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Not for everyone....

Feb 24, 2015 by Bailey Longhofer
How Long Have You Used This Service?: < 1 week • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: No • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): $55 • 
Zip Code: 73644 

I have never written a review before, but I wanted to share that HughesNet is not for everyone.

1) It's sometimes the only option for people living in the country. If HughesNet is your only option, please don't be discouraged by negative reviews. I grew up in the country, so I've learned that that kind of living makes having fast internet almost impossible, no matter the ISP.
2) Customer service is wonderful. Granted, we've only had this service for a week, but the customer service reps have been friendly and helpful throughout the entire process. HughesNet didn't meet our needs, but they did offer to take $20 off our bill each month to make up for some of the cons that I will mention later.
3) Trial period. You get a 30 day trial period, so if HughesNet is something you choose to try out, it is fairly painless to give it a whirl and see for yourself. Ending our service was easy thanks to kind customer support.

1) The biggest complaint I have is that you only get a 5 gig monthly data allowance, which we were not aware of before the service. They do have 5 gigs of "bonus bytes", but these can only be used between the hours of 2 am and 8 am. If you go over your data allowance, there will be overage fees. This was just not feasible for my husband and I to worry each month that we might be going over our data. In about 3 days of actually using the Internet, we have used 3% of our data allowance and 1% of our bonus bytes. To put this into perspective, our new ISP offers 300 gigs a month and no overage fees should you by some miracle go over.
2) HughesNet is not for you if you are a gamer or like to stream movies or music from Netflix or Spotify. Fortunately, not everyone cares about gaming or streaming media, but if you do, please don't waste the time and money. We could not even get our Netflix to show the list of movies, let alone stream them. Upon calling customer support, we learned that HughesNet does not support the gaming lifestyle, and even if it did, it would drain our monthly data.
3) Clouds. Because HughesNet is satellite internet, we had an entire day where we could not access internet due to overcast skies.
4) Speed. I'm actually not so picky about internet speed (since I have lived in the country where internet reliability is an issue), but it annoys my husband who has always had fast internet. I personally don't think it's too bad, but if it's something you're sensitive to, you might want to reconsider.

We have since switched to a new ISP with the same monthly payment that offers more to meet our specific needs.

Another Contrary View

Feb 22, 2015 by michael
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 2 1/2 years • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: Yes I have • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): 80 • 
Zip Code: 29717 

Where I live there are two options Satellite or dial up. We used dialup for years and decided to try Hughes. In the time since it was installed I can only think of twice where the service was not available and both times involved a thick layer of ice on the dish. My only complaint would be that the customer support can be kind of dicey. Currently I am trying to get a straight answer of why new customers on my plan get 50gb of off peak data and ours is still 10gb. They will eventually get around to answering the question and fixing the problem, it will just have to be at their timetable. Normally the system works great and we don't have to deal with the human component but when you do have to deal with people in this organization BE PREPARED they are well trained in double speak and talking in circles. No one seems able or willing to answer a direct question with out have to discuss with other parts of the hive mind and get back to you. Don't get me wrong the service itself works and works well 99 percent of the time but that 1 percent of the time that causes you to need customer support will leave you questioning why you choose this company. Then the service goes back to working and you can go back to blissful denial and forget all about the craziness that was the phone call or god forbid an attempted chat with someone at Hughes.

A Contrary View

Feb 20, 2015 by bill
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 5 years • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: Under some circumstances • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): $100 • 
Zip Code: 95246 

It is important not to compare Hughes' satellite service to any kind of wire or local wireless service. A satellite internet service can only be compared with other satellite services available to you. Satellite internet service will always be inferior to land based and local wireless alternatives.

I did have many frustrations with Hughes over a year period. To my surprise, the issues with dropped packets were related to the quality of my wireless router ... when I upgraded my router ($250), service issues were largely resolved.

I appreciate that Hughes made serious efforts to help diagnose and resolve issues. I am in a remote area, Hughes sent service personnel to my residence multiple times at its (hughes) expense ... so the trashing of Hughesnet customer service motivations, I think, is inappropriate.

I don't like bandwidth limitations and cost is high ...but reasonable levels of service are possible with Hughesnet

Please read from a 4yr customer

Feb 19, 2015 by Linda
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 4yrs • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: No • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): 85 • 
Zip Code: 26283 

I've had Hughes for 4-5 years and was SO happy with the service, absolutely no issues, even when weather was bad and if I did have problems I could take care of them myself. Then I was forced to switch to Gen4. It is horrific. Connection is horrible, download and upload testing is worse than a poor dial up service. Email rarely works. Customer service via the regular avenue or online totally sucks. They have no 'free time' but limited. Customer service hung up on me twice, online support disappeared on me multiple times. After many complaints via FB,I was hooked up with executive customer service.William was extremely helpful, but it doesn't make up for an absolutely horrible product. I am moving in the spring so I can get a decent land based internet being I work from home as a graphic designer and connection is critical.
As a professional and tech savvy persona, I do not recommend this service to anyone relying on it for important projects or communication needs. If you need something for email or simple social , get dial up and save several hundred dollars.


