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Nov 19, 2014 by LES SCHWARTZ

Broken radio in car. They want $75 to transfer service. Paid $75 to transfer service to new car in January. All you get when you call is the corporate run around. They do not care about customers, even LIFETIME ones. Just keep giving them money. They used to allow online listening. You guessed it. They now charge. They should be investigated by Congress. Wait a minute, Congress doesn't care either!

Sep 25, 2014 by Mendes

Canceling the service is a hassle. Way too much questions and repeated questions. It should be short and simple. We just want to cancel not get promotional offers. It would be great if they offer to cancel online.

Decent but could be better

Jul 29, 2014 by Leon Clinton

I have had XM since we bought our Chevy truck in 2011. I like that I can listen to the same stations wherever I am. Overall the service reception has been pretty good.

However, the default pricing is too high (I always have to call in to cancel, then they offer me the special 'good' pricing). I wish they would just price it correctly to begin with.,

Also, they do not allow you to cancel online. You HAVE to call in, which is a big scam in my opinion.

Lastly, my biggest complaint is quality. They play the same songs WAY to often and they actually do have commercials etc. on some stuff and that really irks me.

In my hometown I actually prefer one of our local FM radio station. If Sirius XM would work a little harder I think they could really have a much better product.

1.4 5.0 443 443 I have had SiriusXM for 10-12 years. I enjoy the 40's Junction, 50's Gold, 60's Gold, 70's on 7, 80's Groove, SoulTown, Classic Vinyl, etc; The 40's Junction always had the automat Sirius XM satellite radio