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Once you sign, they will become part of your everyday life! This company will lead you into deep depression

Jan 23, 2015 by Britt
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 4 Months • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: Absolutely not, not even to my worst enemy • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): 69.99 • 
Zip Code: 36091 

Tonight has done it for me. This will be the fourth time in two weeks that they have suspended my account and left me high and dry as to their shotty lackluster "customer service" is closed. So once again, I sit all night not being able to do my homework. I work and go to school. I can only use their "internet" 11pm- 5am due to my schedule. First off, considering I normally only ever use the Internet during that time, I'm beyond confused how my 20gb can go within days.. It boggles me. Not only that... First day I received this "service" from ViaSat, I had problems right off. Internet was so slow. I called to ask why that was and then they asked me to go to some site and have my speeds checked there which I'm sure is another fake mirage they put you through to actually make this look like a business. What I get from them is oh it shows all is normal and speed is how we advertised. Well I'm not a fool, I ran my own test from an independent site and sure enough way different then what I was told or fooled into almost believing. Well moving forward I've been noticing my google page tell me I'm located in the most random areas. I've come to find out that I'm pinging off towers in North Carolina and South Carolina ... I'm in Alabama and never once has it said it is pinging anywhere close at all. I called to inquire and I got the most runaround pathetic answers I've ever heard so at this point I knew I was in a scam, an extortion type deal. So I tried just to bare it, nothing else is offered in my area. For a few months Id just go along with what they say cause I was so tired of dealing with them daily. But these last two weeks have been beyond ridiculous. 2 weeks ago, Internet was cut off after calling and arguing my point as to why it should be on they turned back on but to no use to me cause it wouldn't work. After noticing I called for a tech to come fix their Internet and their equipment cause I knew it was something on their end since they had cut me off and then back on and I wasn't online. So she assured me there would be no charge at all. Because I asked. I'm hip to their games. I not only checked with her, I checked with the installation guy who also assured me I would not be charged. He leaves with no explanation of why the Internet WASNT working. Internet was working fine then I think two days later at midnight they suspended me once again. Seeing as how you can't get anyone during the times they shut you off, I had to wait til the next day. I called and inquired why was my service suspended once again. I was told I had a bill of 179.99. I was beyond mortified. I knew what was going on before I had even asked. I asked for my own amusement and was told that I had a previous balance of 60.38, which I did not. And that I had my normal monthly charges plus a tech fee of 100$. I tried to channel my inner Christian and really had to hold it together. I very politely explained how that was all wrong and was told that no it was correct and came off like I was completely stupid. I'm pretty sure I'm familiar with my finances. I told her my bill was paid 40 dollars out the 60$ and only had 20 remaining plus my normal bill plus I had a 25$ credit for having no service for 2 days and that I wasn't supposed to be charged for the tech fee cause I checked before and after the "fix". I was challenged and felt as the customer to exede is ALWAYS wrong. After arguing my point she proceeded to tell me that I would have to pay 20$ dollars to turn it back on and that she would confirm the 25 credit and waive the tech fee. I was satisfied but still confused and paid the 20$, service came back on and I went about my day. Until two days later when once again at midnight I was suspended. Waited til next day called an would up with this customer service guy if that's what U could call him. I asked what the issue was this time and I was once again informed that I owed them 179.99. I bite my tongue for a few minutes and then after his nonchalant attitude about my situation, I asked for a supervisor and was told one was not on the floor. After not so nicely explaining my situation I called him incompetent which he seemed to take personally as he said very rudely "oh really". I explained to him that I knew all that was going on with them and their scamming. Pinging off satellites nowhere around to keep my signal slow. The extortion that I have experienced. He then changed his tune to oh I think they might be a supervisor here please hold. I waited and he came back to tell me that their supervisor had confirmed the request to waive the tech fee which had already been waived twice already. Ok I say. Then we go back and forth as to what I really should owe, which was 50.33 or something like that. I was fine with that. Hung up and had my serviced turned back on but had to pay the infamous 20$ again so now bill should've been 30$ or so. Service back on, now comes a few more days and yup around midnight I'm suspended again. Waited til next day and called and got this rude girl who then told me I owed 50.99. I thought you have to be kidding. We then went through the whole process over again, I asked why I was suspended over my new bill that just came out of 50.99 but then I told her about the 20$ that I paid last time and she acted like I was lying and then did some shotty explanation over my bill to show how she was right. Well you can't tell nothing from their bill but I tried once more telling her how my bill was 50.33 last time and I paid the 20$ on it. She said well you owe 50.33. I said ok I'll pay 20$ once again to put this back on then I owe 30.33 correct. Yes she said. She asked for date of pay and I told her this upcoming Monday. She said pay by then and service will remain on. Well I'm sitting here on Thursday, 4 days before Monday and once again at midnight- I'm suspended. I wander what far now?? I wander which one of them so called customer service people didn't do their job. I have though started to become proactive. I don't take disrespecting and stealing lightly. I will be calling someone tomorrow to try to start to press a class action lawsuit. I would encourage anyone who has been lied to manipulated or stole fr by exede to email me and let's stay in touch and fight this monster together. People like this is what is pulling America down!!! I'm also hoping to contact and be put in touch with the BBB! They can't keep stealing, lying, cheating, and bamboozling. They are taking are silence as weakness and we should all be finding a way to stand up and fight this people. They've turned satellite Internet into a joke. Please stay away. they aren't worth 1$.


