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Horrible service and fees

Jun 15, 2014 by Lori Branch

If there is a lessor rating I would use for Hughes Net I would select it. If you want to pay them hundreds of dollars and not receive adequate service.....go for it.

get had by hughes

Jun 10, 2014 by Sheree C

My experience is more like that of a slick seller and then getting shafted after the paperwork is signed. Customer support is lousy, no help when it comes to times they call if follow up is needed and with the rude tech support you have you are going to "need it". Thoughtful follow through is nonexistent. Prices are outrageous and you have to police your date use. Spent $35 more per month with hughesnet than I am with DSL and phone together.

Jun 01, 2014 by Amanda Mcanarney

Hands the worst internet I hv ever used. The slowest piece of crap. Never works. Always buffering. Cant wait to be rid of it. I would rate it zero but it wasn't a choice.

The Edsel Ford of Sat. TV

May 18, 2014 by andy

What is irritating is the complete disconnect between Sales/Advertising, and performance. I have the second
tier, "Power: 10mbs/1" plan, in NE Wash. State.
1. Installers are just contracted mechanics - they come, hook up, and bail. They know nothing. I did not
mind too much- he probably gets paid peanuts.
2. I did not expect 10 mbs 24/7, but was surprised
that the average speed is only .5 to 2 mbs download.
This means: no movies ever, and more important, no
video clips in news broadcasts from anywhere.
3. I AM able to use my e-mail, and an on-line
google translate app. which is important to my work. And, I can surf news sites to READ printed news.
4. Upload speeds sometimes a full 900, almost double
what the download is!
5. CS is very polite and tries to be helpful. They seem overwhelmed, and one admitted that the plan I
am on "was not designed for streaming." Huh??
6. Bitch to Better Bus. Bureau? Ha! Forget it. Hughes is a giant corporation. At the very least, Hughes should be enjoined from further selling, until they can provide the service.
7. Sincerely recommend dial-up if your area has it - at least you'll save money. Anyway, buyer beware!
8. I am within 3o day trial time, may just quit. $70
a month for printed news and email and one app seems
like a lot. Oh, to their credit, the Skype calls DID WORK,
but not with cameras.
9. Hughes also runs a bait-and-switch op and may try to talk you into the pricey 15/2 plan.


May 02, 2014 by eric hilmer


You guys are the WORST SERVICE I've ever had. I don't even know where to begin with you guys, seriously. I guess we can start with your first mistake, oh yeah week 1.
Your so called professionals came into my apt. complex and installed my dish and within 2 days I lost service completely..... I think I called like 2 or 3 times w/30 minutes of 'Troubleshooting' with one of your Techies to only confirm what I already knew, your service sucks..... This is after I wasn't told of a 2 yr. contract initially (devious losers).
I think it was a wk or 2 later you guys showed up to and it worked for like a month, month and a half tops.....
Followed by the internet going down again for about another month, followed up with multiple calls and horrible and more idiotic 30 min phone calls including 'Troubleshooting' with a Tech.Then a miracle took place and I was able to get an appt. and internet again with one of your techies (probably the only one worth anything).
Then I moved in February in the same building on the same floor and lost connection again. At this point I was burnt out on wasting my time with you guys after I called your techies a couple of times and they never called me back on the window they set (surprise, surprise). So I think I went w/out internet for about another 1 1/2 to 2 months because I was just better off using a neighbors wi-fi.
So you guys gave me a free month of service. Big woop. 3 months down, headache after headache. Who seriously has that kind of time to spend with your amateur techies on the phone??? All you guys gave me was a refund on the monthly fee you were ripping me off on to begin with.
So after about 6 months with about 2-3 months of actual service, I decided to pull the plug on your MICKEY MOUSE CORPORATION and now you're trying to tell me I owe you $300 to cancel a contract that I was LIED INTO??? (I was told the contract was 12 months, and my bill would be $60 every month, you guys tried charging me $90 the first month with some Bull shit upgrade! NICE.
Almost Forgot..... Upon cancelling my contract with you guys you informed me that I needed to take an antenna off the dish that your guy installed along with the rest of the equipment after I specifically told you I'd moved out and to contact the landlord to get access to the roof. Your guy put in on, he takes it off. End of story.
Well, I can tell you one thing. You will never see a penny from me regarding that $300 cancellation fee. I can't believe you're even allowed to operate in this country.... You're standards wouldn't hold up even in Congo. And if you send me to collections I hope you guys have a lot of damage control..... I'm going to constantly slam you guys online for the crooks you are and nobody else gets taken like I have. Oh and by the way, it will never stop.

