Exede Satellite Internet Review: Pros/Cons

We have over 900 Exede user reviews on our site, however, it can sometimes be difficult to quickly find the information you are looking for. Therefore, for your convenience, we have listed the Top Pros/Cons of Exede:

+Generally the fastest availble satellite internet service
+A variety of plans at a variety of prices
+”Late night free zone”, “Early bird” and “Liberty Pass” options allow for usage beyond the normal satellite monthly limits
+New modems available in some areas supporting 25Mbps and built in WiFi
+VoIP is available if needed and Skype also works

-2 year contract (with some users not having been properly notified of this before signing up)
-Lack of a 30 day trial period
-Cancellation fees
-Independent contractor installers than can be “Hit or miss” as to their installation skills and the professionality of their service
-Latency or lag (this is inherent with satellite internet as the signal has to travel to space and back for every request and response)
-High speed gaming is a no go
-Poor customer service
-Limited monthly transfer limits (somewhat alleviated by the “Liberty Pass”)
-Inaccurate usage meter (usage meter does not break down usage by device or usage time, rather it just presents a lump sum of usage for the month. Many users feel usage accumulates even when modem is turned off, etc.)

By its nature, satellite internet is a difficult service to offer. There is generally ONE satellite serving an entire continent, with thousands of individual dishes being pointed at that satellite for service. If installation is not done properly service can be poor.

If you have other options available to you (fiber, cable, DSL or 4G LTE) then you are likely going to be better off with those options.¬†However, for rural and remote areas satellite where other options do not exist, satellite internet can be viable. However, it is critical that you are aware of the limitations of satellite and are willing to work through installation and usage issues that may occur (i.e. make sure your installer does a complete and proper installation). Exede’s phone support is generally not well regarded, but their Exede Listens online social media support team seems to be much more effective.