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no customer service

Nov 16, 2015 by Rick Vercammen

After a short free trial I subscribed and paid, customer service never activated my radio. It took several phone calls over a one month period to find out they activated the wrong radio so that's corrected but it still took another seven days before my radio starts working, I've had service two weeks and now being harressed by phone and email about the bill. Your customer service is horrible

bad customer service

Nov 13, 2015 by Harry Bears

The customer service for this company should be dismantled and started all over. I have been a customer for ten plus years and needed help with a new extension antenna. All I received was a bunch of miserable customer service from people whom had no knowledge about their product. I was finally granted permission by a supervisor to speak with some in Technical support and they hung up when they realized I was a customer with questions. I called back again and went through the entire process to speak with technical support and was immediately hung up on again. not even a hello, just hung up.
I have never written a negative review about any company. it takes a lot to get me this upset... DISGRACEFUL

Bring Back Mike Church

Nov 12, 2015 by cj ewing

Bring back the Mike Church Show!!!

Nov 06, 2015 by Lisa

I received a letter with an offer to continue my existing service at a special rate. After paying for the subscription all my extra services (internet radio and mobile app) were no longer included. False advertising!

Bad customer service!

Nov 05, 2015 by lillie

I had called to cancel my service back in July. The lady on the phone said she would give me a free month for being an excellent customer. I told her I want it cut off she assured me she would. Little did I know they would charge me after the free month. I called to cancel again and see why I have to pay this bill the guy was so rude to me wouldn't help me out. I asked for a manager he said I was being connected wrong!! He put me on hold and never picked up again!! I will never use your service again. I have warned all my family and friends.

Terrible customer service

Nov 04, 2015 by Jennine Washington

AgentetuTue Nov 03 2015 09:07 PM): Please give me a minute to go through the chat.
 Jennine Washington (Tue Nov 03 2015 09:08 PM): I am on an automotive trial subscription. I bought my car little over 6 months ago and was told that once 6 months was up this subscription would cancel automatically. Logan that I just got done chatting with is telling me that is not the case and that I owe over $100 because it did not automatically cancel. I\'m trying to understand why and how I am obligated to pay that?
 Agent(Tue Nov 03 2015 09:09 PM): I will go ahead and cancel the services for you.
 Jennine Washington (Tue Nov 03 2015 09:09 PM): So I don\'t want that done until I am clear on payment
 Jennine Washington (Tue Nov 03 2015 09:10 PM): I think Logan misunderstood thinking that this was a subscription and not an automobile trial
 Agent (Tue Nov 03 2015 09:10 PM): Today I cancelled Radio ID ********.
 Neetu (Tue Nov 03 2015 09:10 PM): Your remaining balance is $14.18.
 Agent(Tue Nov 03 2015 09:10 PM): Your confirmation number of this cancellation is ***-***-***. A confirmation of this transaction will be sent to the email address on file, for your account within 5 days. Let me know if you need me to repeat the # for you.

 Agent(Tue Nov 03 2015 09:10 PM): I will clear the due for you.
 Agent(Tue Nov 03 2015 09:11 PM): Is there anything else that I may help you with?
 Jennine Washington (Tue Nov 03 2015 09:11 PM): I was hoping to work out a better monthly rate?
 Neetu (Tue Nov 03 2015 09:11 PM): I understand
 Neetu (Tue Nov 03 2015 09:13 P

That\'s it. She understood and disconnected. No further assistance. No, let me see what I can do.This is after about 30 minutes of trying to get the guy previously to understand what I needed. The language barrier is just too high.


Oct 26, 2015 by bill whale

Escape was not available for about a month. It is back again on Ch. 69.
The programming is a poor substitute to its former self and the announcer is new.
So sad to lose what was wonderful for so long.
After my payment term is over I will drop XM/Sirius and use an on-line internet music source.


Poor PGA Announcers

Oct 25, 2015 by Steven Davis

Can you please ask your announcers on the PGA Tour channel to quit talking about everything else and call the golf shots? On Thursday they talked about Las Vegas for hours and ignored the golf. It was awful! I turned the channel off. Thats right, I couldnt stand it anymore and turned it off due to the ongoing nonsense the announcers were talking about. All the while they ignored the golf.

It isn't commercial free

Oct 20, 2015 by Robert

I have listened to XM for many years, mainly driving between Seattle and Portland since most of the radio stations from either city don't tune in clear in the middle. I have grown increasingly disappointed with XM, they continue to offer "commercial free Music" at a premium price when in reality all of their channels have advertising now, granted it might be less than radio but that isn't what they are selling, no commercials should mean NONE. I recently picked up a used car and I guess somewhere they started a free trial which I just got a notification for renewal in the mail, I will not renew. I would rather spend my money on a competing product such as spotify and download a better playlist, without commercials for less cost. I can't believe I don't see more people complaining about the amount of commercials they hear on XM when they should be hearing NONE.

They Just Don't Understand the Word NO!

Oct 14, 2015 by JC

Sirius XM came with our vehicle on a trial basis. I really enjoyed it, initially, although I only listened to a couple of channels and of course my tween daughter loves radio Disney. When the trail came to an end I decided to extend but did so with a music only package. Once the year was up and it was time for renewal we were in a financial strain and decided to stop any unnecessary services such as satellite radio. When I called and explained the situation we were in I was persuaded to take a special priced package for 5 months at a rate of $24. I would get all the stations for that rate? Alrighty! We've got a deal! Unfortunately our situation had not improved and at the end of the service I decided the satellite radio had to go regardless of what they offered me. I called, said I needed to cancel, when the lady asked me why I explained. She kept offering different packages and I kept saying, NO. I even told her I wouldn't be able to pay the credit card when it came in - those people just don't care - it's impossible to get away from them! It's like satellite mafia - there's no escaping! I continued to tell her to just cancel my service, she proceeded to say, this is what I'm going to do, I'll give you 5 months of service for $28 and we won't bill your credit card but instead send an invoice for the amount and you'll have 30 days to pay it. I don't know what difference it makes whether it goes on a credit card or whether I'm billed - it's all still the same in the end! I hung up the phone stunned at what had just happened. Those people are good...they don't take NO for an answer and before you know it, they've got you! Since my vehicle has bluetooth I'm able to play Pandora (for FREE) through the app on my phone and I don't need Sirius. Once they send the invoice I'll attempt to cancel again. It just shouldn't be such a pain to get away from a service!

1.4 5.0 443 443 I have had SiriusXM for 10-12 years. I enjoy the 40's Junction, 50's Gold, 60's Gold, 70's on 7, 80's Groove, SoulTown, Classic Vinyl, etc; The 40's Junction always had the automat Sirius XM satellite radio