NOTE: this page is for the original WildBlue service. If you are using the new Exede service, please visit our Exede review page.

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Wildblue is a terrible company!

Mar 04, 2015 by blake

After a few months of my bill being the same it just increased and if I want to cancel the contract they will hit me with $250 fee and I will have to personally remove the dish they decided to bolt into the roof of my house. The service sometimes slows down. Customer service did not want to help but I think it is more of terrible policies setup by a terrible company rather than the people answering phones.

worse service ever

Feb 17, 2015 by Dalynn M Grant

This is the worse service provider ever unfortunately, at the time it was the only service provider out here. I pay 140.00 for 25gb talk about rip off. I lose service at least every 30-40 minutes for at least a minute or 2. It's slow even though they claim fast internet. Cost to much to change provider at the moment but when it become available through my direct tv out here these guys are not getting my 140.00 a month for horrible service. I can't believe that there is not a lawsuit out there if there is I will be one tht list for sure.

Wildblue Sucks!

Feb 06, 2015 by Ken Rodgers

My service sucks big time. Currently, I have speeds slower than dial-up. I have been calling "Customer Service" (what a joke) for the past 12 days and I keep getting the same sad story, "We are working to resolve the problem". I will resolve the problem on my own. Goodbye Wildblue!

Degeneration of Service and Honesty

Jan 16, 2015 by Bill

When I began WildBlue service it was sufficient for my purpose, i.e., neither requiring heavy downloading nor uploading. They promised good download speed which was true. Though as they added more customers, the slower it became. I stayed with them hoping the speed degradation would correct itself...not hardly. Frankly I think Plumas Sierra got in over their head, sold out to via-sat and are now trying to get rid of their old customers. My last phone conversation indicated as much. I have spoken with them any number of times and have yet to find 100% accuracy in their response; this more than likely due to managerial dictate rather than intent on the part of the individual. I will say that once after my usage exceeded 17 gigs in a 30 day period I was granted a reprieve for which I was quite grateful. It happened again just recently and the speed degeneration has now become slower than dial-up. Conversing with Plumas/WildBlue about this problem indicates that they are sick of the service, the customers and frankly wish it would all go away. So that is what I have done....I have gone to another service with no direct connection with WilBlue !!

Poor service and price is nuts

Dec 10, 2014 by Virgil

When I started this service I paid 49 a month. It got slower and slower and downloads had to be done 2 or 3 times. I called and was told better service for 69! At first it was for about 3 months and then it became worse than before!!!! I complained and price went to 49 again. However, months later, without notifying me it went to 69 again and service is worse than having a phone line. Still loading sites 2x or more to use them!

Very Limited

Dec 09, 2014 by Wil

The problem we have is that service is slooow all the time. I got tired of calling about it. They told me to wait until between midnight and 5 am to download things and stream video because its free time then. I have to send files 2 at a time most times because internet is slow, I have to set my email up as HTML only. I am paying more than this is worth and tired of talking to them about it months ago.


Feb 18, 2014 by MaryEllen Charles

When I first got wildblue it was great. Last Nov I was told I was 'given" higher speeds but VP Kevin Harkenrider postcard I have. To Date I have SLOWER Speeds, can't get online, told my data usage is used up because we are always 'waiting' for downloads that never download. This post card I received is TOTAL BS From Mr. Harkenrider, DO NOT BUY INTO this service. It is a lot of False advertising and False promises. All they want is your Credit card to charge you more. VERY UNHAPPY


Nov 10, 2013 by Becky Johnson

I have called and complained about my service they kept telling me I had to be put on hold. Then the next person would take my number just to disconnect me and never call me back. All I do is look in stores and facebook. And they said I use all my data in 2 days. They will tell you they will check into it. Then when you call back they say there is no way to check into it. All they do is lie. And no one does anything customer service sucks. Why can't people that want to live in the country get the same service as people that live in the city. We have to pay an arm and leg for our service then we can't even use it. Your better off sticking with dial up its cheap and just as fast as this high speed expensive crap we get now. I think the government should make these guys pay us money back for the bad service we get. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. Its terrible to get robbed for little to no service. You need to keep praying that we will one day good service in the country. And these companies will go belly up for the service they give. I didn't even one to give 1 star but it won't let you submit if you don't!!!

no internet connections

Oct 08, 2013 by /chris metz III

can not get and keep connections -daily-- lose connection or can not recieve connections ??? DO NOT KNOW PROBLEM -- computer diagnostis reads - no problem with connections --NO SIGNAL !!!

Usage meter issues

Jul 22, 2013 by Adinda

I like wildblue service a lot. But have issues with the usage meter sometimes not loading. Makes it hard for me to know how much used/have left. If they fix that one hundred percent then would give them four stars for sure.

1.2 3.0 22 22 I see I’m not the only one who was ripped off by them. No wonder their always changing their name. I switched to another satellite service with 1/15th the data allowance I had wi WildBlue Satellite Internet