Hughesnet (classic)

NOTE: this page is for classic HughesNet satellite internet. If you are using the new HughesNet Gen4, please visit our Gen4 review page.

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Hughesnet Satellite Internet SKU UPC Model

Aug 15, 2017 by Cecil Smith
How Long Have You
used This Service?: 2 years • 
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: No • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: 70.00 • 
Zip Code: 36264 • 
Purchased As Part Of A
service Bundle?: No 

Was told we would have fast internet, but most of the time we don't even have any internet, tho we pay our monthly payment always on time. Really does not deserve even 1star.

Lousy services

Apr 29, 2017 by Roger
How Long Have You
used This Service?: 3 months • 
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: Never • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: $59+ • 
Zip Code: 43302 • 
Purchased As Part Of A
service Bundle?: YES 

The absolute slowest & worst internet & phone services I have ever tried to use! Regular cutoffs & shutdowns! Mostly slower then frozen molasses! Have to jump through hoops to try to get connected with customer service or technical support! This company appears to be operating on the very edge of lies & extortion!These people should be shutdown!Sure indicates the sounds & actions of SCAMMERS!Probably would be wise to stay away from this bunch! I already HATE these services!


Jan 24, 2017 by irene
Zip Code: 54891 

not even ganna give it a star!! my biggest thing is slow internet service!! slow internet service=bad wifi!!! AND i'm stuck paying your fees for another 1year 1/2!! you guys need to better your services!!!

Hughes Net or Dial up, which is faster?

Nov 26, 2016 by Brian
Zip Code: 70446 

Is Hughes Net faster than dial up…well that is the question? There are times where I find Hughes Net to be faster but all too many times I have found Hughes Net to make Dial Up look good! I have never seen dial up take 30 seconds or more to load Google’s home page! To top it off its not just about speed but data allowance! Hughes Net advertises that you can sit there & watch a video about cooking or how to fix your car! RIGHT! Try it sometimes & your data allowance will be gone in about 2 minutes! Stay away from News sites or even Yahoo as they have auto play videos & advertisements that you can’t turn off & before you know it your data allowance is down to ZERO! In short Hughes Net is a big rip off & a piece of shit that’s about 1 notch better then dial up & because dial up is impossible to get any more you have no choice but to have Hughes Net or no internet at all (& sometimes no internet at all looks pretty good)!

Nov 24, 2016 by Rhonda Archer
Zip Code: 26456 

The worst Internet Service in the Country! They should be fined for charging so much and the poor service. They kept running me out of time every month. SO tech came out and replaced all equipment. Still have over 50 percent of time left, but so slow, I can't even watch a movie!! Hate It!!!


Sep 20, 2016 by Rick Elmore
Zip Code: 32162 

This service is not much better than dial up. More often than not, we have to turn on our mobile hot spot in order to download news associated video's, or e-mail. If given the choice ever again and I can't get cable internet, I'll go with the hot spot.


Apr 13, 2016 by Edward Cotter
Zip Code: 95246 

Three months after canceling I got a bill for $215 for a part of the dish on the roof I didn't return after I cancelled my account. They told me the day I cancelled that they did not want it back.
This is easily the worst company I have ever dealt with, the service was between not working and slow when it did work.


Mar 10, 2016 by al
Zip Code: 45338 

Never again. USPS snail mail is faster.

Hughesnet: Don't waste your money!

Feb 06, 2016 by Cheryl D.
Zip Code: 23220 

1. Don't believe their TV commercials! Hughes Net is the WORST internet service I have EVER had! The installation was a nightmare. The installer came over and put the dish on the side of my house. Two days later, Hughes Net said the device needed to be removed and never should have been installed on the side of the house. After nearly 20 phone calls,and missing another day of work, the problem was finally resolved.

2. The offered me a promotional $100.00 rebate back in November, that I have yet to see!

3. You won't be able to complete any work with Hughes Net's snail slow internet service. Don't even try to watch a news or music video, that's just not going to happen! I have spent up to 30 minutes, trying to wait for buffering to complete so that I can watch a 5 minute video. When I called to complain about the lousy service, they said I could UPGRADE to a faster service. The so called upgrade was worse than the base package!

I wish I had NEVER subscribed to Hughes Net. Learn from my mistake and from all of the negative reviews on this board. You would be better off to go to the local library, than use the crappy service of

One star is really too high for this company!

Don't Bother

Jan 19, 2016 by Amy
Zip Code: 05743 

I read the review from the customer supporting Hughes Net and I can tell you that we knew what we were getting when we purchased. We knew no movies, no games and very few downloads. BUT we did expect BASIC service. We can only connect to the internet 50% of the time for basic internet browsing. 25% of the time it just won't connect, the other 25% it's slower then dial up, and we've waited until midnight and there is NO difference. We have called, their only suggestion is to upgrade to Gen4 with all the fees and equipment charges, no thanks. We are looking into other options now. If you had no other choice (we didn't back when we signed up) then it's better then nothing, but when you pay for a service and can't use it more then you can it's not worth it since we now have the option for DSL we are probably going that way even though it's more expensive at least it'll work!!

1.2 5.0 54 54 If I could give it a negative number I would. Worst service and fine print in the Industry. Horrible company to deal with and their sales people are snake oil sales people. Hughesnet Satellite Internet