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40's Junction

Aug 11, 2023 by Martin
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I have had SiriusXM for 10-12 years. I enjoy the 40's Junction, 50's Gold, 60's Gold, 70's on 7, 80's Groove, SoulTown, Classic Vinyl, etc; The 40's Junction always had the automated DJ which was replaced with a lady introductee. I want my regular Auto DJ back. He was funny, put some pzass in the station, gave the station a lot of character. Please bring back. Thank You!

Pricing and product comparisons

Jun 02, 2023 by Don
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I called Sirius to discuss the pricing of the plans for our 2 cars. I asked for a channel by channel comparison of the different plans: they don't offer one. I was repeatedly directed to a website feature (I was logged in) that I was told provided the comparison. After reviewing the list, I informed the customer service rep that the comparison did not include channels that I had as part of my plan. I was again referred to the same tool.

Sirius demonstrates ZERO interest in making channel by channel plan comparisons available. They do have a list of ALL the channels they offer, but won't tell you which ones are included in which plans.

70's music

May 22, 2023 by Renne
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Magic Matt at 6:00am needs to play something other than slow ballads.People work out at that time of day, and I KNOW there is good music from the 70's. Motown, Rock, and all kinds of other stuff. Please, either put someone else on at that time of day, or tell him there is other stuff he can play.


Apr 21, 2023 by David Pittman
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too much commentary. Katy Babs, less talk please!!! just play the music!!!!

On air commtary

Apr 18, 2023 by Keith Griesmer

I pay to hear music only. I don't want to hear customer comments about the music or artists on air.Please stop this only 24\7.

Had my Jeep serviced, and they set me up again!

Oct 08, 2022 by Robert
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It To A Friend?: Not in this lifetime 

When I first purchased my Jeep they set me up with the free year. never knew about it. I got the letter in the mail, and the emails about a month later. I called Chrysler to complain. I contacted SXM, waited on the phone for an eternity, then asked for the service to be shut down.

Three years later, I took my jeep to the nearby dealer for some routine service. Then I got an email stating that I was awarded another trial.

I called and asked for it shut off! This time I told them that the radio was removed from the vehicle and replaced with an aftermarket radio that does not support SXM.

I give them two stars for not arguing with me when I said "turn it off".

suggestion for a wideraudience

Oct 04, 2022 by maggie Kubovchik
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Would SiriusXM consider a Roots/Americana station? This type of music must be favored by a large group of listeners. You might increase members if you had this option. Coffee House station doesn't really come close.

I listen often to Folk Alley.Com on the computer. This is what I am talking about.

Reminds me of AOL

Sep 17, 2022 by Sheila
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Remember when you would try to cancel AOL? It was an act of congress to finally get it accomplished. SiriusXM is the same way. Unlike 99% of subscription services you can’t cancel via their website. You have to call. They have a great automated system…unfortunately that automated system won’t cancel your subscription. It needs to transfer you to a live person. Oh wait… it is the weekend. Never mind. Call back Monday.

I have to do that now and am really looking forward to the AOL pitch to try and keep me a customer.

Whatever happened to… I don’t want it. I don’t use it. Enough said and needed.

Worst customer service

Oct 02, 2020 by Elizabeth Erdt
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It To A Friend?: No way in Hell 

Noticed my favorite channel changed into something else. Could not find my channel. (The love channel).
Called customer service. Automated system did not recognize any commands.
Then on hold. Then after I told my issue, and put on hold again, was disconnected. Called again. Disconnected. Called again. Hold again. Told story again. Hold again. Then was finally told the Chanel only available through streaming now and no more info available. I asked for an email address to formally complain. Was told no such email. Can mail letter. Then gave me address and I could not understand what rep was saying. Had to have her spell it instead of saying it. Approx 25 minutes out of my work day spent on this and I still need to write a letter and mail it. And no solutions or alternate/comparable stations offered to me. Wow.

Incompetent customer service

Oct 02, 2020 by John Kennedy
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Called last week to cancel service on my daughters car since she is married and is planning to be added to her husbands plan but Sirius still charged my credit card and does not want to remove the charge. All customer service wants to do is argue.

1.4 5.0 441 441 I have had SiriusXM for 10-12 years. I enjoy the 40's Junction, 50's Gold, 60's Gold, 70's on 7, 80's Groove, SoulTown, Classic Vinyl, etc; The 40's Junction always had the automat Sirius XM satellite radio