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NOTE: this page is for classic HughesNet satellite internet. If you are using the new HughesNet Gen4, please visit our Gen4 review page.

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Sep 17, 2015 by Karen

This was the worst service we ever had. They never told me i couldn\'t watch movies, the only thing I was told was it would be hard to play games live with friends because there would be a delay. if you have any choice do not get this service. These people get you signed up and when you call and complain they magically increase your service then you are stuck with them. Horrible i am surprised they have not been shut down.

Bad customer service and slow speeds

Aug 23, 2015 by John Lopes

Have had bad service in past even had Attorney General office speak with them, then service was good for 2 years. Now I have been wasting many hours for the last 3 months speaking with many tech support and still slow speeds ( 40-60KBps download) in the mornings and late night. Just sent a letter to the Attorney Generals office again. And have been told by hughesnet my case is escalated to the highest level for the last 2 months. Excede Internet is starting to look good.

Hughesnet Service

Aug 06, 2015 by Sheridan

We had the service for a little over a year and nothing worked on it. When we wanted to cancel the service, even after paying $70 a month, for NOTHING the cancelation fee was $220. I would not reccomend this to anyone.

Don't Spend your hard earned money.

Jul 31, 2015 by John

Poor customer service, called many times with complaints and the average call lasted over 2 hours. Each call a different answer was given. They said increasing data would solve all issues. They took advantage of us, they increased our data which increased our bill and in turn the service got worse which was hard to believe that it could get worse, but it did. Worst service ever. Every call to them started off with them wanting to increase our data aghuiain, we got to the point of starting the conversation with saying we are NOT increasing our data and giving you more money for horrible service. They acted like more money would solve all the problems. Don't be fooled into a contract that will take the act of God or a lot of money to get out of. Their service is not worth the time or headache unless you like giving your money away.

Bordering fradulant

Jul 31, 2015 by Sheryll Tryon

No stars. I have been treated more rudely by this company than any company I have ever dealt with. Installation was done prior to my arrival in a new location with the understanding once I was here the installer would come back and go through everything with me and adjust to my TV. He provided a wireless connection everything for a fee of course. I tried repeatedly to contact him and never saw him. I was told I signed an agreement that he went over with me. Turns out nothing but scratches that someone else signed probably the installer. Despite knowing all this and that I expected wireless connection they told me I can not use there service except on a computer connected directly. Clearly total misrepresentation and now I am supposed to pay a disconnect fee to get out of something I can not even use. Don't know what options I have but there must be someone who can help so I am looking. NEVER AGAIN WOULD I DEAL WITH THEM.

It's lousy

May 27, 2015 by Don DeCar

I was with a land line for $68.00 per month. I went to Hughes Net because the guy said it was $39.00. It was for 5 mg. I went to 10 mg because I watch a movie. I can only watch one movie a month. This is terrible.

False Advertisement.

Apr 28, 2015 by Leif

I got this set up in 2013, and they said that we would have 5mb per second. Wrong! Slower than Dial Up! Did not tell us about limitation, and they also said that half of my bandwidth could only be used at 2AM-8AM. Whos up at that hour? NEVER BUY

I cannot agree with the negativity

Feb 26, 2015 by David Campbell

As a long term hughesnet user I can relate to some of the negativity listed, but it was all solvable! IMO you get what you pay for and satellite internet is not an unlimited free pass to internet, online gaming does not work simply because of the ping rate being too high.
Streaming movies and such as that eats up your download limit you paid for, so don't stream movies, and music, that's a No-Brainer, simply restrict that to the free bonus time period, so I cannot justify those type complaints, you should have researched what you were getting into, simple as that!
Customer service can suck I agree, as it is run through India, and they are page monkeys, meaning if it isn't on the page of step by step help in front of them, they are lost, simple as that, but if you are persistent you will get help, if the problem is not on your end.
I always buy my equipment never lease it, and that resolves some of the issues that have been complained about.
I live in the country and my only other internet option is dial-up and hughesnet is way better than that.
I've seen a lot of complaints that IMO are abuse against hughesnet as some have completely expected way too much from satellite internet, you were told that the download speeds were not guaranteed it depended on overall internet use and demand, you were also told you had a cap, if you violated it, you did it, that is what Restore Tokens are for.
I am truly sorry that some of you have had such a bad time, but if I agreed I'd be lying, and that's not going to happen.
This is My 2 Cents, I wish the best for all of you!


