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Hughesnet Hughesnet Gen4 Satellite Internet SKU UPC Model


Feb 19, 2017 by John
How Long Have You Used This Service?: Three months • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: Wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): 70 • 
Zip Code: 86046 • 
Purchased As Part Of A Service Bundle?: Yes 

I wouldn't wish this service even to an enemy this is the worst service I have ever had service is slow service only works part of the time and when it does work it is slow I have resorted to using Internet on my phone works better when I talked to highesnet about why it is so slow they told me it was because satilite was installed incorrectly and when I talked to them about it being fixed they said it would cost me 300 are you kidding me it should have been done correctly the first time I am stuck in a contract when this contract is up I will do without it

The Worst!!!

Feb 15, 2017 by The Worst!!!
How Long Have You Used This Service?: Had service for a year but was never able to really use it • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: Never! • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): 100 per month • 
Zip Code: 93313 

I have never had a worse experience with a company. HughesNet from the beginning has been horrible, from the lack of consistent Internet connection to customer service. Hours have been spent(wasted) on the phone with tech support to reestablish connections. Trouble shooting again and again with little success and a lot of frustration typically ending in a trip to the closest location with a WiFi connection to complete a necessary task. Unfortunately because of our location, it was our only option for Internet and we signed a one year contract before knowing how disappointing Hughes Net would be. When our contract was finally up we were able to cancel our plan, Hughes Net requested that we send back the equipment, which they listed as the router and modem. They gave us 30 days to send it back before we would be charged a fee. Before the 30 days were up HughesNet charged us $350 dollars. Figuring it was a mistake, we called customer service and they stated it had indeed been done in error but because it was already charged, they wouldn't be returning the funds until we returned the equipment. So we rushed to return the equipment they requested (router and modem) and when we called to see when we would receive our refund we were told we wouldn't be because we didn't return a piece that was connected to the satellite. At NO time in the hundred phone calls with Hughes did they request this piece of equipment to be returned. They have apologized for THEIR error but are still refusing to refund the money. This company is horrible to work with in all areas and I would caution anybody who is looking for Internet to run. Even if it is your only option for Internet service, it's not worth the headache, time, money (and tears) that this company will inevitably cost you.

Absolutely HORRIBLE

Feb 10, 2017 by Terri
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 2 months • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: NO ABSOLUTELY NOT • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): 79.00 • 
Zip Code: 32040 • 
Purchased As Part Of A Service Bundle?: No 

This has to be the worse rural service as it takes over 6 seconds each way which is 12 seconds for anything to try and play, download or stream.

I specifically asked the technician at install if I could run a security system and online college plus smart tv's and was told YES. This is NOT true. Now that I cancelled after 2 months, I have just been threatened with collections and told I have a balance as a brand new customer of 675.00.

None of the paperwork online states if you have documentation that the service will not meet your needs will you have an outrageous cancellation fee. Not only am I fighting this final bill and contacting an attorney, I am reporting them to the BBB for harassment and price gouging. I was treated horribly when I tried to cancel, a foreign customer service agent that could not speak English asked for more personal information than I knew to give. I was transferred to another person and was spoken to like I was an idiot and mocked while hearing him talk under his breath about me.

At cancellation you are told you have to take a transmitter off the satellite outside and if you damage it you will be made to pay an additional 300.00. I am not a installation tech so will ship the pole, dish and and box but since I was forced to buy their modem..that I will sell to the highest bidder.

Stay away from this company and if you already have them call an attorney before you cancel!

Lousy service and foreign tech support

Jan 24, 2017 by Henry Rapheld
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 3 months • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: No • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): $30/month • 
Zip Code: 96021 • 
Purchased As Part Of A Service Bundle?: Yes 

If you're thinking about going to Hughes Net, you need to think twice about that. When you first call, you are talking to people in the USA. After you get hooked up, you don't talk to those people again. The next people you talk to are from Southeast Asia. These are the people you talk to when you need help and this becomes a nightmare. Trying to understand them is impossible. This is were the problems start. Very hard to get anything done.

When I first called Hughes Net, I set up a time for an installer to come out to install the dish and the modem. I signed some paperwork the installer had and I did not get a copy. I came to find out later that the paperwork I signed contained a clause that let them take money out of my bank card. I don't let any companies take money out of my bank card. I pay with check and mail it to them.

After the initial hookup, my service declined to the point where I quit using it. I could not reach any resolution with the people over the phone. Today, they've sent me to collections for a $432 early termination fee which I will not pay them. This really makes me angry.


Jan 18, 2017 by Pat
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 1 month • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: NOOOOOOOO!!! • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): Too much for the service • 
Zip Code: 36703 

I thought Exede was horrible but Hughes takes the cake. The sales rep was very professional and knowledgeable. But failed to mention that you better make use of the time that your on the internet. I specifically told him that I am in college online & want to have the ability to access & complete my course work.Because my courses are online, the course mentors upload videos & workshops. None of my videos would load & by the third day I was out of data...oh but you can refill as needed. What!!! I have the maximum package & I have to refill!!! Oh...when the billing cycle has ended, your card will be charged regardless of when the bill is due. When I noticed the charge on my bank account, I immediately called to speak to a representative. The rep said that the billing cycle ended on the 16th, so the card was charged on that date. I told him that the bill was due on the 23rd. He said but the billing cycle ended on the 16th, which made no sense to me. I then said that I did not authorize automatic payments to be withdrawn on this date. He told me that because I put a card on file when purchasing the service that it can be charged. We went back & forth about this. I told him that Alabama Power has my bank information on file & does not go in my account & withdraw the monthly balance due. I have to go in every month & schedule a payment or set up automatic billing. After that, he told me that the early termination fee will also be withdrawn from my credit card that is on file. I told him to pleeeease do it. I am usually very polite & courteous to everyone. But, I stepped out of character that day. How can you tell me that you are going to charge my credit card without my authorization? On top of that, I am explaining to you that I am a unhappy customer & you have no remorse in that matter. I am a property manager overseeing four apartment complexes. I kindly advised him that I will make sure that my tenants, all my friends & family know about this company. Please stay far, far away.

