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Offered Service then take it away

Jul 06, 2015 by Avram Grossman
Zip Code: 92612 

This is not my first time speaking with their "Listener Care" people, and being told one thing and delivered something else. Today I called, wanting to know why my 12 month Online service was not activated any longer, after 3 months of it working. I was told I don't have Online in my plan and must pay extra. I explained that it was offered to me as an incentive when I signed up for XM in vehicle and it had been working. Why is it not working now? Then, the typical response; "the sales person must have given you the wrong information." I would call this a type of bait and switch, misleading marketing in order to get your business, or in the least, you cannot trust Sirius XM people. It didn't matter what the facts are, Listener Care just repeated their illogical explanation.

Double price when specials run out

Jun 22, 2015 by Dennis
Zip Code: 53555 

Price doubled when all specials were off. Called to get a better deal. Be prepared for a horrible 1/2 hour circle conversation that is all based on minimal savings if you allow them to keep your credit card on file for auto PAYMENT next time. Called on june 4th to cancell service. recieved an e-mail saying I had a credit of $15. Still recieved calls and mailings. Called to cancel again. Got confirmation number. No record of my June 4th call or e-mail $15 credit. Started a whole new 1/2 circle conversation that they can get my bill in half now if I give them credit card info and agree to auto renewal payments. Won't mail this new price to you. Only available over the phone with your card being on file. Total scam to make a commission sale for their employee. These calls may be moimnitored for quality and traing purposes. I DARE THEM TO PLAY BACK ONE OF MY CALLS TO SOMEONE WHO CARES ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS.

I love it

Jun 21, 2015 by Kaycee
Zip Code: 37388 

I dont pay for the radio my dad does, but i know it can get pretty exspensive to where he cant pay it and it shuts off. Honestly, I love it. I like the options it has. I love that i have multiple stations for the type of music I listen to. I never/rarely hare commercials. People are saying that the host \"talk to much\", but sirius cant change that. Thats there job and that has to deal with the actual radio station and sirius is just the provider. I live in an area where we really dont get good radio stations, so if we dont have sirius we end up just not listening to the radio. Siri is really good too because of the fact that it has radio stations for everyone in the family.

Billing deceptions

Jun 18, 2015 by Bill Wall
Zip Code: V1C 5C5 

I'm ok with the content, but subscribers should be very careful about signing up. First, I signed up online with a promo code. The promo code prices and taxes showed up fine, but they charged my credit card full price anyway.

So I called up the sub number, and they wanted my information and credit card number again. They said they would cancel the online registration and charge the right amount......after they finally admitted that it was a "mistake" online. Sorry, I don't buy that. The full price flashed up on the screen for less than a second before moving on to the next page and the credit card was charged.

Then, after getting it supposedly straight, they had another "free" offer. They were going to send a free radio and only after activation will they charge $9.99/month. "Ok sir?" Ok what? Does that mean they automatically activate the "free" radio? You bet. "Ok" means you just subscribed to another $9.99/month service. So she wanted to send the radio and "suspend" that service. No thanks, keep the radio. "Ok sir, it will be here whenever you want it." Sheesh, I never wanted it to begin with.

Final recommendation. If you subscribe for a year, use a card that expires before renewal. I suspect they will automatically charge you full shot without asking to you renew.

These are sleazy and deceptive business practices. This is probably my last year with them.

sirius radio not worth cost

Jun 07, 2015 by Sharon Glenn
Zip Code: 32966 

The music selection on sirius is not worth the money. I would estimate that about 75% of the music is what I would call the "B side" of records. For those old enough to remember records (45's) the B side was always a song that wasn't very good. After 3 years I am hearing the same songs, and the same comedians (comedy stations) and most are mediocre at best. They now have a James Taylor channel, a Johnny Cash channel, etc. Imagine an entire radio channel playing one singer's music - non-stop!!

I kept hoping the music selection would improve, but after 3 years, no improvement.

Also, although they say no commercials, some stations do have commercials. Then there are the stations like the 60's on channel 6, which actually has decent music, but sadly you wait a long time to hear it as there is a disc jockey (not the least bit entertaining!!) who talks about 70% of the time!

If you like talk radio maybe you would like sirius, I can't comment on those stations as I don't listen to them.

Anyway, Sirius radio needs a real shake-up!

Commercials/annoying radio hosts

Jun 05, 2015 by Terry Apa
Zip Code: 59102 

When you think of "satellite radio" you don't think commercials. I like music. Lots of music. I abhor talk radio. That's what hits is on Sirius-XM. The morning mashup is just a bunch of blathering idiots that is a poor excuse for regurgitated gossip. Spyder Harrison Spider with a Y?? As in why in the heck would a radio station employ a man that is an idiot and should be on some radio station in Antarctica??? I'm always avoiding commercials and talk content by switching stations. I remember when XM first came out. They boasted of "commercial free content"... Ah how I miss those days! Nowadays we pay for a service to listen to not only commercials, but people that are a few brain cells short. Which is no different than PUBLIC FREE radio!!!!


May 31, 2015 by JOE
Zip Code: 10305 


May 13, 2015 by Not a sucriber
Zip Code: 80021 

I'm not interested to sign up, but they called late at night every night

how many calls to end service

May 12, 2015 by Larry
Zip Code: 95023 

I have called 5 time to end service before contract ended but still get bill for $ 12.38 . Refuse to pay because the first 2 calls were before contract ended.
It is a poor way to treat customers the auto billing of higher rates and will only give new customers the lower rates.
Will NEVER use them again.
Had to give 1 star, But wanted a -10 star rating

hangup calls

May 05, 2015 by bill
Zip Code: N0g2w0 

got a free year sub with my new dodge truck. used it a bit but found it wasnt worth the sub price to keep it going. after several offers to extend i told them i wasnt interested at any price. ever since i get calls from them where they immediately hang up. this is going on 2 x a day pretty much every day. i have caller display. what is it they're trying to prove doing this?

1.4 5.0 368 368 Things have changed in the last 10 years.Things the agent won't tell you over the phone when you take their promotional offers:"Free" is not free, it's a rebate.There is a $3 Sirius XM satellite radio