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Stay Away from Hughesnet

Aug 04, 2018 by David Jolly
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It To A Friend?: Absolutely not 

Hughesnet is not by any means the worst corporate villain out there, and their products will not kill you like cigarettes, known and deadly automotive defects and medical devices with documented (and lethal) side effects, to name a few, but if you have any other alternative for internet service then by all means buy that rather than getting Hughesnet Gen 5 internet satellite.

Like their dishonest, disreputable and more deadly corporate cousins, Hughesnet places profit and share price ahead of morality, honest and simple human decency, although as indicated their satellite internet will not kill you (unless you kill yourself because Netflix streaming is so unwatchable that you throw yourself off of a cliff).

The basic fact that potential customers need to realize is that the advertised speeds do not match the quality of what you realize on your TV. Not even close – you might get a speed test result of 25 MBPS on, but the quality of the viewing is as the Netflix speed test indicates, which is consistently around 0.5 MBPS. And there is nothing they can do apparently to fix that. It must have to do with the way satellite internet works at this point in time.
Cover up is then the name of the game here when you discover that the service does not work for streaming as they advertise, and nothing they do can fix the problem, as happened to me and many others judging by the very poor reviews Never admit anything is the strategy – deny, deny, deny.

So what that I was able to achieve decent internet streaming when I finally managed to get DSL service installed so far away from the DSL node that only 2 MBPS was possible? So what that the Netflix speed test showed 0.5 MBPS with Hughesnet when theirs showed 21 and the picture was so scrambled that I didn’t know if I was watching Star Wars or 60 Minutes other than for the sound? So what that an experienced LG TV tech who came out and checked out the TV explained that in his experience you could just not use satellite internet for streaming?

All of that was just fluff and not our problem type stuff when I finally cancelled Hughesnet. And by God were they ever going to stick it to me with a $300 early cancellation fee and a $600 early equipment return fee because this was all as advertised and above board, and strictly, somehow, my problem.

Except that it is not, and it seems that continuous real time streaming is simply not possible with current satellite technology. And, given the number of 1 star reviews I have read that say exactly the same thing in different review forums, they have to know this and simply don’t care. If they can sell the service with glib promos and slick sales pitches they will, and when a customer says enough is enough Hughesnet will take as much as they possibly can monetarily to pad their bottom line and try to make it your problem.

I owned my own business (I’m a veterinarian) for many years and we almost always tried to make it right when people were unhappy, even when we had clearly practiced very good medicine and surgery. Simply to help, because that was the right thing to do. Unfortunately, many businesses, and especially large corporations, do not follow this moral compass. Because quarterly profit is all that counts, fair play and basic honesty be damned.

If you do have to get satellite internet because there are no other options, and want to watch movies, it is possible to download Netflix and Amazon movies with either an app or a third party program to your Mac or PC, and then use screen sharing if your computer and TV support that. That is not ideal, but at least you get a watchable TV program or movie on your nice big Smart TV.

It would be really uplifting if for once a corporation like Hughesnet looked at all of this negative stuff and the unhappiness it causes, came clean, and apologized without being forced to by some sort of glaring media exposure. Based on their responses to my Better Business Bureau complaint, that is not going to happen with Hughesnet. But if I can save even one other person the aggravation of having to deal with them, then to inform good people to stay away will at least have been worth it.

Voip service

Mar 28, 2018 by Stephen Faulkner
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It To A Friend?: No 

Upgraded to Gen 5 which is reasonable.Added Hughes Voip which is so slow to carry on a conversation. Cancelled less than 1 month into service and billed $230 for cancellation - not outlined by representative and different than their policy on their satellite service. Beware!

This is a bad internet service

Jan 28, 2018 by Tina Fingerp
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It To A Friend?: I would not recommend this to anyone 

When my contract is up I will never get again they won't you to pay a lot for internet and their dated don't last bad service.

Horrible service

Jan 04, 2018 by Anita haag
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It To A Friend?: No 

We upgraded to the Gen 5 after our two year contract was over. We asked on the phone and asked the service technician who came to install the modem if it affected our contract. We were told NO from both. Now five month of crappy service later, we are told we automatically have another two year contract by upgrading. And, get this, because we didn’t complain enough about the slow speed and breaks in service, our wanting to discontinue service isn’t good enough. We owe $350 to cancel and 19 months of unused service! We went with a local company and have an download speed over 8 and under 1 with Hughesnet.

