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Free Trial is a rip-off

Feb 09, 2015 by Chris J

Hard to give it even one star. The "4 month" free trial is a rip-off. They don't send you the paperwork to get the 4 months free until 2 months into the trial and then if you call to have it extended due to this issue, they send you back to the dealer. What a rip-off!!

Deceptive practices

Feb 01, 2015 by William Palaich

Free all access subscription came with my new car. Before two months went by SiriusXM sent me a renewal offer with free months included depending on how many years renewal was for. This letter from Sirius comes with the current services and subscription package prominently displayed and refers extensively to the All Access package you have, extolling the value of each service in your subscription. They only provide one price to renew. I took advantage of the 3 year option to receive 5 free months. Once my free trial year ended my cell phone app for the Internet Radio stopped working. Called SiriusXM and they informed me that my subscription did not include that service, nor any of the other premium services that were included with the one year free trial subscription. I checked my renewal offer which I kept and after very close examination of that notice I did find in micro font the fact that the price they advertise is for a downscaled, basic subscription. So I was not renewing the wonderful subscription so prominently displayed in the notice, complete with Dodge, Chrysler, Fiat logos. No they are pulling a barely legal bait and switch with the price and hope to "upgrade" you to what you thought you were purchasing in the first place to the tune of over $200.00. Obviously this is legal as they get away with it but it is immoral. Had they advertised the higher price to renew the services I had without interruption I would still have taken advantage to get the 5 free months. Now I will ride out my three year subscription with the lesser offering and be done with SiriusXM. Great service with low values in their management decisions. I love the service but the 2 star rating is generous in my opinion and reflects the business practices they find necessary to employ.

Don't subscribe

Jan 23, 2015 by Jim Cross

Their customer service and billing is awefull. Every month for the last 6 months they tell me the credit card number listed for my automatic monthly billing is no good. I call them, talk to a useless customer service rep., talk to a supervisor and scream at them until they finally have their billing department run the card and it goes through every time. One of their supervisors actually told me that they have a problem with their billing system. Sometimes the credit charges get rejected even though the card is good. Over the last 6 months I have spent 6 hours on the phone with their worthless customer service department. Tonight I cancelled service on both of my radios.


Nov 19, 2014 by LES SCHWARTZ

Broken radio in car. They want $75 to transfer service. Paid $75 to transfer service to new car in January. All you get when you call is the corporate run around. They do not care about customers, even LIFETIME ones. Just keep giving them money. They used to allow online listening. You guessed it. They now charge. They should be investigated by Congress. Wait a minute, Congress doesn't care either!

Sep 25, 2014 by Mendes

Canceling the service is a hassle. Way too much questions and repeated questions. It should be short and simple. We just want to cancel not get promotional offers. It would be great if they offer to cancel online.

Decent but could be better

Jul 29, 2014 by Leon Clinton

I have had XM since we bought our Chevy truck in 2011. I like that I can listen to the same stations wherever I am. Overall the service reception has been pretty good.

However, the default pricing is too high (I always have to call in to cancel, then they offer me the special 'good' pricing). I wish they would just price it correctly to begin with.,

Also, they do not allow you to cancel online. You HAVE to call in, which is a big scam in my opinion.

Lastly, my biggest complaint is quality. They play the same songs WAY to often and they actually do have commercials etc. on some stuff and that really irks me.

In my hometown I actually prefer one of our local FM radio station. If Sirius XM would work a little harder I think they could really have a much better product.

1.3 5.0 436 436 When I first purchased my Jeep they set me up with the free year. never knew about it. I got the letter in the mail, and the emails about a month later. I called Chrysler to co Sirius XM satellite radio