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Harassment from Sirius

Sep 28, 2020 by Bruce Starks
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It To A Friend?: Never 

If there was a zero star rating I'd give them no stars. I tried to cancel the service after two years and have since received 15 harassing text messages pressuring me not to cancel.


Sep 27, 2020 by Matt Caret
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It To A Friend?: Nope no nada no way 

too much money for soooo little service. can't log on faithfully or with any consistency. your screwed for live football and cant manually enter the channel number on ANY device. complete waste of time. if this is the future of customer service we are all goners. will never pay for this service again.

double talking

Sep 26, 2020 by Stacie Gates
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It To A Friend?: Absolutely NOT 

way too much to type on this site. we'll simply say screenshots are a must & they will hopefully help me recoup some of the money stolen from me. save yourself a fight and a headache DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH THIS HAS BEEN OF A COMPANY.

awful phone convo

Apr 30, 2020 by Karen
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It To A Friend?: No 

Outsourced call to apparently India, could not hear the customer service rep because of loud wind sound and cutting out constantly. His English was less than good, and when I said I couldn't understand him he just yelled louder. When I asked for someone who could read me the terms and conditions so that I could hear them, he said there was no one else. Terrible!

Apr 29, 2020 by William Rockwell
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It To A Friend?: No 

Had service for 5 years finally decided to cancel because I never really listened. All the same songs just like the radio but with no commercials. Almost impossible to cancel. They play games with you on the phone treat you like garbage for the hope you give up on canceling..Very bad Experience Will never go back to this company again. Hopefully another company will come along


Apr 24, 2020 by John
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It To A Friend?: No 

Why do they have to ship all their jobs outside the US? I can't understand anyone they put me in contact with. Its a shame that this is yet another company that cares nothing for the US OR customer service. By far this is the worst company, even worse than century link,


Apr 16, 2020 by Gary Stambaugh
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It To A Friend?: Maybe 

I have called XM customer service and knew that they were not based in the US,but today's call takes the cake. The young man that answered sounded like he was in the middle of a wind storm. While trying hard to decifer what i thought he said, came a series of ear piercing rooster calls 'Cock-a-doodle-do'- I'm not kidding! I finally had to shout 'IS MY SERVICE CANCELED?'....Let's hope so. You can't make this kind of crazy customer service up. I mean, here's a company with out of this world technology, taking calls in a barn in some 3rd world country.

What customer service

Apr 10, 2020 by JJ
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It To A Friend?: Absolutely not 

Wanted to know why subscribers still have to pay even though others get a free month of streaming. 3 wks later, no response to e-mail; on hold for 20 min (now they don't answer the phone); live chat button is inoperable. Bet they'll respond when that automatic payment no longer goes through.


Apr 08, 2020 by shawn
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It To A Friend?: No 

Despite renewing at a promotional rate, i was continually charged a much higher rate. upon contracting customer service, the agent was totally useless. despite being charged 4 times the promotional rate, all they would do is lower the rate from today forward. This is total unacceptable and reflects the lack of consumer appreciation from this company. I will suggest avoiding them at all cost.

Mar 25, 2020 by kevin

The website is uselses - I have never been able to log in successfully, even after changing my password several times. I then have to sit on hold for an hour and get passed around from rep to rep to finally get an issue resolved. SUPER frustrating.

1.4 5.0 441 441 I have had SiriusXM for 10-12 years. I enjoy the 40's Junction, 50's Gold, 60's Gold, 70's on 7, 80's Groove, SoulTown, Classic Vinyl, etc; The 40's Junction always had the automat Sirius XM satellite radio