No Service, Run out if data to fast?

Dec 29, 2017 by Evea Rucker
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It To A Friend?: No 

Tech was helpful but going on 3 days of no service and still haven't fixed it. I have bills and invoices to pay. Also said I went through my data. I have only 2 devices tv and roku. It's bull! Getting ready to switch. I don't care to pay early termination. It's ridiculous folks save yourselves from this crappy wonder they charge so much bc they know you will cancel soon


Dec 27, 2017 by Sherry
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It To A Friend?: NO 

DO NOT TAKE THIS SERVICE. I had Gen 4 since 2009. It was OK for years, then began getting slower and more interrupted. I switched to Gen 5 because Hughesnet told me faster speeds, more download and better connection. WRONG. I have a business that depends on my internet connection and now I am at a standstill. Cannot use my Adobe Creative Suite subscription applications, waiting for every URL to load, some pages load text NOT the page, APPLE MAIL quit working, cannot do backend WordPress work, and the list goes on. Since switching over 7 hours of useless talking to the support people who are completely uninformed about the situation with this satellite. I am disgusted! I have to drive to town to do most of my work on public connections. This is fraud, they are advertising this service STILLL, knowing that it is not working in many areas. They have admitted that they wont have a working service for at least 4-6 months, (IF!) I want a class action lawsuit against this company. To think I had to sign a contract after all these years of being their customer. I am madly trying to find alternate service, but my business is suffering. DO NOT BUY THIS SERVICE!

What you read is what you get

Dec 04, 2017 by Richard A Conner
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It To A Friend?: NOT if you want to keep friends 

Yep, what you read here is correct, or maybe even better than what you will get. I have Hughes via DishNet last 5 years, in the middle of the day, sometimes, 5MPS. evenings, weekends, holidays??? dial up. Lots of times during those times we turn off the wifi and use our 4G phone to get a decent internet speed. Sad but true. Living rural they basically rape you knowing they are only game in town. They been trying to peddle the GEN5 to me that requires a new 2 year contract BUT WAIT, AT&T has just offered a service I can get! After 20 years! If satellite is the ONLY thing you can get, take it, its better than dial up but it ain't cheap. 10 gig with 10 MPS speed (joke) is 65$. If its out. It's so slow we missed the total eclipse by 2 days getting our new off of the net.

Adding data (Beware)

Dec 01, 2017 by Rhonda Venner
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It To A Friend?: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I am very devastated the way their purchasing extra data system works....I was on the phone yesterday asking how we could have used up our data so soon....having 14 days to go. It was explained to me, Microsoft updates and after the updates we had to re-install Fish games. We are a family of 3 disabled adults, and this is pretty much our only entertainment. So... I asked about purchasing more data. I chose the 25 gigs for 75.00. I was brought to the site to purchase and I purchased the 75.00 package. The next morning I signed on and still got the warning that we were close to the end of our package. I went into my checking account and did not see a payment to Hugh's net. I went back in and tried the purchasing the extra data again thinking I did something wrong. I checked my data again and nothing changed. I called again today. I was told that the extra data I purchased would go on my next bill which I was not told the day before, and I was under the assumption it would come out of my checking same now I have 2 separate orders of 25 gig for 75.00....making my purchase 150.00 to be added to my bill. We are all disabled here and are on a strict budget here and Hughsnet is the only carrier we can get where we live. I can not afford to pay the amount that is going to be on my account...I was told they can not delete one of those orders...This is truly unfair......This is not our should have been explained better the day before...We are stuck in a dead zone and are at the mercy of this most unfair company. DSL (which I am looking into) would be a walk in the park compared to the rotten service we get...Please don't get caught up in this BS company....I feel we have been taken advantage of...Hughsnet You Suck!!! Too bad we have to give aleast 1 star...

