Hughesnet (classic)

NOTE: this page is for classic HughesNet satellite internet. If you are using the new HughesNet Gen4, please visit our Gen4 review page.

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Sep 20, 2016 by Rick Elmore
Zip Code: 32162 

This service is not much better than dial up. More often than not, we have to turn on our mobile hot spot in order to download news associated video's, or e-mail. If given the choice ever again and I can't get cable internet, I'll go with the hot spot.


Apr 13, 2016 by Edward Cotter
Zip Code: 95246 

Three months after canceling I got a bill for $215 for a part of the dish on the roof I didn't return after I cancelled my account. They told me the day I cancelled that they did not want it back.
This is easily the worst company I have ever dealt with, the service was between not working and slow when it did work.


Mar 10, 2016 by al
Zip Code: 45338 

Never again. USPS snail mail is faster.

Hughesnet: Don't waste your money!

Feb 06, 2016 by Cheryl D.
Zip Code: 23220 

1. Don't believe their TV commercials! Hughes Net is the WORST internet service I have EVER had! The installation was a nightmare. The installer came over and put the dish on the side of my house. Two days later, Hughes Net said the device needed to be removed and never should have been installed on the side of the house. After nearly 20 phone calls,and missing another day of work, the problem was finally resolved.

2. The offered me a promotional $100.00 rebate back in November, that I have yet to see!

3. You won't be able to complete any work with Hughes Net's snail slow internet service. Don't even try to watch a news or music video, that's just not going to happen! I have spent up to 30 minutes, trying to wait for buffering to complete so that I can watch a 5 minute video. When I called to complain about the lousy service, they said I could UPGRADE to a faster service. The so called upgrade was worse than the base package!

I wish I had NEVER subscribed to Hughes Net. Learn from my mistake and from all of the negative reviews on this board. You would be better off to go to the local library, than use the crappy service of

One star is really too high for this company!

Don't Bother

Jan 19, 2016 by Amy
Zip Code: 05743 

I read the review from the customer supporting Hughes Net and I can tell you that we knew what we were getting when we purchased. We knew no movies, no games and very few downloads. BUT we did expect BASIC service. We can only connect to the internet 50% of the time for basic internet browsing. 25% of the time it just won't connect, the other 25% it's slower then dial up, and we've waited until midnight and there is NO difference. We have called, their only suggestion is to upgrade to Gen4 with all the fees and equipment charges, no thanks. We are looking into other options now. If you had no other choice (we didn't back when we signed up) then it's better then nothing, but when you pay for a service and can't use it more then you can it's not worth it since we now have the option for DSL we are probably going that way even though it's more expensive at least it'll work!!

Sep 17, 2015 by Karen
Zip Code: 06351 

This was the worst service we ever had. They never told me i couldn\'t watch movies, the only thing I was told was it would be hard to play games live with friends because there would be a delay. if you have any choice do not get this service. These people get you signed up and when you call and complain they magically increase your service then you are stuck with them. Horrible i am surprised they have not been shut down.

Bad customer service and slow speeds

Aug 23, 2015 by John Lopes
Zip Code: 85325 

Have had bad service in past even had Attorney General office speak with them, then service was good for 2 years. Now I have been wasting many hours for the last 3 months speaking with many tech support and still slow speeds ( 40-60KBps download) in the mornings and late night. Just sent a letter to the Attorney Generals office again. And have been told by hughesnet my case is escalated to the highest level for the last 2 months. Excede Internet is starting to look good.

Hughesnet Service

Aug 06, 2015 by Sheridan
Zip Code: 74875 

We had the service for a little over a year and nothing worked on it. When we wanted to cancel the service, even after paying $70 a month, for NOTHING the cancelation fee was $220. I would not reccomend this to anyone.

Don't Spend your hard earned money.

Jul 31, 2015 by John
Zip Code: 43146 

Poor customer service, called many times with complaints and the average call lasted over 2 hours. Each call a different answer was given. They said increasing data would solve all issues. They took advantage of us, they increased our data which increased our bill and in turn the service got worse which was hard to believe that it could get worse, but it did. Worst service ever. Every call to them started off with them wanting to increase our data aghuiain, we got to the point of starting the conversation with saying we are NOT increasing our data and giving you more money for horrible service. They acted like more money would solve all the problems. Don't be fooled into a contract that will take the act of God or a lot of money to get out of. Their service is not worth the time or headache unless you like giving your money away.

Bordering fradulant

Jul 31, 2015 by Sheryll Tryon
Zip Code: 82729 

No stars. I have been treated more rudely by this company than any company I have ever dealt with. Installation was done prior to my arrival in a new location with the understanding once I was here the installer would come back and go through everything with me and adjust to my TV. He provided a wireless connection everything for a fee of course. I tried repeatedly to contact him and never saw him. I was told I signed an agreement that he went over with me. Turns out nothing but scratches that someone else signed probably the installer. Despite knowing all this and that I expected wireless connection they told me I can not use there service except on a computer connected directly. Clearly total misrepresentation and now I am supposed to pay a disconnect fee to get out of something I can not even use. Don't know what options I have but there must be someone who can help so I am looking. NEVER AGAIN WOULD I DEAL WITH THEM.

1.2 5.0 79 79 I'm mad I had to give them a star at all. The internet is worse than the old dial up it's not even fast enough to stream movies without buffering every minute. Now I'm in contract Hughesnet Satellite Internet