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DIRECTV Satellite TV DIRECTV is an American direct broadcast satellite service provider and broadcaster based in El Segundo, California. Its satellite service, launched on June 17, 1994, transmits digital satellite television and audio to households in the United States, Ibero-America, and the Anglophone Caribbean. Its primary competitors are Dish Network and cable television providers. At the end of 2012, DIRECTV had 35.56 million subscribers. -Wikipedia SKU UPC Model

Shame on you DirecTV

Aug 07, 2019 by Dandi
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Issue #1: When I signed up for DirecTV service and agreed to a multi year contract I was told that I would get local programming, news and weather as part of my package. I live in a small town in MI, 10 minutes from Toledo OH where there is local programming. However, since I live in MI, DirecTV will not allow me to have news and weather relevant to me. Instead, I have programming from a city almost an hour away from me. When I realized this issue, I was already in a contract and it was too late. So, I cancelled from a company that gave me local programming to DirecTV to get news and weather that doesn't affect my area.

Issue #2: DirecTV is no longer working with several networks and therefore customers do not get those channels. However, instead of our bills reflecting the loss of channels, our bills continue to increase.

Issue #3: Since AT&T purchased DirecTV, there customer service is a joke! The hold times are ridiculous and it is very difficult to understand the CSR as well as the fact that they do not do anything to work with the customer. Every time you bring up any issue you are told "Our policy says..."

Issue #4: When you try to cancel, plan on paying for service you do not use. I finally have had enough and have chosen to go back to my original company. When I called DirecTV to cancel I was told that I needed to wait until the end of the billing cycle which is 3 weeks away because, since they charge in advance and I already paid that money, I will not get a refund even if I cancel effective today. I was told "It is no longer our policy to prorate services." Meaning they can do it they just won't so that they can keep the extra money. When I asked for a manager I was put on hold for 23 minutes and 37 seconds. The manager just repeated the same thing the CSR said and would not work with me at all. I told him I wanted it cancelled effective tomorrow because that is when my new service is to be installed and he said the only suggestion he has for me is to wait until the end of the month because nothing can be done. I informed him that I am trying to get this all taken care of now because I will not have time to deal with it at the end of the month and he just repeated the same thing.

The fact that DirecTV/AT&T is keeping money for services not used, in my opinion is theft. I am going to do some research and see if there are any class action lawsuits against them.

Cut the cord

Jul 03, 2019 by Rebecca George
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Dealing with Directv (and now AT&T) has absorbed countless hours from my life, time I will never get back. Customer service is a nightmare, I can't even guess how much time I have spent over the years trying to repair billing errors, etc. (it could be as much as 60 hours over 8 years, no exaggeration). When I finally attempted to cancel my service, they kept "accidentally" hanging up on me, disconnecting the call. Simply cancelling took TWO HOURS. Just now, a Directv representative came through my private back yard and up to my door, wishing to speak to me about Directv. I told him I wanted nothing more to do with that service, and he became irate, telling me "Don't be rude." The company is beginning to feel like a plague.

Streaming is 100% better, with more channels, and it's less expensive. It's the wave of the future. Many more options for service providers, too. I couldn't be more sincere about recommending that customers DO NOT use Att&T/Directv.

Merger with AT&T HORRIBLE

May 03, 2019 by Alissa L Mekami
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It To A Friend?: Absolutely not!! 

Customer service is awful now. I wait 22 minutes for a representative, I have to repeat my issue many times and I am constantly placed on hold for extended periods of time. I spent over 1 hr just checking the premium channel specials. And was told it would be 10 days and I would have access. I have NEVER waited more than a few minutes for an upgrade. I talked to a manager and was told the same. Then I needed help with my app no longer downloading from my DVR. It worked several days ago. Now nothing. My response after another 40 minutes, someone will EMAIL you with in 3 days. Seriously, not even a call?

AT&T strikes again

Jan 16, 2019 by Tom
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It To A Friend?: Never 

I am an electrician and also a subscriber. The general consensus among our customers for the last decade or so was that Direct TV was considerably better than Dish and Comcast. However, there has been a complete reversal since AT&T took over. AT&T customer service is a comedy of errors and incompetence. We finished our basement back in November and ordered service for our two new 4K flat screens. ATT cancelled on the installation 3 consecutive times, then rescheduled for 8a-12p on Christmas Ev. They cancelled that appointment too, at 11:45A Christmas Eve. It is now January 16th and we still don't have the basement TVs working. If my wife wasn't so addicted to her shows I would have cancelled Direct TV by now and just streamed content from Netflix and others. Fortunately, it is her hours of wasted time on the phone with customer service and not mine....