Jan 23, 2015 by Don
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 2weeks • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: NO • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): $63.00 • 
Zip Code: 48461 

We had service 4 days and I received a email that we used 70% of our 20 gbs. I call and told them I was with Verizon for over 7 years and never used over 12 gbs in a month. so they gave me another 15 gbs free. in a week they were used up, and We DONOT stream or play games. Email and facebook only. I called to cancel and they said I would have to pay a cancellation fee. Marked calendar in 2 long years to cancel.

rip off

Jan 21, 2015 by angelam2584
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 5 months • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: No • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): $129.99 + • 
Zip Code: 49656 

My boyfriend and I moved to a remote location where we didn't have good reception with our mobile hot spot so we had to switch to Exede satelitte internet. We thought it'd be fine since speeds seemed similar and data allowance and rates seemed reasonable....boy we were wrong. Every month we have went over our data limit being forced to buy additional gigs because I'm an online college student and our son is an online student as well...and its just ridiculous how fast our data is gone. Most months we go through 20 gbs in 10 days. We had 20 gbs with Verizon before exede and we would maybe some months go over by a gig but we would know when we were going to go over because we can tell how much were streaming or downloading. Exede treats us like we are morons if we call to inquire about why we've possibly used so much...they say were probably streaming or playing games that stream but we are not. We do browsing but minimal streaming and its really annoying. And my boyfriend and I try to stay up most nights to use the supposedly "free" datatime between midnight and five am so we can do any downloads or updates that need to be done and most nights the speeds are so slow we can't do updates or anything. Sometimes it doesn't even work at all during that time! Then we call and get someone who says its probably system updates on the modem...yadee yada yada or basically they don't know why we cant get online because it should be working ... They treat us like we are lying and we have nothing better to do than stay up til 1 am and call exede and lie about our satelitte internet not working...give me a break! And the straw that broke the camels back is that we called last night to complain and the "generous" customer service lady offered us five free gigs but today our bill was due and it was $60 higher than the normal $129! Which we didn't have enough to cover. Luckily we use prepay debit cards or they would have taken the money and not thought twice about ripping us off and overdrawing bank accounts. I'm so unimpressed but I feel trapped because we don't have any other reliable means of internet where we live and we can't move and i can't stop going to school. They are a Crappy company that takes advantage of people.

Unexplained data usage

Jan 19, 2015 by Kyle Hughston
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 3 yrs • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: No • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): 90.00 • 
Zip Code: 30436 

Changed Internet providers 12/31/14 and unhooked the cables from the satellite to the modem and cable to computer. At that time my data usage was at 70% of a 15 G plan. Called to cancel service 01/18/15 and my data is at 14.7 of 15 G. Asked customer service to explain that one and the responce was that is weird. Anyone looking for satellite Internet really think hard about Excede. Just to be clear system was password protected and NO cables were hooked up to the satellite.