All the worst,


Apr 30, 2014 by Kira Salaneck

This internet service was the absolute worst internet provider I have ever used. First of all, when you sign up, they do NOT tell you that there is a bandwidth limit...not to mention you can barely use the internet for normal everyday uses before you use up all the bandwidth. To increase the amount of bandwidth that you have avail, the cost is OUTRAGEOUS! The internet service was absolutely horrible and barely ever worked. When you call costumer service, they do not help you with ANYTHING. When cancelling service, (switched to Comcast xfinity and I love it!) they stated there was a $295 cancellation fee (which was expected) but instead of having a bill sent to me like a normal provider would do, they charged it right to my credit card without even getting permission. I would NOT recommend this service to anyone. It is NOT worth the hassle!

Please don't buy this!

Apr 11, 2014 by Sharyl

We thought this was our only alternative, but it wasn't; we can use MIFI with our Verizon phone and get better service for less money. Hughesnet w/dish network is barely better than dial-up. Customer service is insulting: 40 minutes on the phone to say it's our fault (we changed nothing, but magically, our signal was better the next am. . . for about 2 days).

Don't Buy!

Jan 13, 2014 by Greg

First time user of satellite internet and I have to say that my old dsl ran circles around this. Using my iphone as a mobile hotspot is considerably faster. It works just over half of the time and when it does many sites will just time out. Now I am locked into a 24 month agreement so I will have to pay the fee to cancel it or just live with it. My advice; don't waste your money. If internet tv worked this poorly, they would be out of business as Hughes Net should be.


Oct 03, 2013 by maranda

honestly this is by far the worst internet I have ever had, I even think going back to dial up would be well worth my time then fiddling around trying to get my hughnet to get working. I purchased hughesnet back in Jan 2013. I was promised I would be able to watch Netflix and Play games on xbox live..wrong! Everytime i call customer support about it they give me the same options to try over and over again not to mention the 2-3hr wait to speak to a customer support representative and even then you better hope you dont get hung up on.. Ive had so many problems with not being able to connect for no reason at all and after calling 10 months later to cancel i get slapped with a $295.00 cancellation fee? these people are high. The minute I find another internet provider available where I live hughesnet will be cancelled immediately.. I do not and would not ever recommend them to anyone!!


Sep 16, 2013 by Carrie Budd

No Stars. We have been having trouble with the internet being very slow and we had voice but never able to get it to work. Called Tech Support several times but did not work any better. Never able to get the voice phone connected. Remained on hold 3 hours this morning being serviced in the Philipines. Never able to be connected to Voice Specialist Level 3. Finally gave up and cancelled the whole service, when I was told for the first time about the 24 month commitment they said I had made and I would have to pay a cancellation fee. If I refused to pay, it would be turned over to collection agency. We have excellent rating. We are in our 70's on social security. We cannot pay a large fee. My medicines are far too high to allow extra money for cancellation fees. That was the reason I decided to go with Hughes Net. It was cheaper, we have DirectV and it works well so why not internet and phone on satilite? Well, it does NOT work well. Very slow. Loads of wait time and very much stress contrary to their web site.

1.1 5.0 417 417 Spare yourself a lot of grief...wrap your internet cable around your foot, put on the pie-tin hat and stand on the roof with a coat hanger in each hand... you'll get faster interne Hughesnet Gen4 Satellite Internet