sent a copy to my email address. Very happy with the service and the speed of Hughes. Glad I made the right choice.

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This is 2013 isn't it?!?!

Sep 23, 2013 by Irritated

I miss the Cr@p out of my old high speed DSL. We knew moving into a rural area we would be limited for internet....but had no idea. I mean COME ON....we live in 2013 right?!?! So why is it that they cannot figure out how to get us unlimited high speed by now. We pay a RIDICULOUS amount of money per month to excede and run out of usage usually after 15 -20 days into the month. So the remainder of the month we have to go with super slow practically dial up speed. We cannot stream movies or videos....no more netflix. It's so crazy stupid. I hate it and cannot wait for there to be a better option for us.


Sep 20, 2013 by Ricki Klopp

We bundled with direct TV. I am not a gamer, music or movie downloader or streamer. I am a full time college student who every month within five days has exceed the limit and my connection becomes slowed to a setting that I can not complete my homework. We have upgraded to the highest setting which is absolutely too much money for the service. I am very disappointed by the slow down the process speed. I am locked into two years and I paid a deposit. I also paid the service fee for renting the equipment for two years in advance. Too loose all this money and pay cancellation fees is not an option for our budget. Who would have thought I would have to go to McDonalds four days a week and purchase a drink to do my homework. What a crock!

Awful No VPN No Wireless

Sep 04, 2013 by David Briscoe

We too signed up for Via Sat through DirecTV. We canceled because wireless was not supported, and no one could not get the VPN to work. They informed me they do not support either! I said it was also really slow and after many calls they sent a tech out. He said the braces were installed backwards and the dish was tipping forward. He drilled more holes in my roof, re-positioned the braces and left. Still awful so I canceled for a fee of 250.00 or 15 a month for the remaining contract. They then proceeded to tell me they wanted the Tria off the roof. I informed them I have a three story home with no way to get on the roof. They said they would send an installer for 125.00. I said I couldn’t afford that after the 250 cancellation fee, and would risk the climb (I have a bad leg), but if I fell I would hold them liable. They said, Sorry it is our policy. Signing up for Excede was a huge mistake. What a disaster, but the part I don’t understand is how they expect customers to climb up on top of their roofs to remove the hardware. The liability risk is huge. I bet they sell a lot of Tria’s to people who don’t have the ability to make that climb. SCAM

Makes me happy

Sep 03, 2013 by Kelsie Farah

I got this bundled with TV service and I absolutely love it. I use the TV dish for watching my shows and I use the internet dish for doing my Facebook games and browsing my craft website. Overall I am tickled pink. -Kelsie F.

1.2 5.0 1231 1231 having seriouse speed issues, complained to company they schedualed a technician to come gave a 3 hour window for the tech to be there, waited the 3 hours then called and they said Exede broadband internet