speeds are based on false testing

Jan 18, 2017 by logan hollabaugh
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 1.5 years • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: NO !!!!!!! NEVER !!!!!!! • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): 90$ monthly • 
Zip Code: 16849 • 
Purchased As Part Of A Service Bundle?: No 

I had NO choice in isp, other then verizon, 1mbps for 100$ a month. Hugesnet seemed (at the time) the lesser of two pig evils. they charged me 100s of dollars to install this crap on the side of my house, broke my siding and sloped cables everywhere. The speeds the first month were absolutely AMAZING, then I realized I had unlimited speeds and bandwidth for 30 days.....the second month I had NOTHING......could not even load Gmail......they are pigs.......they should be REMOVED from being allowed to market their rental beams to anyone.



Jan 12, 2017 by Rob
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 2.5 years • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): 100 • 
Zip Code: 48632 

The service was too expensive so we found a better deal. Our time with them wasn't great starting with the install. It was cold so they didn't bury the cable that ran across our driveway so when it warmed up *I* had to dig a trench. When we cancelled I was surprised to find out they don't pick up their equipment. Maybe I should have known and maybe it's standard practice now but what I found insulting is that *I* cancelled THEM yet they included a stern warning letter in the box they send for their equipment. It said I've been terminated and I have 21 days to send the equipment back or I'll have to pay 300 with no thank you for choosing us or sorry to have lost you as a customer. It didn't even have a friendly tone in hopes we will come back someday. So now I have to take down THEIR crap in my yard in 15° weather or have an installer come out at MY expense. I will NEVER use them again.

Only if you have no choice!

Jan 11, 2017 by Richard Harris
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 5yrs • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: Absolutely not! • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): 96 • 
Zip Code: 28904 • 
Twitter Username (optional, But We Will Follow You And Give You Credit!): @intertechworks • 
Purchased As Part Of A Service Bundle?: No 

In fairness, when it works well the service is decent. It rarely works well and has very frequent interruptions and extremely delayed response times. The service is indescribably bad. Every time I called support, FREQUENTLY, it is the same queue card steps: connect directly to modem, go to this page go to that page, log into this, log into that, speed test over and over, reboot in safe mode and repeat. The whole time ignoring the fact that their own equipment diagnostics are showing the exact problem "Uplink Failure". Then they tell you you will get a call from advanced technical support in the next 5 "business days". I went through this 3 times in the last 15 days. Never got a call. Every time i call back to follow up it is a repeat of the same process. If this sounds good to you I would highly recommend that you dive right in. In over 5 years I have proven that I am far to long suffering and should have ditched them years ago.

Buyer be aware

Jan 10, 2017 by Eva Mooney
How Long Have You Used This Service?: 4 months • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: No • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): 149.00 • 
Zip Code: 32322 • 
Purchased As Part Of A Service Bundle?: No 

I'm having so much trouble getting out of my contract! I just want to cancel, using hotspot on cell phone is better than their speeds. Only time speed appears to be great is when you perform a speed test. Other than that you will cry watching the pages render.

Buyer be aware!

What. The. Eff....

Jan 10, 2017 by Anonymous
How Long Have You Used This Service?: Over a year • 
Would You Recommend To A Friend?: Hell No! • 
Cost You Pay For This Service (in Dollars): 66.43 a month • 
Zip Code: 93247 

So, I just called customer support to cancel service because I no longer need the service where I moved. My current roommates already had a local service provider. I was transferred to a different individual only once. Which is not the complaint. The complaint is that I am the customer and I asked to have my service cancelled. The "robot" on the other end of the line could not comprehend the concept of cancelling the service. Instead, he wanted me to continue to pay $66.43 a month for the next 11 months until my contract ended. I told him I would rather pay the $235.00 cancellation fee instead of paying $730.73 for a service I am not going to utilize. That is like pissing money down the drain. After over thirty minutes of continually telling him, "No, I am not interesting in extending my service or finding someone to purchase the account," he finally gave in and decided to process the cancellation. Needless to say, I give the guy props for being relentless but I am the consumer, if I want to cancel, just give me what I want instead of pressuring me into continuing the service when I no longer need it.

And the location where I had the was garbage. I used the internet for online classes and if I had more than four separate web browsers opened for research, the internet would whig out and take forever loading. I ended up utilizing my mobile hotspot from my cell phone and went over my data numerous times just because of my lack of patience with the internet speed. Ran numerous speed tests and they all stated the internet was operating at full capacity. But the server response was terrible.

1.1 5.0 355 355 I wouldn't wish this service even to an enemy this is the worst service I have ever had service is slow service only works part of the time and when it does work it is slow I have Hughesnet Gen4 Satellite Internet