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Worst customer service I have ever had

Nov 03, 2017 by M
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It To A Friend?: I could not in good conscience 

I have never been treated so poorly by a company in all my life. The Hughes net installer came out and didn't put any booties onhis feet and tracked dirt and rock however my house and rugs. The installer left our home a mess. Theinstaller did not install our dish properly, Drilled extra holes that were not needed in my porch. Did something to my dish network TV service that hasn't worked right since the install Hughes net as done nothing. Hughes net has not got anything resolved since the install which was quite sometime ago. I have over 40 hours invested in this and Hughes net has done nothing has not got anything resolved since the install which was quite sometime ago. I have over 40 hours invested in this and hughes net has done nothing all they do is connect me to people overseas that can do nothing in that I can't understand. I would never in my wildest dreams refer anybody to this Internet provider their customer service stinks their installer that did the damage to my home stinks. All I do is have people that make empty promises and don't deliver on any of them. I do not know what to do. Can anyone help.The dealer doesn't return our calls are a few snaps calls and I'.The dealer doesn't return our calls Our calls or that of Hughes net.nobody has done anything but yet we still pay for dish network TV satellite service that is been messed up by this install for an Internet and our use that isn't working like it should to iPads freeze the system up and do not move it any faster than a snails pace. Does anybody else have any idea of how I can get this resolved?
The dealer when I notified him after the install what had gone on and what his installer hit done told me that you have a son he was hunting call me and nobody ever calls me back nobody takes the calls and you can't leave any voicemails because his voicemail is always full. And the sad part is is the Internet provider has tried on multiple occasions with me on the line to get a hold of the dealer and the dealer doesn't respond to their phone calls either and it says that their voicemails not taking anymore Call's. I couldn't get conscience refer this company to anybody it's been a joke


Oct 28, 2017 by Mo
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It To A Friend?: Absolutely Not 

Our gen 5 is not faster than our prior gen 4 at all. During the install the installer damaged our home. Hugh's net has yet to resolve the problem we had with the installer and its been way over a month. Hugh's net is not even trying, they never call when they say they will. Trying to deal with the CS has proven too be impossible. I have spent over 40 hours trying to get the damages the installer did to our place addressed and trying to get our service working right and after its all said and done we are no further along than the day we made the mistake to go with Hugh's net. One i. Pad. Slows the internet to a crawl and forget it if my wife and I are both on with our I pads they just spin. I am sick and tired of these company's that you can never reach anyone in the states. I would never refer anyone to Hugh's net. One star is too much

The Scam

Oct 19, 2017 by Robert Thran
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It To A Friend?: Hell No I like my friends. 

Well they got me. I have had this service for over two years and it was very good. Until the phone call asking me to change from Gen 4 to Gen 5. I ask why? I own the system and it works OK. The lady on the phone said for the same money ($50.00) a month we will double your service to 20 from the 10 you have now and upgrade your system to Gen 5 for free. I ask why the company would do this and she said we can't work on Gen 4 anymore so we are offering customers a free upgrade. Once again I ask no additional charges? She said no. She also said the speed would be twice as fast. I told her that it was very slow for the last month. She said this will fix that. Third time I said no additional cost? She said no additional cost to me. So I said OK. The Tec came out and changed my box in the house and the one on the dish. He took my parts that I had paid for and said the new parts are yours. That's when the service got worse. It took 30 minutes to get my e-mail open and I gave up trying to open one e-mail. I called they said you are out of load. I went back and checked and they were right. How did that happen? I never ran out before. So when the new month started I ran the speed test and out of 30 tests it only passed four times. Then it gets worse. I check my bill and they are over charging me. When I get the billing to open (two Days) I see why I'm being overcharged. They are charging me for the new parts they put on the dish. I paid over $300.00 for the system and now I don't own it. They are charging me 15 bucks a month for rental and want another $300 for the payoff of the $25 in parts they installed. To top it all off they send me an add saying all Gen 4 customers now have unlimited service at no extra charge because the new system can't monitor the Gen 4 system. So for $49.99 a month you get unlimited service and no slow down or extra charges. The sales lady lied to me just to get my Gen 4 off the system. So where do we all go from here? I will try a complaint to the FCC. I do believe they have a license to operate this scam. So they waved the $15 a month for 12 months and reimbursed the overcharges. But none of that matters because the speed is so slow I will not live long enough to get any e-mails to read. RIP don't buy or use this very shaky company with their lies. You will not be happy.

Don't bother

Oct 01, 2017 by Kevin Rickman
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It To A Friend?: Hell no 

If your thinking about getting this please don't you will regret it service sucks slow not fast like they say you will use all your data within the first week of the month then if it rains near you or where there signal is coming from good bye internet they need to be shut down and put out if business

Business Owner

Sep 29, 2017 by Yvonn Rodgers
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It To A Friend?: NO.... 

BAD SERVICE..The Technical came out on Sept 14, 2017 to install my internet, it was moving slow. He told me it would take 24 hrs to start moving faster. I could not connect my wireless devices to the router. So I called Hughesnet 30 minutes later, she had to reboot my machine, it started working a little faster, but still could not connect my wireless devices. The very next morning, I tried to use my computer, that was no service. So, I called Hughesnet back and asked to have my services cancelled, due to services not working. They tried to offer me assistance, I told them no. The Rep told me it would cost me $400 to cancel my services, I told him he must be crazy. I had my service less than a day. I asked to speak to a manager, he put me on hold and came back to the phone and said we will wave the charge, cancel your service give you a refund. I have called them for the pass two weeks and have not heard back from anyone. As of today, Friday, Sept 29, 2017, I have not gotten a phone call, or a refund. I am very frustrated for the way I have been treated. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and next it will be to Channel 7 News in Washington, DC "7 on Your Side".