Jan 19, 2015 by JENNIFER FISHER
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 4 DAYS • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: NEVER • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): 68.00 • 
Zip Code: 73505 

If I could give ZERO stars I would. My husband and I were lied to directly to our face twice concerning how much internet we would have. Not even one day into our service I receive an email stating that we were 7gb/10gb into our service with only 27 days left into the account. We had to wait until today to call about why our service was not what we agreed on (Unlimited) and was told days after our installation THAT THIS WAS NOT AN OPTION IN LAWTON, OKLAHOMA. We would have to pay $350 cancellation fee for our 24 month contract for a service less than 72 hours old because "we don't have a trial fee." When attempting to explain how we were lied to, what I use the internet for, how I am beyond scared to even open an email, I was reminded by their supervisor a "lovely" Ms. Danielle that they have millions of customers that are happy with their services, and when I pointed out to then focus on this unhappy customer she proceeded to tell me to stop yelling, and that what they were doing wasn't extortion, and that I can use their unlimited time from Midnight to 5:oAM when I am a full time RN in graduate school and that I can schedule my downloads to occur during that time. I hung up sobbing and feeling so helpless. Do not use this company. Consider this written in stone.


Jan 18, 2015 by George Wortham
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 5 months • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: NO • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): 79.00 month • 
Zip Code: 75019 

I moved last Oct. and the previous owner used Exede and the dish was still on the roof. She voiced her dislike with the service. I was forced to use this company since my previous provider did not service the area. OMG where do I start??? I contacted the local "3rd party" company and the man I got on the phone sounded drunk or high!! He scheduled for the tech (his brother) to install my service. He showed up and when he saw the equipment from the previous owner still on the roof his comment was "great all I have to do is run the wire this equipment will work fine!" Well 2 weeks later the previous owner contacted me to say she needed to return the equipment so she can get her deposit back. This started a 2 week long nightmare!! I immediately contacted Exede to find out why new equipment was not installed?? I was told that my new customer contract included new equipment and they NEVER use existing equipment. I was advised to contact the 3rd party individual that did the install. After leaving several voice messages and no call back I started calling Exede again. I was left on hold for 45 mins. I was hung up on and talked to so rudely. Finally I was able to talk to the 3rd party person who informed me that he was in Arkansas attending a family reunion and would get back to me later!! He was also very angry that the tech did not install new equipment and that person would be FIRED! Not so, after he discovered it was his brother that changed. I was 2 weeks without internet and once someone did show up (the brother again) I was told that for the first 6 months I have double data usage and will have no problems with using all my date allowance (which is so ridiculous for this day and age)I only use my laptop to check emails and occasionally watch a movie. However I used up all my date and just got off the phone with Exede and I was told that I did NOT have extra data for 6 months and the tech should have never told me that !! WOW !! I'm stuck with this mess for 2 years?!?!?!? Lord HELP ME!

WORST EVER!!! Dont waste your Time

Jan 18, 2015 by Billy Creel
How Long Have You Used This Service?: Alomost 2 minutes • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: NO!!!!! • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): 69.95 • 
Zip Code: 39455 

Waited all past the time that it was suppose to get install, their non English speaking reps kept calling and switching the times. After the 3 time I cancelled the service my time was between 8 and 11 am. after I called and told them to come at 3 the tech called and said he was on the way..... What a joke I told them if the service was this bad just to get it I didn't even want to see how it would be after I had it....

No service

Jan 17, 2015 by Sandy Insley
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 22 months • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: No • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): 60 • 
Zip Code: 85931 

42 days without service. Dish installed on base that is to small and moves in wind. 12 service appointments with no show or canceled. Now they want to charge to cancel contract even though they can not send tech to correct there poor install. Do not even think about using Exede.

Poor Service

Jan 17, 2015 by Douglas Rogalla
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 18 months • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: No • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): $65/mo • 
Zip Code: 54638 

i have the 10GB plan; usually exceed data allowance by 10-12 days into the plan; not a good service if you use internet even a little bit; cannot do any kind of streaming; not sure that the data counter works correctly; things like OS + anti-virus protection can eat up your data

NEVER again

Jan 17, 2015 by Lambsville
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 12 months • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: No • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): 149.00 • 
Zip Code: 98329 

I lived in rural Oregon and the internet service was not at all what I imagined. I couldn't stream any videos or download anything in order to have my internet usage last the whole month and I subscribed to the maximum amount available.
I then moved out of state and was charged a ridiculous fee for the remaining amount on my contract when I had no means to continue my service as I had no residence of my own. Yet they refused to credit or refund me. Absolutely not customer service orientated. The rep on the phone was irritated when I just asked "Why?" I am so disappointed with this company and will not refer anyone to their service!

1.4 5.0 277 277 Tonight has done it for me. This will be the fourth time in two weeks that they have suspended my account and left me high and dry as to their shotty lackluster "customer service" Exede broadband internet