Hughesnet (classic)

NOTE: this page is for classic HughesNet satellite internet. If you are using the new HughesNet Gen4, please visit our Gen4 review page.

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Jan 29, 2020 by JOHN Brooks
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It To A Friend?: No 

I have been with you for 3 years or more and haven't really had a complaint until now. I tried to contact you by phone but wasn't able to get to talk to a real person. I was able to talk to someone about new accounts but he wasn't able to help with up grades. Phone numbers for that problem couldn't be reached. I needed someone to fixed router because it is running to slow for Dish on Demand and Home Computer to work at same time. Do I need to look for another provider? You can contact me at 318-687-4589, 318-469-1386, 318-686-8934.


Jan 26, 2020 by CHARLES DAVIS
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I called starting day two after signing up. 3 weeks late in installation. Then no service for 30 days as I was not on correct beam. Still charged me. Deceptive sales tactics. Never explained how plan really works. If you use to much you haveto keep buying more. I called 25 times in 2.5 months. Certainly not worth my time. I filed FCC complaint but still had to pay a fee to early terminate. They told me they would take the money from my bank as I was on auto pay they did not and put me in collections. You decide


Jan 23, 2020 by Adria Bess
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It To A Friend?: NEVER 

Worst company ever. Installers are awful and so is the pricing and service. And God forbid you have a problem. Over an hours every time I had to call. And don't try to cancel - take pictures or screen shots of everything like I did - only way you can prove their records are wrong. They don't keep accurate usage records!!!

Horrible. Run Run Run. Rip off

Jan 18, 2020 by Aaron martin
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It To A Friend?: I would not nor recommend it to my worst enemy 

This system sucked from day one. On the phone for hrs. Just to find out it does not work for every one. So out comes the I am sorry it will cost you 400.00 to cancel. their are no word to describe my anger with this (company) if any one can call it a company.

Super Annoyed Orting Wa

Jan 16, 2020 by George Smith
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It To A Friend?: Never 

Never signed two year contract for crappy service. My TV buffers. I get drop calls. But I cancel bc it 400 dollar cancellation fee and additional cost until the 3rd month. They use my card on file to automatically set my payment each month out my permission. Mid Eastern people for customers service. Do you can’t understand them to top it off they can’t help you.


Jan 09, 2020 by Justin Thompson
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If I could I would drop this "service" like a hot potato. Been trying to watch youtube vid and the screen sits and looks at me. Don't waste your hard earned money!


Jan 07, 2020 by John Young

I strongly recommend you avoid HughesNet satellite internet service. Despite their advertising and salesman claims - It is no better than DSL, and sometimes it is not even as good as DSL. We have a home that does not have fiber access, and we used DSL service for several years. We tried HughesNet – the salesperson promised it would be “way better” than DSL. We used HughesNet for two years – unhappily. Movies constantly stopped for buffering on Netflix. Email and internet on my computer was slow – frequently slower than our previous DSL. I frequently used my phone with a couple of bars as a hot spot for email and internet search – this was faster than the HughesNet internet service. HughesNet is worthless unless you are desperate and have no other choice.

Poor connection and unsafe cancellation policy

Dec 31, 2019 by Nicole
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We live in an area where high speed internet was not available when we first arrived, so we got HughesNet internet to fill the gap--it seemed to be the most highly rated dish internet service. In hindsight, we should have just paid the extra fees for unlimited phone data/hotspot connections, because the internet from HughesNet was patchy and slow, even during "fast" periods. The worst part of our experience, though, was upon attempting to end our service after almost two years of being on-time customers. Unbeknownst to us, when you cancel your HughesNet, they expect you to return a part of the satellite dish that *a professional* installed **on your roof**. If you fail to do this, you incur almost $400 in extra fees. In our case, we did venture onto our roof, once we found a friend with a ladder high enough and safe enough to make the attempt, and returned the requested part. However, we were then informed by HughesNet that there is apparently a "108 day" rule, where if you return the part after 108 days, you forfeit your $400. Never mind that you performed their extremely unsafe request and climbed onto your roof to retrieve their equipment, never mind that they now have this equipment in their inventory, never mind that you may have done this within 113 days, and never mind that you were never once informed about the 108 day policy. They are keeping your $400. Frankly, I am appalled at such a company policy. I will never again consider HughesNet as a viable option, and I would never recommend to anyone that they should go with this service for their internet. Please, save your time, money, and safety and choose unlimited data through your phone service provider.

Brand new HughesNet customer failure

Dec 26, 2019 by Kelly Penland
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It To A Friend?: No 

New service installed last Friday 12/20/19. Today is 12/26 and we are still unable to stream Netflix or Amazon on our televisions. Originally we couldn't stream youtube, but that's been resolved. They told me I would have to pay $125 for someone to come out to look at the installation. They blame our equipment; however we have one brand new TV that works perfectly fine with a Verizon MIFI, When I call they keep telling me its fine on their end and I have 100% usage. Of course I have 100% because it doesn't work. Extremely frustrated

Cancellation fee for terrible internet reception

Aug 23, 2019 by Terri Andrews
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It To A Friend?: Absolutely not 

The Hughesnet internet connection had terrible reception. I was unable to use it to work from home. Movie downloads from Direct TV's On Demand slow, sometimes up to 2 hours, or they never did download. I called to cancel and they told me it would be a $390 cancellation fee for the internet and $190 for the phone, which you cannot have if you don't have the internet. I disputed the cancellation fees and said I wanted to speak to a supervisor, which the customer service agent would not forward me to. Because I was set up for automatic payment, they charged my bank account immediately, even though I told him I was going up the chain of command to dispute the fees. $551.39 for internet service that did not work. Ridiculous!!!!

1.1 5.0 91 91 We cancelled as soon as our contract was up in Jan/Feb of 2023. Due to NEVER receiving the advertised service.AS in we were sold contracted for HIGH speed internet for multiple Hughesnet Satellite Internet