Hughesnet GEN5 don't bother

Sep 22, 2017 by R Russell
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It To A Friend?: No 

Streetman, TX - DO not use Hughesnet. installed yesterday and it worked for 6 hours sort of. The 5ghz is not available here, signal too weak. Then, lost service. They said it was weather in Billings, MT at the gateway. Really, no backup plan? If there is a cloud here or there we won't have internet. All service did was keep apologizing. Modem needs a battery backup in rural area. Still no service today.


Sep 21, 2017 by Kay F McCabe
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It To A Friend?: No 

I signed up for HughesNet Satellite Internet 9 months and completely agree with one review who stated, "I quickly figured out the capabilities of the service were completely misrepresented when I initially signed up. I specifically was told the service I selected would work for streaming TV (Netflix/Hulu/Sling) - WRONG - When watching Netflix, I have constant interruptions and have to restart. YES, I have reset the router more times than I can count.

Today, I CANCELLED this service and it was NOT EASY. It took an hour of speaking to people in Southeast Asia and the Philippine to get it done and I still have not received a confirmation email, although I was promised one over and hour ago. To add insult to injury, I have to pay a $290 cancellation fee for a very, very subpar service. In addition, I was told there was NO ONE I could talk to in the US or in my state.

There also does not appear to be an address for HughesNet. I am concluding they exist as a series of call centers and subcontractors.

if there were a -1, I would give that as a rating.

I am being SCAM

Sep 21, 2017 by Christine Blocker
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It To A Friend?: HELL NO ,!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I am one of those people who believe in paying my bills . I have never felt soon used and abused by any other Business in the manner "Hughesnet" has done to me. The service reminds me of that commercial when the old couple was sitting in front of the computer waiting for their grandchild picture to download . The buffering is constant while trying to enjoy a movie.....the service goes out a the slightest hint of rain. Very a grab a tiny considering the fact that you are paying for a service that you are not getting . Forget complaining to the company YOU WILL GET NOWHERE......HOWEVER you will be informed of the 400.00 fee to discontinue their poor excuse of a service . I suggest we all band together and launch a Class action Law Suit. I have been recoding the poor service on my cell phone. If you have a smart tv, it actually tell you your Internet service is running to slow! As consumers , we should not be treated this way!
sent internet

HughesNet is the Worst

Jul 28, 2017 by Darryl Diggs
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It To A Friend?: Never 

Only two ISP providers in my area. HughesNet is the worst. Their entire business is a scam. Download speeds rarely exceed 300 kilobytes/sec. Data allotment of 30 gb is used up in less than a week and you have to buy Tokens for data at $3/gb or $75 for 25 more gb that will last less than a week. Could cost as much as $295/mo. for the worst service since dial-up. Also you loose connection to the in internet every time it rains, not storms, just rain. They are trying to force me to pay $400 to terminate plus $100 to return their equipment. Sucks!!

Worst Service Plan Ever!!!

Jul 27, 2017 by
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It To A Friend?: No 

I live on the coast in central California and have limited ISP that can provide consistent service which was the reason for changing over to Hughes ... they notified me thru advertisement they were now providing service in my area that would be significantly better than other providers. It has been two months and have never been more disappointed ... constant issues with intermittent service and constant buffering.

Just spent almost hour on the phone with technical service and what I learned was even more disappointing. I discontinued cable 1 year ago in exchange for streaming the few desired programs/movies/series I enjoy, which requires data ... my mistake for not fully understanding the $75 a month charge only covers 20 hours a month of movies/program screening... this defeats the purpose of discontinuing cable to save on cost if I have to now increase to a plan that is being proposed for almost twice the cost. They recommended I upgrade to 50mbps which provides no guarantee I will have enough data for the full month unless .... (and this part is even more disappointing) I shut down or disable internet on all devices each morning before leaving work .... so now we are being asked to micro manage a service that cost quite a bit more for less data than I previously had .... which had a few disruptions but nothing like the Hughes service. Discontinuing after two short months of poor service will cost almost $400 ... So in short I am giving the company 30 more days for the maximum data package, paying an increased monthly fee to verify if things improve, as they claim. If the service doesn't I plan to discontinue service but will do my best to inform other consumers to beware ....

Customer satisfaction is of little concern to this company but in time it will surely catch up to them.... Hughes is a good example of how a company can and will continue to take advantage of customers who may not fully understand how little service their data plans truly allow for (stream time hours vs mbps) ... they lock you into a 2 year contract with little regard for customer satisfaction ....

Once you sign the contract very little can be done but pay the termination fee BUT ....what can we do about it ..... continue informing consumers, and LET'S HOPE HUGHES IS ELIMINATED AS AN OPTION.

1.1 5.0 417 417 Spare yourself a lot of grief...wrap your internet cable around your foot, put on the pie-tin hat and stand on the roof with a coat hanger in each hand... you'll get faster interne Hughesnet Gen4 Satellite Internet