Feb 17, 2015 by Pamela Fouty

UNBELIEVABLE. So much for customer loyalty and satisfaction. Especially for a long term client 10 yrs. plus. I sold my home this summer and called Hughes net to cancel my service. Apparently once you have Hughes Net you can never leave. The individual I spoke with did not cancel my service but placed my account on a seasonal hold. My home was sold and I was obviously not going back. Six months after calling to cancel my account I start receiving automatic billings from Hughes Net. I called them to inquire about the fees and all they wanted to do was argue about the account being in a seasonal status. I never wanted a seasonal status. it also didn't matter that I was billed for service I never used. I haven't lived at my prior residense for 6 months. I told Hughes Net I never wanted a seasonal account I had wanted the account closed!!!!!!! I never received any notice that Hughes Net was going to reactivate my account or that Hughes Net was going to start rebilling me account. I never used the service for the 2 months they billed me for. They also charged a $6.40 restart5 up fee. A total of $ 166.38. I went all the way to a supervisor, waited on the phone for at least an hour with only a sorry for your bad luck attitude. I own my own business and I would never charge people for service they did not receive. No matter how you look at that it's just plain ripping people off. I will never recommend Hughes Net to anyone.

Pushing out the 3Gen service

Jan 17, 2015 by Don Preston

Most interested. I can’t get over these posts by people who give accounts of their contacts with customer service. Once they have the 2 year agreement, you’re dirt. And that’s both Hughes and Exede. Just to give you some idea about my hesitations: concerning my system with Hughes, I called 2 weeks ago about our system turning off requiring me to restart (and the purpose of the call was that turning it off and then on no longer worked all the time) and they told me that testing by them ( which they can do whenever they want) turned up problems, and that they would schedule a visit by the technician on a specific day (my choice) in the morning. No call/no show so I contacted them again. Now you’re speaking with very nice young ladies in the Philippines who seem to understand English very well, but don’t. Especially if it doesn’t show up on their screen as something appropriate to say. Meaningful-Intelligent conversations are out of the question. Didn’t lead anywhere so I went to the web page, found my account, found a record of the planned visit by the technician that didn’t happen. It gave 2 telephone numbers of 2 different sources in the US. The first was Hughes fulfillment in Maryland. The second turned out to be the company in Mississippi that they use to send technicians. Ah Ha. Finally getting somewhere I thought. Called a guy in Hughes Fulfillment named Joe. Joe understood my problem and knew Lenny the owner of the company who services the Hughes accounts in Mississippi and he was a good guy. Joe said that he could make another appointment (didn’t sound like that was routine for him. The people in Manila made the first appointment, not someone in the US, but he would do it because this was important) and he gave me the actual technicians name and personal telephone number to call. Wow! I am home free. He also mentioned that I needed to be very pro-active when I called the technician. You know, explain the real need for service. Well, long story longer, called the technician’s number (on the day the service technician was supposed to come) and got “leave your name and number”, and then called the Lenny number and got “leave your name and number”. Later in the day I got through to the Lenny number and a guy named John answered. After a series of “let me get a hold of the technician…. he should be calling you when he leaves his last service call”, I was eventually told that my system was checked and there was nothing wrong with it…..we’re not coming.

I couldn’t believe it. Know what my first question was to Exede when I followed up with my next phone call? Hey, a group of about 25 here in Mississippi aren’t happy with a company who is ruining Hughes technical support efforts by just not coming out to help because they don’t think there is anything wrong. Before we move over to you guys and because they led us to believe that they handle all of the satellite internet companies in Mississippi, we don’t want to take a chance that we meet up with them again when they come out to install your system, so here’s their name… do you do business with them? ( the answer was NO.) I’m going to post this on the internet at Satellite Complaints and Reviews with all of the real names and telephone numbers of the players and see what happens.

By the way, John at the Wonderful World of Hughes technical support 3rd party company… told me the real deal with Hughes. We are presently under the Recovery Act with pricing and have been so since we signed up years ago. About $43 a month with tax. My system is called a Gen 3. It is being replaced with Gen 4. Higher speeds, higher limits on data, higher prices to customers, no Recovery Act price protection. Hughes is trying to force out all of the Gen3 customers and it’s working. Technical support doesn’t like to service Gen 3 customers anymore. They (and John also) try like very hard to get you to upgrade. If you don’t, forget it. All makes sense doesn’t it? The American way of doing business with a great business model…they’ve got so much business they don’t know what to do with it. As long as they take care of most of the customers and keep them happy, it’s working. As I remember, hasn’t Hughes almost gone bankrupt several times during their life-cycle over the years and had more than one owner?

1.1 5.0 84 84 Didn't work... had to change immediately... now they want their crap back off our roof so my 65 year old husband is climbing a ladder to remove their junk from our roof!!!!!!!!! Hughesnet Satellite Internet