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DIRECTV Satellite TV DIRECTV is an American direct broadcast satellite service provider and broadcaster based in El Segundo, California. Its satellite service, launched on June 17, 1994, transmits digital satellite television and audio to households in the United States, Ibero-America, and the Anglophone Caribbean. Its primary competitors are Dish Network and cable television providers. At the end of 2012, DIRECTV had 35.56 million subscribers. -Wikipedia SKU UPC Model

Best way to get TV

Dec 25, 2015 by Harold Kaat
Zip Code: 46236 

I've had DirecTV since the days when it was first on the market and you had to buy the equipment. Now installation is free, and you only "rent" the equipment. There just isn't a better way to get programming, and if you want to see out-of-market NFL games it's the only way to go. Sunday Ticket lets me see all of my favorite teams games without having to watch our gawd-awful local team.

The only real issue that I've ever had with it is the problem of "rain fade" (or at least that's what the engineers who designed it called it). It only goes out when there is a really heavy downpour between the satellite and my dish, so that amounts to about 0.01% downtime over the course of a year, even in my very rainy area. The longest it ever goes out, even in a bad storm, is just a few minutes.

There are just a couple of minor annoyances with DirecTV. One is that there are so many "junk" channels that you have to go through and set up your Custom list to eliminate them. Another is that some of the programming isn't really in 1080i or 1089p, but lower resolution. Don't know if that's a DTV issue or the originator of the programming. Another is that you have to be connected to the internet (at least box I have doesn't have wireless capability) in order to use the "on demand" channels. I'll have to look into that to see if they now have that available.

Once in a while, when you get a new credit/debit card, they can screw up the billing and cut you off before you can get them the new card number. That can happen with anything where you use automatic payments, though, so it's not really a DTV problem.

Good But not Cheap

Oct 11, 2015 by Robert Merkt
Zip Code: 45255 

I have a love/hate relationship with Directv. Good reliability, good programming but not cheap. Their packages if customized to save a buck, rarely works. Honest billing, good customer service. Tried Dish twice years ago. Very mean spirited company. Sales rep use coined answers to evade your specific questions. When you attempt to cancel, look out, they're coming for your wallet.

Sep 12, 2015 by daniel oney
Zip Code: 73099 

everything is overpriced and if i find something to watch it is pay per view. will not renew when contract expires

It is worth the money

May 22, 2015 by Jackson
Zip Code: 92262 

Its good. not once has it gone out on us. it is worth the money

May 08, 2015 by Tia
Zip Code: 23061 

I had been with Cox Cable for 25 years and moved to an area Cox does not service. I had a bundle package with Cox. They were a bit pricey but the customer service was outstanding. The only option at me new home was Direct TV. I asked when I ordered it if I would need to have the t.v.s near the previous outlets were. I was told that it would be "wireless" with no cords or cables and I could put my t.v.s wherever I wanted. I was estatic! However, when the installer came out he started pulling cords everywhere. I told him it was supposed to be wireless and he called the office and came back and told me that would be an extra $100. The install job was horrific. I have black cables all over the place tacked up against my white walls, some coming through windows and most of them are falling down. He also drilled holes by mistake. It looks ghettofabulous! Everytime I call they act like they are doing me a favor and giving me a free three month premium channel. The catch is after the free three months they start billing me and I have to go through the hassel of calling to cancel it. If you are just a few days late paying they are very quick to pull your plug. I miss Cox. They always showed me they appreciated my business.

Apr 18, 2015 by Craig Jameson
Zip Code: 80103 

Had DirectV for years. Always been good for me. When I moved they talked me into Bundling with Exede. Now I am in that trap with crap Internet way more expensive then others, I partially blame DirectV for getting me in that. I trusted DirectV and they really let me down with the Exede. Unable to get out of the Exede contract, I will probably leave DirectV too when it is over.

Love DirectV bit hate Excede bundle

Apr 09, 2015 by Judith Deal
Zip Code: 28469 

I absolutely love DirecTV. It is fabulous. They have wonderful service. Why this upstanding corporation would ever partner with Excede Satellite Internet Provider is beyond me. I can not ever use on deman or internet apps. They claim I used 21 in four days I am 65 and do not game. I obviously can't download anything from Directv because there is no connection. I dread having to stop using Directv to try and stop Excede. But Excede's disconnect fees are higher than my bill. As I said, I love DirecTV but I would never recommend bundling anything with Excede


Mar 08, 2015 by JAYDOGG
Zip Code: 64485 


Feb 19, 2015 by Lisa Love
Zip Code: 29483 

I love DirecTV and have been very happy with them for 10 years. Had a few bumps in the road but they have always taken great care of me as a long term customer. I've had them while living in Florida as well as South Carolina.

Generally satisfied

Jan 16, 2015 by Steve
Zip Code: 08075 

I switched from Dish when Verizon offered a phone/internet/TV deal with DirecTV (their answer to what was then Comcast Triple Play).
I figured I would keep it until Fios came to town. I'm still waiting for that. D-TV customer service is nothing short of excellent. When I call, I am always thanked for being a DirecTV customer for X years.
I usually call twice a year to see if there are any ways to lower my bill. Many times I have been given $10 credits for 6 to 12 months.
I made an upgrade that would cost an extra $6 per month and was given a credit for $6/month that still appears on my bill years later.
When I wanted a Genie-Go, the price went from $150 to $120 to $99 and finally to FREE. (I mentioned that Comcast offers a similar service for no extra charge, so why don't you?)
My only complaint is with the Genie-Go. The software needs a major upgrade. Uploads to my iPad take a long time, but that problem may be Verizon DSL. Shows delete automatically after 30 days so keep them on your DVR just in case. You have the ability to rewind in 30 second increments, but FF through commercials is touch & go. Very annoying.
All things considered, you may lose part of a show during a heavy rain, but I used to lose Comcast for a day-and-a-half when a reckless driver took down a pole.
There's nothing perfect out there, but I like my DirecTV.

3.1 5.0 38 38 I had Directv before they were bought out by ATT. They have gone downhill ever since. I would not recommend them to anyone. I was a loyal customer until I contacted customer serv DIRECTV Satellite TV