Feb 17, 2015 by Jay
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 2 yrs • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: NO NO NO NO • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): $117 • 
Zip Code: 80642 

I was told by salesperson when ordering service that you could purchase equipment outright or lease for the two year commitment. Didn't have the money to purchase so opted to lease. I was told the equipment purchase price would be divided up into 24 monthly pmts(lease period). After the 24 months the equipment would be paid for and the pmts would no longer be added on to my monthy plan of $79.99 and I would own the equipment. THEY LIED. The lease pmt is still be added on so I called today to inquire and was told I still have to pay for using their equipment even though the lease term is up and I have now paid MORE than if I would have purchased outright. Supervisor had the balls to tell me if I wanted to avoid any price increases in their service in the future I could sign another two year commitment. NO FRICKING WAY!!
I will be getting another internet provider today. Hughesnet can take their equipment and shove it. Maybe I'll use it for target practice :) Wish there was an better option for ratings cuz I don't feel like they even deserve 1 star!


Feb 17, 2015 by Sam Walton
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 3 days • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: No • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): Too much. • 
Zip Code: 24562 

I have only had this service for about three days now. Had aol since 1998 that just became impossible as tech changed and the old pc had xp. From the very start I can see that these satellite companys are ripping people off and taking much more money then was said. It started right away with install guys. The phone co has dsl all around me but... At any rate its amazing to me that there isn't some type of regulation by the fcc or something about this. But in this day and age people are fake phony and con artist. Its all about the money.But I try to be as nice as possible even though I wana break some necks. You get me? Just play their game keep my mouth shut and hope (ha ha) that dsl comes my way.

Terrible service

Feb 16, 2015 by william
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 2 months • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: NO • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): 79.00 • 
Zip Code: 24970 

The sales people at Hughes Net will tell you anything you want to hear to sell this terrible service, I can not believe Fox News promotes this fraudulent company, the only reason I purchased it was I believed Fox News would not let untrue advertisements be advertised on their network. I WAS WRONG .
NOTE, the only reason I put 1 star in is because I
I would not have been able to post this review without at least one star, other wise their would not have been any stars


Feb 15, 2015 by Mark
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 2 weeks • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: Psst! Dur duh!! NOT EVEN AN ENEMY! • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): 59. • 
Zip Code: 48228 

I usually research everything for reviews B4 spending my hard 2GET MONEY; \"Dropped the ball on this company.

AT&T service is much better! Only went Hughes Net, because I moved! Hughes Net\'s \"High SPEED\" should be LABLED \"SLIGHT SPEED\" I\'ve seen turtles run for their lives MUCH QICKER!

My daughter cannot down or upload their homework assignments, CAN NOT STREAM, DARE DOWN OR UPLOAD! And BARELY LOAD SITES!

Only time any one in my household could PROBABLY get some decency out of this service is around the times MOST SUBSCRIBERS ARE PROBABLY ASLEEP 3-6am\'ish.


Basic: $49=5gbs Pro Plus:$79=15gbs Max Pro Plus: $120.99=15gbs 20gbs anytime roaming

Biggest Waste of Money EVER

Feb 12, 2015 by Joseph
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 4 mounths • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): 70/mnt • 
Zip Code: 86045 

I should I listened to all the one star reviews, it really is my own fault for signing with this company.

Long story short, this service is EXPENSIVE, and it is incredibly slow. Hughes Net completely LIES about their service speeds. They say you get 5mb/sec for the amount of gigs you pay for, then you can have an unlimited amount of data at 1mg/sec.

Thing is, this would be a pretty sweet deal even if the speeds were half as fast as what they say. At the top speed, this service is slow slow I can barely surf the net at all; when I go down to the lower speed level, the service is non-existent.

Hughes net has a pretty good business going on. They get paid no matter what. If you want to cancel you have to shell out 400$, which is a small price to pay to get rid of such crappy service.

Please, listen to all the reviews and avoid this company. Tell all your friends and family to avoid them, hopefully they will go bankrupt at some point for lying to the public about what they offer.

Shouldn't there be a class action lawsuit in place? Can't we sue over the fact that they blatantly lied about what they were providing?

Feb 11, 2015 by JANIS KUHN
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 2014 • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: ABSOLUTLEY NOT • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE 59.00 FOR THE FIRST THREE MONTHS THEN79.00 A MONTH FOR 2 YEARS • 
Zip Code: 95355 


1.4 5.0 81 81 I have never written a review before, but I wanted to share that HughesNet is not for everyone.Pros:1) It's sometimes the only option for people living in the country. If Hug Hughesnet Gen4 Satellite Internet