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Hughesnet Hughesnet Gen4 Satellite Internet SKU UPC Model


Sep 16, 2013 by Carrie Budd

No Stars. We have been having trouble with the internet being very slow and we had voice but never able to get it to work. Called Tech Support several times but did not work any better. Never able to get the voice phone connected. Remained on hold 3 hours this morning being serviced in the Philipines. Never able to be connected to Voice Specialist Level 3. Finally gave up and cancelled the whole service, when I was told for the first time about the 24 month commitment they said I had made and I would have to pay a cancellation fee. If I refused to pay, it would be turned over to collection agency. We have excellent rating. We are in our 70's on social security. We cannot pay a large fee. My medicines are far too high to allow extra money for cancellation fees. That was the reason I decided to go with Hughes Net. It was cheaper, we have DirectV and it works well so why not internet and phone on satilite? Well, it does NOT work well. Very slow. Loads of wait time and very much stress contrary to their web site.

Nice for the price

Aug 15, 2013 by Yesenia

Bought this for the special $39 price and I have been impressed. So far speeds are nice and I cannot complain about the price especially since I split it with a neighbor [using a wireless router to share the connection] so $19.50 after we split it is nice 🙂

Prefer cellular

Aug 14, 2013 by Elie Kim

I tried Hughesnet Generation Four to replace a 3G cellular wifi hotspot setup. It was okay but now they have 4G cellular in my area so I switched back. The HughesNet is too expensive in my view & I do not appreciate their data policies. If you have good cellular options I recommend it over HughesNet.

It's hit and miss!

Jul 22, 2013 by Varian

The service was good until I started getting DNS error look-ups not even 3 months in. I have to keep flushing it every time it happens. And then the next annoying thing, the turbo page status goes down. It has happened twice before, and that was nothing for me to be worry about. But now just recently, 2 back to back turbo errors occured. I have to unplug it and power cycle the thing or unscrew the cables. And it takes a long time for the modem to load up too. The speeds are sometimes slow as well. I have a feeling I'll be dealing with these problems for a long time. I wonder if anyone else is having these problems...

Like it so far

Jul 18, 2013 by Sammy

Hard to be believe but we made due with dial-up until we got Hughesnet Generation 4. It is a big improvement and we like it.


Jul 05, 2013 by JimJim

Gen4 can be really good but it can also get really slow. Dont know if it is the beam that I am on -or- if everyone has this same problem with it. Cannot really recommend it to others until they resolve these issues. Seems to be common but I am crossing my fingers and my toes too in hopes they fix it sooner rather than later.


Jul 03, 2013 by Sandy H

buyer beware. they took my money and then when my service sucked I had a hard time getting it back. some people seem to have decent service with gen4 but for me,nothing but trouble.

Decent but expected more

May 07, 2013 by Jenny McCormack

When I signed up for gen4 I had really high-hopes. After using it for a while though I am not getting anywhere near what they are advertising for speeds. That is not to say that is unusable, because it does work, it is just not as fast as what they advertise. 🙁

1.1 5.0 418 418 Was with Hughesnet for a total of 5 years. First 2 years by contract. Last 3, month to month. When I cancelled the service to go to Starlink, they were unwilling to prorate the Hughesnet Gen4 Satellite Internet