Hughesnet (classic)

NOTE: this page is for classic HughesNet satellite internet. If you are using the new HughesNet Gen4, please visit our Gen4 review page.

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Terrible and regrettable

Sep 08, 2018 by John Lefkowski
How Long Have You
used This Service?: 1.5 months • 
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: Hell no • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: 60 • 
Zip Code: 85283 • 
Purchased As Part Of A
service Bundle?: No 

If I could leave no stars I would. This is hands down the worst internet I’ve ever had. They never told us about the hard limit data cap. The “faster” 10 gigs got used in a day. I hated every second of it. Couldn’t stream Netflix or movies on our Apple TV without it buffering every 5 minutes. I never had my phone connected to the internet because it just slowed everything down and my phone plan data was faster than Hughes net. We had to purchase all our equipment and we can’t even get a refund on it. I told them like hell I was paying the early termination fee for this joke of a thing they call “internet”. Would rather go without internet than keep Hughes net.
This was a terrible mistake and extremely regrettable. And the fact their installation fee is 200 dollars to mount a shitty satellite to my house and drill a hole through the wall was a huge mistake. I wish I knew where to take the antenna so I could throw it at their office.

Not available everywhere

Apr 02, 2018 by Eva M Mudge
How Long Have You
used This Service?: 0 • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: 0 • 
Zip Code: 14845 

Claim you can get it no matter where you live. Tech came and told me too many trees and said I would have to cut them down.

Worst. Internet. Ever.

Mar 29, 2018 by Jennifer
How Long Have You
used This Service?: 6 months • 
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: NO • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: $300 • 
Zip Code: 83864 • 
Purchased As Part Of A
service Bundle?: No 

Worst. Internet. Ever. We are paying $300 per month for the business package, which is the only way to get a large enough date plan for a family of 4. We are still within our "premium" window, which means we should be seeing fast download speeds. However, despite it being a crystal clear day I can't stream Netflix and the load times for something as basic as Google are abysmal. The internet regularly goes out for no apparent reason. It will just stop working for hours at a time, then come back on. Again, this happens no matter the weather. And seriously, to have the quality of your internet depend on the weather these days is RIDICULOUS.

And customer service? When they first installed our internet it stopped working within a few days. I called. They said it would be up to 7 days before someone could get out here. We may be in rural North Idaho but we are only 20 minutes from town. I had to upgrade (at $20 more per month) to get someone to come out in what was suppose to be 24 hours and STILL took the THREE DAYS. In the end, it was a shitty install job - the guy didn't connect the cable correctly and it was loose.

I HATE this internet but for now it is the only thing we have so I'm stuck with it. If you have ANY other option - take it! Do not use HughesNet if you can get away with it. Dial up would be better, and we would do that if we had a landline!

We regularly have to go into town and use the internet at the coffee shop, which makes doing business very difficult.

Seriously, if you have any other option - take it. Do NOT get HughesNet!

Big mistake

Mar 21, 2018 by LIZZIE WHITE
How Long Have You
used This Service?: Used the service for 2.5 yrs • 
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: Absolutely not • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: 89.00 • 
Zip Code: 31021 • 
Purchased As Part Of A
service Bundle?: No 

I got this service because I was promised that it was fast. This was before gen5. Worst service ever. I called to cancel and was talked into giving gen5 a try because it was sooooo much faster--not. I couldn't even watch YouTube videos because of the buffering. I was informed that I had to pay HughesNet $300 to get rid of their lousy service. Signing up for this service will be a decision you will regret, I know I did. They get no star at all.


Jan 05, 2018 by Tommy Wilbanks
How Long Have You
used This Service?: 9 months • 
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: NO!! • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: $127.00 • 
Zip Code: 35959 • 
Purchased As Part Of A
service Bundle?: Yes, internet & phone 

Claims that I run over my 30 mg Plan in just a few days, NO WAY, Just me and my wife and we only use the internet in the evenings for several hours, for facebook, and watch a few Amazon or Netflix movies. Very Slow when they claim that we went over our plan!!!! I have called numerous times about this and "I AM SICK OF IT",,,, When I purchased Hughes services, I thought that I had unlimited use, that was what I was told. I WILL CANCEL AND NOT PAYING ANY EARLY DISCONNECTING FEE'S!!!!!! BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU TIME.

Aug 15, 2017 by Cecil Smith
How Long Have You
used This Service?: 2 years • 
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: No • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: 70.00 • 
Zip Code: 36264 • 
Purchased As Part Of A
service Bundle?: No 

Was told we would have fast internet, but most of the time we don't even have any internet, tho we pay our monthly payment always on time. Really does not deserve even 1star.

Lousy services

Apr 29, 2017 by Roger
How Long Have You
used This Service?: 3 months • 
Would You Recommend
It To A Friend?: Never • 
Monthly Cost You Pay: $59+ • 
Zip Code: 43302 • 
Purchased As Part Of A
service Bundle?: YES 

The absolute slowest & worst internet & phone services I have ever tried to use! Regular cutoffs & shutdowns! Mostly slower then frozen molasses! Have to jump through hoops to try to get connected with customer service or technical support! This company appears to be operating on the very edge of lies & extortion!These people should be shutdown!Sure indicates the sounds & actions of SCAMMERS!Probably would be wise to stay away from this bunch! I already HATE these services!


Jan 24, 2017 by irene
Zip Code: 54891 

not even ganna give it a star!! my biggest thing is slow internet service!! slow internet service=bad wifi!!! AND i'm stuck paying your fees for another 1year 1/2!! you guys need to better your services!!!

Hughes Net or Dial up, which is faster?

Nov 26, 2016 by Brian
Zip Code: 70446 

Is Hughes Net faster than dial up…well that is the question? There are times where I find Hughes Net to be faster but all too many times I have found Hughes Net to make Dial Up look good! I have never seen dial up take 30 seconds or more to load Google’s home page! To top it off its not just about speed but data allowance! Hughes Net advertises that you can sit there & watch a video about cooking or how to fix your car! RIGHT! Try it sometimes & your data allowance will be gone in about 2 minutes! Stay away from News sites or even Yahoo as they have auto play videos & advertisements that you can’t turn off & before you know it your data allowance is down to ZERO! In short Hughes Net is a big rip off & a piece of shit that’s about 1 notch better then dial up & because dial up is impossible to get any more you have no choice but to have Hughes Net or no internet at all (& sometimes no internet at all looks pretty good)!

Nov 24, 2016 by Rhonda Archer
Zip Code: 26456 

The worst Internet Service in the Country! They should be fined for charging so much and the poor service. They kept running me out of time every month. SO tech came out and replaced all equipment. Still have over 50 percent of time left, but so slow, I can't even watch a movie!! Hate It!!!

1.2 5.0 79 79 I'm mad I had to give them a star at all. The internet is worse than the old dial up it's not even fast enough to stream movies without buffering every minute. Now I'm in contract Hughesnet Satellite Internet