Buyer beware

Nov 30, 2017 by Mike
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It To A Friend?: Absolutely no 

Buyer beware if HughesNet treats you guys the same way that they've treated us

You will have to read my past review it still hasn't changed and I don't know how many months it's been since they installed my so-called upgraded internet service. The installer who is satcom you have Utah damaged our cabin didn't even install the dish right left our cabin a mess did something to our satellite dish TV and I've spent over 48 Hours on the phone trying to get HughesNet and the dealer who damaged our property and did all the damage to address the situation at hand HughesNet does nothing but send me overseas to the Philippines with guys that have fictitious names. And say that they've got Spanish names but yet there in the Philippines and HughesNet have has been at zero help on the couple of occasions that they have called they will let it ring once and when I go to answer it will disconnect and say that they've tried to call me and get this resolved. I had witnesses there to that have heard that. I've sent them pictures of the damage they still won't get this resolved. And also their dealers that they used to install buyer beware because their dealers don't seem to be insured because I've asked HughesNet time and time again for their dealers insurance information and they won't give it to me so everybody out there needs to be aware that this is the worst company that I have ever dealt with. I have never had a company show that they care less about their customers than HughesNet has and I just consider this to be normal upgrade my wife and I freeze our system up with two iPads so we're supposedly paying to be able to stream movies there is no way on this green earth that we could stream movies with how slow or Internet is it is a joke please buyers go any other route buy a wagon wheel and use it for an antenna before you go with HughesNet once again I have never seen a company that exhibits less concern and care for a customer than HughesNet has for us. Again I've got 48 Hours tied up in resolving this issue and I'm no further ahead than the day that they installed it it which is the same day I turned in the claim and the information on this problem. 1 * is way too much credit to give HughesNet and their dealer.


Published Friday, November 3, 2017
Updated Friday, November 3, 2017
I have never been treated so poorly by …Hughes Net

I have never been treated so poorly by a company in all my life. The Hughes net installer came out and didn't put any booties onhis feet and tracked dirt and rock however my house and rugs. The installer left our home a mess. Theinstaller did not install our dish properly, Drilled extra holes that were not needed in my porch. Did something to my dish network TV service that hasn't worked right since the install Hughes net as done nothing. Hughes net has not got anything resolved since the install which was quite sometime ago. I have over 40 hours invested in this and Hughes net has done nothing has not got anything resolved since the install which was quite sometime ago. I have over 40 hours invested in this and hughes net has done nothing all they do is connect me to people overseas that can do nothing in that I can't understand. I would never in my wildest dreams refer anybody to this Internet provider their customer service stinks their installer that did the damage to my home stinks. All I do is have people that make empty promises and don't deliver on any of them. I do not know what to do. Can anyone help.The dealer doesn't return our calls are a few snaps calls and I'.The dealer doesn't return our calls Our calls or that of Hughes net.nobody has done anything but yet we still pay for dish network TV satellite service that is been messed up by this install for an Internet and our use that isn't working like it should to iPads freeze the system up and do not move it any faster than a snails pace. Does anybody else have any idea of how I can get this resolved?
The dealer when I notified him after the install what had gone on and what his installer hit done told me that you have a son he was hunting call me and nobody ever calls me back nobody takes the calls and you can't leave any voicemails because his voicemail is always full. And the sad part is is the Internet provider has tried on multiple occasions with me on the line to get a hold of the dealer and the dealer doesn't respond to their phone calls either and it says that their voicemails not taking anymore Call's. I couldn't get conscience refer this company to anybody it's been a joke. Just got a call from a person in the Philippines and they did nothing I could hardly even understand them they could see where people said that they been calling out the color ID and it shows nothing. They keep asking me for photos that I sent I'm gonna be trying to send photos one more time and that is it, one star is too much for what I have experienced

Buyer Beware

Nov 17, 2017 by Abigail Bisson
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: No - never 

Wish I could give no stars. Worst service provider ever. Makes Comcast look nice. Need a class action law suit!! Big promises of fast service but no actual service provided. My download speed on 10/27/17 was 0.08 mps. I can't do a thing from home. I have spent a total of 12 hours on the phone/chat or online with technicians trying to get fixes with no results. Cancelled today and am so happy to be out of their clutches. Got a song and dance about how they are unable to facilitate repairs due to bad weather in Montana. Threatened them with a law suit when they tried to charge me a disconnect fee. They dropped the disconnect charges but did charge me for the two months of service I supposedly had. I explained the concept of quid pro quo in contract law and that they had failed on their end and therefore did not deserve to be paid. The account manager stated that because I had an account therefore I would be charged. It didn't matter if they didn't provide service. Happy to sue the bastards. They need to go down. Still waiting to get email confirmation of my cancellations without fees.
Dr Abigail Bisson

1.1 5.0 418 418 Was with Hughesnet for a total of 5 years. First 2 years by contract. Last 3, month to month. When I cancelled the service to go to Starlink, they were unwilling to prorate the Hughesnet Gen4 Satellite Internet