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Last updated Wednesday April 24th, 2024

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ViaSat Exede broadband internet Exede is a satellite internet service provided by parent company ViaSat. The service was launched in 2012 when the ViaSat-1 satellite was put into service. Before Exede, ViaSat offered WildBlue on an older Telesat Anik F2 satellite. In general Exede's real world performance is over 10x faster than WildBlue's. The new ViaSat-2 satellite is scheduled to be put into service later this year (2016). SKU UPC Model

Jul 13, 2018 by Richard
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It To A Friend?: Not to anyone 

Nothi g as promised. Speed .27, that's point 27. Frequent outages, dead end transfers. Would rather go to a screaming child filled wi-fi hell hole et, then keep this garbage.

I got the shaft in the end

Jul 08, 2018 by Lee Miller
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It To A Friend?: No 

I moved my residence after 41 years at my previous home. I discontinued satellite service with Wild Blue/Exede. They sent out a box to return the Tria and another part from the Satellite disc. I was late in getting around to taking it done as it took a bit of courage at age 79 to get up a ladder and take these parts off the disc. I finally did it and then discovered that in the process of moving I had lost the label on the box. I called the company and requested just the label be sent out to me. They sent another box instead of just the label---the first sign of incompetence. I returned the parts with the box and the label. I also wanted to send the extra box and foam parts holder back, but when I found out it would cost $27, it went into the landfill. In the meantime because I was late getting the parts back they charged me $327 in early July 2017. I called and asked about the charge and they said that the package had arrived there and I would get a refund in about 10 days. The refund never came and I called again. Then they said that they had no record of the package arriving and consequently could not refund my money. I made one or two more calls and got the same run around. They told me that perhaps if I got the tracking number it would help, so I went to United Parcel to get the tracking number since I didn't have it. UPS told me that the company should have the tracking number since it was a pre-paid package. Duh, I should have known that. Anyway this has been one frustrating and costly experience. I would like to write a letter to their consumer affairs department, but haven't been able to get a name or address, so far. After several years as a loyal customer, I get the shaft in part due to their incompetence. I can't recommend that anyone deal with these people.


Jul 07, 2018 by DisappointedOne
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It To A Friend?: No 

Service has been down 12 days straight this time. The call wait is 45 minutes everytime try to call customer service. Waste of money.

Crappy Internet

Jul 06, 2018 by Roger
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It To A Friend?: No 

Extremely disappointed. I've had your service for several months and the quickest speed test is about 6 MBPS on a given day vs. the up to 100 MBPS advertised. I get the "up to" part but you're not even close!


Jul 05, 2018 by Ed
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It To A Friend?: Never 

I am in a rural area in upstate. NY. The advertised bandwidth of 12mps May occur at some time of day but never at an hour that a normal person would want to view the tv. There is not even enough bandwidth to support Spotify! I have virtually given up trying to watch tv and am awaiting installation of a cable. If you are rural don’t waste your money.

Horrible service

Jul 04, 2018 by Lauren
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It To A Friend?: No 

I signed up over the phone and got an unlimited plan. After receiving the service I find out the we have a cap on our “unlimited” plan and that once reaching that cap they throttle us. We have moved from town and this is our only option but if you want to watch TV in the evening it’s almost impossible. The shows freeze more than they play. If you call to tell them there is a problem they will most likely tell you it’s the satellite that’s off somewhere your satellite is pointed at and there must be a storm over that area and there is nothing they can do. When I first signed up I also got the protection plan that I guess is completely pointless when they won’t ever admit fault to problems your having. Viasat/Exede is horrible and they have terrible service!

Not Happy

Jul 02, 2018 by Freda Baschab
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It To A Friend?: Not on my dying 

The first month was ok. The second month we watch the whole second season of The Ranch on netxflix and used more wifi with tablet and computer. Now I watch 1 movie on netflix and used 5gb? I used 27% of the 24 GB in 2 days.

Better than Dial-up???

Jul 01, 2018 by Kathryn Johns
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It To A Friend?: Not even an enemy... 

Okay, I admit that I'm used to super fast Comcast TV speeds and I've moved to an area where satellite is the only option, but the quality of TV is fuzzy and streaming is constantly interrupted. I feel like I've just jumped back in time by a decade or more...

Just like Dial-up

May 28, 2018 by Suzanne Dwelly
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It To A Friend?: Absolutely not! 

I have called customer serve to ask why my internet service is so slow. They tell me to run a speedtest and then they say it is within the limit. NOT!!! I have a Verizon jet-pack that is faster than my satellite service!! I want someone to come out and check my satellite dish and they will not send someone!!! Something has to change or I will!!!


May 22, 2018 by Heather
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It To A Friend?: NO 

The internet speed was never as fast as agreed upon. The high speed was just as slow as the reduced speed no matter what we did. I just needed to be able to do my school work because I was taking some online classes. The customer service really sucked on the rare occasion we managed to speak to somebody. I wouldn't even recommend this crappy service to my worst enemy. Worst internet experience ever!!!

1.2 5.0 1231 1231 having seriouse speed issues, complained to company they schedualed a technician to come gave a 3 hour window for the tech to be there, waited the 3 hours then called and they said Exede broadband internet