Hughesnet (classic)

NOTE: this page is for classic HughesNet satellite internet. If you are using the new HughesNet Gen4, please visit our Gen4 review page.

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Oct 20, 2023 by Stephanie Hughes
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We cancelled as soon as our contract was up in Jan/Feb of 2023. Due to NEVER receiving the advertised service.

AS in we were sold contracted for HIGH speed internet for multiple in home devices. When we complained that we couldn't watch a movie on one device much less multiple devices we were told that the advertised speed was best speed but both locations we had lived at while under contract were not in the high speed locations.

We asked when they would get the satelite and were told that they dont need it. When we received a random "equipment charge" we called and they advised that we had failed to return the box inside. WE asked for a box to ship it back b/c we were moving.

We recieved a box for the box "inside the house" no instructions just a box and a shipping label. When I called for the box to be picked up I was informed that the FREE shipping would cost $13 to have it picked up, but I was welcome to take it to a shipper or put it into any driver's hands. I took it to work and put it in the driver's hand the next day. TODAY they took $205 out of my account.

When my husband called he was told we didnt return the radio. I was on the line and was like what radio?

Apparently we should have removed something from the satelite and shipped it back. SO beware.

They lie to get you entrapped in a contract and their "fees" never end.

User's recommendation: RUN AWAY.

EchoStar (SATS) Owns Hughesnet

Jun 27, 2023 by Hanna D
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EchoStar own Hughesnet (over 5,000 compliants filed at bbb org; 100s at ripoffreport; pissedconsumer; Consumer Protection Agency; FCC; satellitecomplaints com ... )? ..... How does EchoStar remain in business? ....

have my 65 yr old husband on the roof

Feb 27, 2023 by Charles Heintz
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Didn't work... had to change immediately... now they want their crap back off our roof so my 65 year old husband is climbing a ladder to remove their junk from our roof!!!!!!!!!

use smoke signals

Oct 10, 2022 by Charles Mayo
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It To A Friend?: Never 

Wish I could give them less than 1 star. Need a negative 5. I was stuck in an area of Louisiana where this was my only choice. Foolishly i got in a contract ( this is my last contract and card on file ever) not only is the service so bad I couldn't even do zoom sessions during Covid lockdown. When I finally got STARLINK which I hope everyone switches to I went to cancel Hughesnet. They owed me money which I never got. They put my dish on the roof and was going to charge me to send a tech to get their stuff. Had to by a ladder to send their stuff in and they still charged me. Money is tight never waste it on Hughesnet. I will spend the rest of my days telling everyone to switch to STARLINK.

worst service ever

Oct 02, 2022 by makenna grace hunt
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wish i didnt even have to give a star. so money hungry and selfish. worst ever. please dont join.

Sep 08, 2022 by Randell Nichols
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Hughes net has the most awful customer service of any company I have ever dealt with!!They have no clue what they are doing; and do not honor their sales specials. Then when you try their chat line to get answers, they just shut down on you!


Aug 26, 2022 by Dianne Moran
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It To A Friend?: Never!!!!! 

I've never experienced such a low quality company as HughesNet! I don't know which is worst the internet service or the phone. WARNING! DON"T BE ENTICED BY THEIR COMMERCIALS...THEY ARE TRULY HORRENDOUS IN EVERY WAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Jul 08, 2022 by John pacheco
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Service is extremely slow; sometimes non-existent. Hard to believe that such (high priced) poor internet service exists in such a high-tech savy world.


Sep 26, 2020 by Tammy Kahrs
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It To A Friend?: No 

if i could give a 0 star i would, i had to get this service because of my location, it is in a dead zone so i had no choice. I ended up paying 450 a month at one time because of kids being home and me working from home and had to get more "data" so we could function. Chatted with customer service about 3 months ago and asked about cancelling, they said i had to call and i did so. And now we are in Sept and they hadn't cancelled my service, called customer service they stated they didnt see where i called and that i only chatted with customer service, asked for a case number explained that was a few months ago and thats why i am calling. So no help what so ever, i am now ou 450.00. You can't watch netflix at all because of how much "data" it uses and no more than 2 people could be on at one time, especially during work hours because it slows down the much money as they charge you would thing it would be better service. I cant wait until starlink comes out, then what are you going to do hughesnet?

Horrible Service and Employees

Sep 01, 2020 by Christopher Grubb
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Horrible company! I advised them of working from home and assured me it would work for us. After trying multiple times at different times of days, we called to cancel the service within 30 days. We had only used 3% of our allotted data all month. ur technician assured us they would cancel with no penalties within that time. We had already paid installation fee and first month upfront. They are now stating on top of what we had already paid, we still need to pay $400 cancellation fee. Horrible person we spoke with on the phone. Rude!

1.1 5.0 89 89 We cancelled as soon as our contract was up in Jan/Feb of 2023. Due to NEVER receiving the advertised service.AS in we were sold contracted for HIGH speed internet for multiple Hughesnet Satellite Internet