Hughesnet (classic)

NOTE: this page is for classic HughesNet satellite internet. If you are using the new HughesNet Gen4, please visit our Gen4 review page.

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constantly have to reboot modem

Oct 17, 2014 by Edmond h lemmo
Zip Code: 08028 

Not to happy .constantly reboot modern every time I want to go on .


Sep 24, 2014 by D. Bean
Zip Code: 21701 

Where do I begin telling what is wrong with this service?
•I am paying $63.12/month for 10 GB of data!
•I was told that the rain affected the speed of my internet.
•I was told that data was being used by my Wi-Fi connected devices – laptop, iPad - even when they are off.
•Automated “customer service” on the phone is a joke. There is no service provided.
•The internet is incredible slow. I had dial up in 1997 that was faster.
•When the speed test was run by an agent, it was faster than any time I performed the same speed test. How do they make that happen?
•Hughesnet provides its service in outlying areas and therefore does whatever they want because they are most likely the only provider available.


Internet Service???????

Sep 15, 2014 by EGC
Zip Code: 37862 

HughesNet for 37862

Last weekend we rented a cabin in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee. The cabin advertised WiFi/Interent access – which we knew might be problematic.

Upon arrival, we found that the owners were using HughesNet as the ISP. Connectivity speed was so slow, we took several measurements.

ZipCode 37862
9/5/2014 1:58 PM GMT
Download: 0.08 Mb/s (That’s not a mistake ---

The worst service ever

Sep 15, 2014 by Jo
Zip Code: 31087 

Try reading the Hughes blogs before you buy. Everyone is having the same problems. They have HORRIBLE customer service. They know everyone is slow and it is their fault, but they try to blame it on your equipment. I have an upgraded package, but I get speeds of 100 kbps when I should have 1000 kbps. They don't care. They want you hooked with a contract and then give you the runaround. They also try a hard sell for the Gen4, which also has terrible reviews. Save your money and go with dial-up since it is faster and cheaper. Their customer service rep also told me it was illegal for me to write about their lack of service on the internet. I reminded him that in the U.S. we have freedom of speech, so heed this warning and do not buy!!!!!

This service is the worst

Sep 14, 2014 by Melinda Scarborough
Zip Code: 2172 

I would not recommend it to my worst enemy

Smoke and Mirrors Bull Crap

Sep 14, 2014 by Timothy
Zip Code: 73145 

After years and years of loss of failures .. over paying for throttled slow a dirt internet i finally told this bull $hit company to kiss my A$$. If i lived anywhere near cable or DSL i would of done it a long time ago. Ive now got Internet thru my moble phone company. Cost much less and english speaking customer service. Hughesnet..excede..directv.. its all the same racket. Take it from someone who knows... do not do it!

The worst company ever!

Apr 26, 2014 by Amy

I have never been so disappointed with a company. I agreed to a contract then got an email about usage limits. I checked my bank account, money was put on hold that no one told me about. No one told me they only offer echeck or direct payment. I told the sales rep wanted I needed my internet service to do, he recommended what I thought was the pro plan right now I am paying about 50.00 which will go up in 3 mnths for 5 GB, that I spend most of the time hitting the rest button. I get a message of "reset all the time. Well, better get off here almost 7.00 am when my bonus mins expire and we go back from a snail's pace to a dead man's pace. Do yourself a favor and learn from this sucker, don't get this service.

Hughes net

Mar 16, 2014 by A Kenney

What a waste of $. Absolutely Terrible service. Slow speed, often no signal, and if you were lucky and able to connect, you would soon be booted off.


Feb 27, 2014 by Paul B

Slow to the point that it isn't functional. Forget even short youtube let alone hulu or netflix. And when I couldn't get a signal at all for days, they wanted to charge me to fix their equipment failure. DON'T SIGN A CONTRACT WITH THIS COMPANY

Don't use Hughesnet

Jan 15, 2014 by carolyn

Terrible company do not use please look for another company they are terrible I'm telling you you will regret it

1.2 5.0 54 54 If I could give it a negative number I would. Worst service and fine print in the Industry. Horrible company to deal with and their sales people are snake oil sales people. Hughesnet Satellite Internet