Jan 07, 2019 by Travis W

NO STARS. TERRIBLE at best. I’ve been with Directv for 10 years. And since the merger with AT&T this has been the worst I have ever experience. There is no concern with solving any issues. I have a Directv receiver that stopped working at the end of November. The receiver started rebooting over and over never stopping. So I called Directv Technical Support on December 3rd hoping to resolve the issue. I was told that the receiver was bad and that they would send me a new receiver. A week goes by and I got one delivered. Not bad right? Nope! It turns out that the receiver delivered to me was not in the system so I can’t activate it. Customer Service/ Technical Support, told me to send it back and the good replacement is on the way. So, week and a half goes by and still I have NO receiver. So here it is Christmas Eve and I call Customer Service again and was told that the last Customer Service Rep I spoke with put in the system for it to be delivered on the 31 of December. So the Rep I was on the phone with said she would change that so I should receive it by Friday, December 28th. So December 28th came and went. I figured I give the situation the benefit of the doubt seeing how it’s almost New Years, the Delivery might be backed up. So I called on the 2nd of January, a Month later since the original complaint. The now Customer Service Rep insist that she don’t know what happen to the previous order but she can see in the system that deliver for the new order is scheduled for delivery Thursday the 3rd of January. So I take her word for it. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and now Monday evening still no Receiver. I call Customer service again and explain all this to them. I spoke with another person who barely spoke English and was told that she would have to call me back in 15 minutes while she talk to the back office to solve the issue. Twenty-Five minutes goes by and I get a call from Billing. This Rep has no clue why she’s calling me. I explain the issue AGAIN and she tells me that she can’t help me and she needs to get me to technical support. At this point I’m just frustrated and done. So I get transferred over to Technical Support and again I have to explain this story in its entirety AGAIN. The Rep then stated how he is sorry that this going on and he will look at the account and see what’s going on. He puts me for about 15 minutes and comes back and tells me that he will have to call me back in 20 minutes while he talks with the back office. I told him that’s what the last person said and when I got a call back it was from billing who then transferred me to him. And he’s trying to do the same thing all over again. So at this point I know this issue is not going to get resolve. I ended the phone call and I’m here to voice my frustration. And to my surprise I see that I’m not the only one who is having unresolved issues. After ten years of service it’s come to this. This AT&T merger is the worst thing that ever happened to a once reliable company. Needless to say I will no longer be begging for a replacement receiver, in fact I will be sending them the rest of their equipment and terminating my service with Directv. I hope this helps someone who is having the same problem or someone who is thinking about doing business with the New Directv.

Destroyed under ATT's ownership

Sep 01, 2018 by Robin
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I had Directv before they were bought out by ATT. They have gone downhill ever since. I would not recommend them to anyone. I was a loyal customer until I contacted customer service today. It reminded me of why I left ATT years ago. Five calls, six hours, ten representatives that could not speak English, two holds where no one came back, two hang ups, not one rep could help me with my issue until I got into the retention department. They still have no idea how a service I did not order got added to my account WITHOUT my consent.

Do not get Directv. Under ATT they are horrible at best.

AT&T has not been good to you

Jan 27, 2018 by Larry
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It To A Friend?: No. 

Terrible since AT&T took over, Prices have gone up. Service has gone down in quality. All I like to watch only educational/quality programing, Disc, Hist, AP, etc. Would love to have DIY but that cost 20+ more $'s for the next package. Sure wish Charter Cable would offer service in the Boonies..

Paying money to watch infomercials

Aug 11, 2016 by Larry Mueller

Keep trying to "give" me the NFL package, I don't do sports, then they charge me. You are paying to watch commercials. My bill is constantly changing. All I want is the SAME bill every month! I watch less than 6 channels, not worth it, only have it to keep my wife happy.

Compelte rip off

May 21, 2016 by Margery

was told after 5 years that I had not completed our agreement, agreement was 2 years. then charged me $651 to cancel the service. You got to be kidding me. Never again with direct tv , complete rip off.

Rip off, way over charged

May 21, 2016 by jack

had 3 tv's, went down to two, they said that was an auto renew at a high price for 2 years. never was told that when removing a tv. would not listen to reason. Never again.

2.5 5.0 53 53 I have 3 TVs. YOU said I need upgrades but you want do it for 3 weeks. In the meantime all 3 of my TVs go off every 2 minutes Come fix them DIRECTV Satellite TV