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Jun 22, 2017 by Norman Sevier
How Long Have You
used This Service?: Paid 6 months • 
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: No • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: 30.00 • 
Zip Code: 60429 

On 6/10 I was charged $18.21 after my 6 month subscription was over. Then I called in spoke to Henry and he was help on resolving my issue. Per their agreement it is 3 to 5 days turnaround time for a refund. Guess what they lied and I am still waiting on my refund. They customer is terrible. I am going follow up with BBB. Please make sure watch your account because they are unreasonable people for customer service and refunds

Beatles Channel Eddy Vedder

Jun 09, 2017 by Steve
How Long Have You
used This Service?: Three Years • 
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: Overall yes • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: 50 • 
Zip Code: 45103 

I wanted to just say the whole Eddy Vedder guest DJ thing was a disaster on the Beatles channel. Having kids or grand kids in the car listening to the Beatles because they love them is great, having this guy sounding like he's wasted and saying "Fuck" and "Shit" and talking about being "High" in between songs is not something I expected on the Beatles channel. Plus it was completely boring, rambling beyond belief. I could care less that he's in Pearl Jam etc., the Beatles channel has a lot of work to do to make it viable the programming as is leaves much to be desired. And this goes beyond the whole Vedder thing.

Dont do it!

Jun 07, 2017 by Tammy Huff
How Long Have You
used This Service?: Tammy • 
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: No • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: 0 • 
Zip Code: 74023 

The worst customer service ever I called the day before my 3 Month free trial subscription was due to cancel it I received a bill anyway for $58 I called to tell them I had cancelled it before it was due they said I had actually renewed my subscription for 6 months on the day that I called. Not true I argued on the phone with their employee for over 10 minutes to talk to a supervisor that he would not let me talk to finally when I demanded to talk to a supervisor I finally got to talk to one after waiting on hold for several minutes after telling the supervisor that I will be turning them into the Better Business Bureau and I will not be paying any amount he finally agreed that he would put my balance to zero and I do not owe anything I'm sure I will receive another bill next month!

Stop the inane chatter

Jun 07, 2017 by Lou
How Long Have You
used This Service?: 10 year • 
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: No • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: 10 • 
Zip Code: 85207 

Deejays are ruining your programming. I'd rather hear AM commercials than the horrible chattering of your deejays more interested in talking about themselves. I don't care what your deejays think about social media, weather, tv persons, politics, and other ego-drive comments. If you wanted to create satellite-fed junk AM proramming you're on the right track. I find myself switching channels every few minutes to avoid your yapping overpaid deejay wannabes. Fire them all and get back to 100% music. I'm looking for another music source to replace your service. Your star rating field should have a zero star option.

Two Weeks of Road Trip Radio???

Jun 06, 2017 by Seattle Sirius Listener
How Long Have You
used This Service?: 4 Years • 
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: Yes • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: $15-ish • 
Zip Code: 98053 • 
Purchased As Part Of A
service Bundle?: No 

I'm actually a happy SiriusXM subscriber, but I was really torqued when, for the past two weeks the powers that be chose to air Road Trip Radio in place of The Loft for two...whole...freakin'...weeks. Whaaaaat? Makes no sense at all and I missed what I consider to be some really valuable programming.
And, I will have to agree with another reviewer that The Bridge is a bit lame. Actually, a lot lame. How about playing some of the great music by many of those same great artists that we haven't all heard a few million times? That music exists and is begging to be played. C'mon, folks, broaden the playlist by not just a little bit, but by a LOT.
Thank you. A Seattle Sirius Radio subscriber.

Horrible Customer Service - AVOID

Jun 01, 2017 by James
How Long Have You
used This Service?: 6 years • 
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: NO • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: $99 a year • 
Zip Code: 92653 

Sirius is more concerned with data mining your information and locking you into autorenewal than dealing with concerns. I just had a customer service rep lie to me about autorenewal. He also claimed to set a termination date to avoid autorenewal. The date was for AFTER the auto renewal would take place in one year. Calling another number I had a guy claim he was switching me to invoice billing. All the while every person kept demanding e-mail and phone number and other info I NEVER provide. When I would tell them this they would rattle off the information they have which they received elsewhere and demand I confirm it before addressing my issues. Avoid this company and use the other alternatives out there. Worse than the cable companies.

Bridge station is awful!

May 29, 2017 by John Bolog
How Long Have You
used This Service?: Ten years? • 
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: Yes • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: $20? • 
Zip Code: 05478 

Stop playing puerile dribble from "Orleans, Gerry Rafferty, Boston, and other second, third tier entertainers. Please, more James Taylor, Neal Young, Dylan, CSNY, Beatles, Who, Allman Bros. Too much crapola!

Customer Sevice - Yah Right!!

May 23, 2017 by Ty Bestor
How Long Have You
used This Service?: 10 + Years • 
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: Absolutely Not • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: Over $40 Monthly • 
Zip Code: 55939 • 
Purchased As Part Of A
service Bundle?: No 

Another great event with Sirius customer service!! Can this company even consider that they have a customer service group!?!?! I submit NOT! Last 2 times with their chat room the so called customer service personnel had the problem solving of my dog. I wonder if they could even read English!

So I disconnected chat and called to speak with a human and low and behold this nice young man said I could not transfer a new replacement radio so I signed up for a new plan and was sent to a different person to cancel the old radio plan.

I informed this young lady, whom does the cancellations, I was upgrading my satellite radio equipment. Hhmmm...imagine my blood pressure readings when the young woman said "why did you not just transfer the plan?" Then she said why are you cancelling?? I just told you I was UPGRADING!!

Why is it so hard to customer service out of Sirius!?!?!?! I wish there was other competition out there!!:( 🙁 🙁

Buyer Beware

May 21, 2017 by Richard
How Long Have You
used This Service?: 9 years • 
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: No • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: Bought lifetime for 709$ • 
Zip Code: 93711 • 
Purchased As Part Of A
service Bundle?: No 

2 stars because the foreign custom service was very nice . American customer service slow if responds at all.
BUYER BEWARE!!!! In 2007 I wanted to transfer my Sirius XM to my new Prius. I also had traffic at that time. The woman on the line talked me into trans my all access to a life time account. She explained that they didn't have that option for the traffic option. So I went with the lifetime option for the all access. i told her that was a great deal since I switch cars every 5-7 years. She explained there would be an additional few to transfer to a new car. The bill was $709 dollars. A few months ago I bought a new SUV and wanted to transfer my account and was told my account was not transferable Because of the year I got it. They were very nice and said it had to go to corporate to be resolved. Never got a call just a letter a month later saying not renewable. I called back and told them since I get a new car every 5-7 years I wouldn't have done that If I had been told. They had me talk to a supervisor, again very nice to deal with. He said he completly understood and that I would need to talk to someone in the United States. He said he would have someone from corporate contact me and was sending them a note. Never have heard back. Help desk was very nice, corporate help not at all. Response time was Terrible! And so far no response to the note he sent. I will copy and paste this every where I find questions about Sirius XM. With Apple Play and Android Auto there are other options.

Difficult to work with

May 20, 2017 by dianne Horncastle
How Long Have You
used This Service?: Dianne • 
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: Yes and no • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: 25 • 
Zip Code: 32405 

We love having satelite radio, and have been with Siriusxm for at least 10 years. We love the channel options, the dependability and Internet service. Your customer service personnel are always friendly and try to help, but Siriusxm is just plan difficult to work with. I am not sure if the limitations are in the administration systems they work with or the policies they have in place, but when I get off the phone I am angered by their inability to work within my needs.

I have two vehicles with satelite radio. I purchased a new car with 3 months free. I simply want to switch vehicles and continue my service. As is (both cars on the same payment cycle). I called the day before turning my car in and asked that my old car be canceled the following day and I had the VIN for the new car that I would start being charged for 3 months from then. This was not possible and I needed to call back once cars were swapped. OK acceptable, I called back after cars swapped and I am told my new vehicle will run on a different billing cycle because my current renew in June and My new will start in August. This doesn't work for me and I am told there is no other way. So now I have canceled my old car, I did not sign my new car and when Aug comes I will cancel my entire subscription aND resubscribe to get just one bill. That's crazy!!! This is my most recent issue the last time I changed cars they opened a new account and left the old car on the other account. I was paying for three cars for a year and did not realize it until the second account hit my credit card. Trying to fix this and get a refund was painful and took multiple attempts and hours.

So as much as I love this service, if I had another choice I would take it.

1.4 5.0 211 211 Was told by your sales representative; that my service would be the same for a lower rate. After agreeing to said rate, I find out after signal refresh I actually was placed in a l Sirius XM satellite radio